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It was… well, it was something. And it was more than she had before. It wouldn’t make her more ‘real to other people, but how she felt about herself would change, or at least improve. “What sort of timeframe would we be looking at here? I mean, are we talking weeks, months, years?” She needed that important bit of info in order to make an informed decision. And it determined whether she waited for this new option or still had them install the advanced emitters in her quarters.

~Corinne Dalton

“Well… we will need to do find a way to do a full body scan of you. Ironically, I can’t find what makes you… well you… in our computers. It’s not like I found as file that just says ‘Cori’s holographic dimensions.’ which would have been nice if Lilly had, done that… or if she had ever done anything for that matter… but as it stands that will then be used to fabricate you… which sounds odd out loud.” he said as he tilted his head as he thought about the idea.

“I say, 2-3 weeks for farbication and another 1-2 weeks for testing, 3-5 total and we can give a few dry runs… it could though be up to 5-8 weeks before we can completly remove all safetys. I want to make certain things are working perfectly first before we just let you run off on shore leave with your new sea legs.”

Alindor, CE

A couple months. Okay then! She inhaled deeply, filling lungs that circulated no air. She exhaled loudly. “Well, we can make one thing easier. We have transporter records. That will give you my physical parameters, as would any of my physicals. Well, I suppose there was only one before this all went down, but that should be easy enough, right?” Cori truly wanted to believe this could happen for her but it seemed too good to be true and she wasn’t sure she could fully invest herself in this project. For the time being it was safer for her mental state if she simply detached herself from it for the time being. Later, well, that would be different.

~Corinne Dalton

“That could work, and theoretically you can adjust as you see fit… if you ever wanted to change something about yourself… I guess this is your version of cosmetic surgery in some ways. How you see yourself, is the most important process to this all. I want you to feel like it’s you, like a home you can get into and not feel unease.” Alindor said, he knew how much this was important to her, more than anyone else on the ship most likely. Their relationship came to an end, but he did care in his own way for the woman in front of him. He certainly didn’t want her to feel like this wasn’t something that was hers.

Alindor, CE

Much like she had when she first realized that she could change her appearance to absolutely anything she wanted, Cori felt it was unnecessary. So she shook her head. “No, I like how I look. Though… maybe we could extrapolate a tiny bit of aging? I mean, it’s been ten years now. I can’t imagine I would have changed all that much, but I think the details will matter here in how people perceive me. Everything else could be the same.”

~Corinne Dalton

“I can age you… yes… though I thought you might like the forever young look… but, I understand why you wouldn’t.” Jacen said with a small smile. “We can run some simulations, and if you want you pick the one you feel would match you closest for 10 years.”

Drayke, CE

Tilting her head slightly upwards and to the side, Cori smirked. “Huh. Not everyday you get to pick the best visual representation of yourself. Though I guess I do that everyday anyway.” She exhaled. “Alright, so I guess I will leave that physical build stuff to you and when you need my input, let me know.”

She chewed on her lower lip for a moment. “But uh, just as a thought… you might want to let your girlfriend know you’re building your ex a body. I don’t want to get accused of, well, anything improper.” Regardless of his skills, it was a decidedly intimate thing he was doing and she was okay with it because he knew her. But still, that didn’t make this easy. For either of them.

~Corinne Dalton


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