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Vadoma growled at the broken message. “Trying to clean it up, Sir…” She wasn’t even aware of her fingers working furiously over the console to try and clear up the message with buffers and enhancers. Obviously, something was wrong. And she wanted to be sure she was doing everything on her end to try and make it audible and completely aware.


Graham spun slightly in his seat so he could face the bridge and the Captain. “Not surprisingly they seem to want medical and engineering support. This would also be the opening gambit in some sort of ambush, as the very nature of the planet is ideal for a trap.” He paused.

“Sha, any ideas on how to protect shuttles and the crew in them? Vadoma you should cooridinate the hardening of our shuttle craft against radiation exposure.”

Graham. CSO

At his console, Colter extend the search parameters, trying to trace signals as to whence the ships came and to where they had gone. . .”

Colter (CIO)

There was no discernible energy signatures or matter streams that would indicate where the ships may have come or gone from. There were several larger fragments of hull plating and other components that could possibly be brought on board for further analysis.

Sha had just arrived on the bridge as she was asked the question. “Well, if the shields modulating can help with protecting the ships, then we have that covered. As for once we leave the protection of the shuttles, I have no idea. Science and Medical would be better suited to answer that. I am sure we could use the protection suits, but I doubt we could them be ‘inconspicuous’. If that’s the intention.”

She moved to her console and began typing queries to engineering about the specs for the shuttle to help shield it.


“Perhaps we could craft some sort of portable force field generator? Or a personal deflector. With the adeguate anti-radiation medication it can be a viable solution but it would require time…” the XO suggested from his pool of knowledge “What about that?”

Lieutenant Cdr. Yuri Scholz - Executive Officer

“Ohhh, I like.” Graham agreed. “We could use an inverse wave function to the radiation and have almost an invulnerability.”

Graham CSO

Vadoma shook her head. “I’m not managing to get it any clearer, yet. I’ll keep trying.”

She was frustrated that it wasn’t working like she wanted. “Come on, you stupid computer. You know you’re as curious as I am.” She continued to try and manipulate the signal thru various filters and volumes hoping to get a more concise message. After all… medical was one of those words meaning they either needed it, or if Saracen didn’t surrender, they would need it. She hoped, with all her heart, that it was the former.


Sha had been typing with Engineering and glanced over her shoulder. “They are still working on the shuttle, Sir. But I am sure we can manage something fairly quickly.” She went back to typing wondering how they would make portable shield generators small enough to be portable and not overcumbersome.


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