Cori's Quarters- Evaluating Options

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Royal Sinclair (Chief of Security) in Cori’s Quarters- Evaluating Options
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Sinclair nodded and smiled. “I think you would as well, for what its worth. I hope you get the chance to find out someday.” he said softly.

Sinclair, CoS

It was something she didn’t like to think about much, since she had few options. Adoption was really the only one, and given how much difficulty she had just existing on this ship some days, the thought of having to convince the authorities that she would be a fit parent was rather laughable. But maybe one day, as Royal said. “Have you thought about it? Kids I mean.”

~Corinne Dalton

Royal’s face took on softly melancholy look and he shook his head. “No… although I was close once. I had a girlfriend my last year of secondary school. We were very much in love. Spoke about marriage and children often.” He looked up and away, his mind elsewhere and his eyes unfocused. He chuckled and said “She would come to all my rugby matches. Always said that she hoped we had a son and daughter so that they could play in both Scottish National teams.” and the chuckle faded away and his eyes, slightly welled up as he brought himself back, looked at Cori and he smiled. “But alas… was not meant to be, I guess. But oh how I had hoped.” he added with a grin.


“You will,” she said with a certain amount of confidence. He certainly had a better chance of it than herself.

Reaching into the crate, Cori pulled out a Starfleet Academy Class of 2383 t-shirt. She couldn’t help but smirk. As she held it up. “Too bad, I always liked having this as something to throw on after I went off duty. Though I will say the fashion styling on a whim thing has been a fun bonus.”

~Corinne Dalton

Royal smiled and said “So why not style yourself one to wear? Save this one for when you can put it back on?” and he snatched the shirt away from her playfully and went and hung it in her closet. Coming back in, he looked around and saw a small green case with some substantial seals on it. Pointing, he said “Whats that? And if you say the lunch you had packed before all of this, -” and he gestured broadly at her holo-form, “- I am not opening it.” and he smiled at his own joke.


Cori frowned and got up from the sofa. “I… don’t know,” she said, feeling suddenly wary. It was’t like there was much in the space to begin with (hence their current unpacking and decorating project), but it was incongruous that there was anything in her quarters that she didn’t bring in specifically. While she didn’t have the full access to the sensors while on her emitter, she did have a portion of them, so quickly ran a light scan over the case to make sure it wasn’t dangerous.

~Corinne Dalton

Royal watched her for a moment, the trepidation clear on her face. To make her feel somewhat less anxious, he opted for humor.

“Its a tuna sandwich, isn’t it? And a big dill pickle. Look, I’m no scientist… but I’m pretty sure that its not any good now.”



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