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Royal paused in his activities and his face clouded slightly. He looked out the window and the perpetual warmth and hidden humor in his bright blue eyes faded.

“Actually, I can. And it is not a responsibility I would wish on anyone.” and he turned his head slightly and looked at Cori. “Trust me. Whoever was so careful putting your things away did so with a heavy heart… whether they knew you or not. And they think about you to this day, guaranteed.”

Sinclair, CoS

She was slightly doubtful in her specific case, but Cori was aware of his reaction enough to not ignore it. “Who was it?” she asked gently. He’d had a long enough career (especially having started out in security) that it was inevitable that he would have experienced the loss of at least one crewmember.

~Corinne Dalton

Royal held up a finger to her. He poured a glass and took a drink. Without setting it down, he looked out the window.

“My first posting was as a Cadet on the Challenger. After my Cadet cruise, for some reason, I was promoted and made the Chief of Security. My second mission we were sent on an Away team mission to an archeological dig. I led a team of two Security personnel and four Cadets.” and he took another drink.

“We found ourselves in some kind of tomb, and it was booby-trapped. Cadet Brian Forea triggered one, and one of the burial crypts opened and he was bitten by a hundred snakes before we could get to him to safety.”

Cori’s mouth actually dropped open. You heard about missions that sometimes went horribly wrong but it’s wasn’t always usual to hear it from someone who had been there. It was another of those times where she wished she could drink the drink in front of her and actually feel its effects.

Another drink. “I packed his room… there wasn’t much. He hadn’t been out of the Academy a full week.” and the glass was then drained. He looked back at Cori and said “Whoever did this for you? They did so with care and thought. And they did so with a heavy heart. I promise you… you are missed by them every day. Whether they knew you or not.”

Sinclair, CoS

She gazed downwards at the crate and the delicately tissue-wrapped objects. Cori nodded. “And then I reappeared three years later. Must have been quite the shock, if that person is even still aboard.” A pause. “I’m sorry… about the cadet. I don’t know if it helps, but the one thing about being how I am now is that I can’t forget anything. So every person, from their personnel files, to their face, to their most common replicator order is a part of me. I’ll always remember all of you in perfect detail for as long as I exist. I think it’s the one thing I really do like about this existence.”

Unwrapping another object, light reflected off a polished silver frame. She recalled the last time she had unwrapped that very frame, when she had done a task very much like this one after the accident on the holodeck. She handed the frame to Royal. Behind the glass with a teenage Cori, her dancer physique so very evident, standing in a filed with two adults. A woman, with a fluffy mass of platinum blond hair and bright blue eyes not so unlike Cori’s current colour (but more natural looking) that carried a vivacious energy. Beside her with an arm around the woman and a hand on Cori’s shoulder was man with short cut dark brown hair and a slight stubble around his jaw that looked on purpose. His grey eyes seemed soft and kind and he seemed proud as he stood there with them.

That is Kip and Janey. It was about a year before the war with the Klingons,” she said fondly. The picture used to make her cry if she gazed at it too long, and at the Academy she had kept it in her bedside drawer, only pulling it out when her roommate wasn’t around. “They were good people, Royal. The best kind. Open-hearted. Generous with their praise and affection. The worst thing you could do was to disappoint them. It was like you would do anything to never see that look in their faces, because it was so crushing.I miss them so much somedays,” she said softly.

~Corinne Dalton


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