My Past. My Present. My Future? (Tag DaVinci)

Posted Jan. 13, 2021, 9:22 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) (Jennifer Ward)

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Hannah had only been onboard for a few days. They had gone through some kind of rift and then returned back through it. She had been in the middle of recording a message when the klaxons went off and she had simply shut her terminal off and reported to sickbay. She hadn’t been due to report in then, but red alert was red alert and she reported to sickbay to help. The letter she had been writing was more like a journal or diary entry than a letter. She’d been keeping them for five years. She had promised to keep them, to keep writing, to hold onto them until he came home. Five years and no word. It was time, time to find out one way or the other. She needed to know. Either way she’d keep waiting, but she needed to know. The letter hadn’t been sent right away though because there was no point in sending it out into universe where, if he got them, he didn’t even know her. So, three days later, back on their side of the rift, she opened the letter, attached to hundreds of others, one for every week he’d been gone, and sent it out into the depths of subspace, and waited.

Little did Hannah know that they didn’t have far to travel, just a few decks away, and a terminal began to download the letters. On DiVinci’s screen the first year of letters appeared. One for every week. Most were pretty mundane: work, studies, people they knew, what was going on.

Stardate 2391
This first letter is dated the day that Daniel left. Hannah sits down in front of her screen, she’s wearing a chain of some sort and holding on to whatever is hanging from it. “Hey Daniel. I know I won’t send this until I hear from you again. But I told you I would write, and maybe it’s silly that I’m writing to you, but I hope that knowing I’m writing and saving it for you will help when you are out there alone. But, I wanted you to know I’m wearing your tags, and I will until you come home.” She holds up the chain and opens her hand. His dog tag was hanging from it. She begins to sign as she talks. “You told me soldiers used to have loved ones keep these. I know to others it might seem outdated, but I know what it means to you, and that’s all that really matters to me. You know I’ll keep it for you no matter how long you’re gone. Stay safe Daniel, wherever they’ve sent you. I already miss you.” She holds up one hand, I love you.

Hannah’s wearing a baseball cap, with the U of Wyoming logo on it, she has a Denver Broncos jersey on and her hair is threaded into a ponytail through the opening in the back of the cap. His dog tags are hanging from their chain against the jersey. “Happy Birthday, Daniel. We’re having beer, wings, and pizza for your birthday.” She turns the screen around to show him the tailgate spread she has on the table. “And I’m going to watch old football videos and try and figure out why you like it so much.” She grins. Her attire has nothing to do with his preferences, actually she doesn’t know one way or the other. She’s simply trying to make him smile. “Hey, don’t go playing okay? If you blow that knee out and I’m not there, it may not get fixed right. Find some way to celebrate, even quietly, okay? Love you.”

“Dr Tahvanoh told me they’ve developed some new internal implants that are having great results. I don’t really want to have surgery, but I do need new implants. Mine are old, I’ve had them since I was 10, and newer is always better, right?” Hannah doesn’t look convinced. She hates her implants, always had. She’d rather just be herself rather than having to ‘fix’ herself to make others comfortable. But she wants to be in Star Fleet, and that means implants because her disability was ‘fixable’ and all officers were expected to use the latest technology, procedures, etc to help them integrate into the service. “I guess if I need to replace them I might as well get the best ones I can.” She pauses a moment, “I really miss you. It’s hard not seeing your face when I wake up in the morning.” She holds up one hand, I love you.

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