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DaVinci placed a gentle hand on her chin and raised it so she was looking up at him. He stared a long time into her eyes, then whispered, ” I finally feel complete again. . .”

Hannah closed her eyes briefly at the feel of his hand and then she opened them staring into his eyes. She remembered. She remembered the first time he’d held her like this. She doesn’t even remember what they were talking about, but she’d taken her implants off. They’d been bothering her, and for some reason he’d turned away from her. She’d gotten mad, ranting at him that she couldn’t read his lips if he wasn’t facing her, she couldn’t understand him. And then he’d turned around and wrapped his arms around her tightly. And then one arm firmly still around her he’d lifted her chin so she could see him…

He could hold back no longer as he lowered his head and touched her lips for the first time in what seemed like forever. . . . .

Colter (CIO)

Time had stretched while he stared at her, and then his lips touched hers and Hannah knew they were both home. He would be the beginning and the end of each of her days. No matter where Star Fleet might send him, she’d always be waiting. They had lost so much time, and Hannah wasn’t going to loose more. His kiss was like coming up for air when you are certain you won’t make it to the surface. Silent tears tracked down her cheeks as the weight and pressure left her chest in a rush. The grief she’d lived with so long suddenly gone to be replaced by unbelievable joy and desire for life. She held onto him tightly returning his kiss.

Lt jg Asimina, Doctor

When DaVinci broke the kiss and opened his eyes, he saw the tears for what they were–the happiness from a love once lost forever and by some strange twist of fate had finally come home. He kissed her tears away before finally resting his forehead against Hannah’s.

“We have 5 years to make up for, Han.” His eyes moved around the room as he became aware of a number of eyes watching them. Standing from the table still holding her hands, he added, “We need to continue this somewhere much more private. . . “

Colter (CIO)

Hannah blinked, having forgotten for the moment where they were. Only caring about being in Daniel’s arms. She followed him as he stood up. She looked around and happened to see Claire across the room grinning at her and fanning her face mouthing the word “Hot!” Hannah absolutely refused to be distracted by those around them and returned her gaze to his, but blushing slightly anyway. “Yeah much more private…” She squeezed his hand and grinned, “You’ve got two good knees now Daniel, why are you still standing there?” She followed him out to where ever he was leading.
Lt. jg Asimina, Doctor

Taking her by the hand, DaVinci made for the lounge’s doors. As they swooshed open, he stopped and addressed the crowd. “I hope you all enjoyed tonight’s performance folks, but for now thee shows over. Please drive home safe, and remember the mind is a terrible thing. . . .”

Hannah held onto his hand, but when he paused she groaned and grinned just a bit. Before she could say or sign, “don’t” he’d already started. She didn’t turn around and look back. Her face flushed a deeper shade of red, but she was laughing softly. His sense of humor never failed to make her laugh, no matter how serious or absurd the situation.

The doors to his quarters had no sooner closed when DaVinci swept Hannah into his arms and wrapped her legs around his waist. One hand wrapped into hair as he kissed her her, passionately stoking that embers that had almost grown cold with her absence. The heat passed between them as the environmental controls automatically lowered the rooms temperature

Hannah went into his arms, her arms wrapping around his shoulders and neck as he held her. She kissed him as the five years melted away in the heat.

“I’m never going to let you be away from me for that long ever again, ever. . . .,” he whispered.

“Promise?” she asked in a soft whisper.
Colter (CIO)

Hours later Hannah yawned sleepily, a teasing grin on her face, “When I said physical therapy this is not what I meant.” Hannah wasn’t going to sleep, she also wouldn’t let him go. Her hand either held tightly to his or rested over his heart. It was a purely emotional response, but she was just slightly worried if she did he’d disappear again, and she couldn’t handle that.

“I think it was a good test for the knee, spent a lot of time twisting and turning, flexing and extending. . . . .with no pain whatsoever, doctor. This was most definitely the most enjoyable PT I’ve ever gone through, so I think it should increase to at least a couple of hours every day.”

Hannah laughed. She’d laughed more in the last two days than she had in a long time. Daniel always had that effect on her. And here just the two of them she didn’t have to worry about how she sounded. “Two hours? Oh Cowboy, if you want to stick to full recovery in 5 days, it’s more like 8 intense hours of therapy every day for the next 3 days. Then on day 5, you get to have fun. If you want to continue PT after that, we can certainly arrange that.”

Looking around for a blanket she signed, “Why does it always get so cold?”
Lt jg Asimina, Doctor

DaVinci reached down to the floor and retrieved the blanket that had been kicked off with all the extensive therapy. Covering both of them, he wrapped his arms tightly around Hannah as she rested on his chest. “It’s that darn automatic environmental control. Between the two of us, we raised the temp quite a bit, so the EV controls responded by turning the temp down. Now, we have two options here. I can turn the temp back up a bit, or. . . . we can raise the temp again like we just did. Personally, I’m good for option #2. We do have 5 years to make up for. . . .”

Colter (CIO)

Hannah sighed softly, resting against his chest. The feel of his arms around her was something two days ago she didn’t think she’d feel again, and she was content to stay there for the time being. She grinned as he explained the temperature problem and raised up to look at his face, “You’re teasing.” There was no way they caused the EV controls do that. She searched his face though and he was serious. She blushed, the temperature rising again. “Well in that case I think option 2 is a great idea.” She kissed him. “Five years and a few more hours of therapy for the day.”
Lt.jg Asimina, Doctor


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