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Well that was convenient. Her slightly disembodied voice sounded through the comm. =/\=Captain, SARAH here. I don’t know why they’re being problematic now but there are some relays and converters that need repairing. But more worrisome is that there is something else n the systems. Something foreign. Not quite like before but you know I’m getting a little tired of having to defend my territory. Shall I go hunting?=/\=

~Corinne Dalton/SARAH

=/\= SARAH, you have my full blessing to go and hunt down whatever is lurking in the dark corners of the Saracens mainframe. Just make sure my replicator can still make coffee when the smoke clears. =/\= Dante replied, with a half thought as to what might still be in their systems after their foray into the Mirror Universe.

Captain Knight, CO

The woman with the vibrant blue eyes grinned. =/\=I’ll be sure to use stun settings. Back in a jiff,=/\= she said before shimmering and disappearing.

~Corinne Dalton/SARAH

Hannah’s eyes widened and then she shook her head. Some kind of EMH for the ship? She had absolutely no idea. She turned back to the rebreathers she was checking. That didn’t take long and she set the last set aside for Dr Knight to check. Then making herself useful, and not knowing what else an away team might need or what was really going on she started prepping emergency medkits. Okay prepping was the wrong word, more like checking the kits because they were already packed. While she worked she kept an eye on the console next to her to see how many times, if any, the power would fluctuate again.
Lt. jg Asimina, Doctor

For now it appeared that the consoles had went back to operating normally. There was no flickering.


As the consoles resumed normal operation, Tomas lifted his hands from the controls and waited a moment. Like he expected it to play up again suddenly. “Well, it looks like whatever that was, it sorted itself out,” he said and turned back to Asimina, helping her to ready the devices to be used by the away team.

Lt Kuno, Medical

Asimina nodded, “Did I just hear a bridge officer say that there was a fire fight of some sort? Should we set up triage or emergency medical in a shuttle bay or something incase we get caught in that conflict? These masks are pretty much done and the hypos are ready too.” She turned, the question said in passing to Kuno, to address the question directly to Dr Knight.
Lt jg Asimina, Doctor

=/\=Kuno, Asimina, and I have them up and ready. Just tell us where to take them=/\= Natasha tapped her badge replying to the captain.

Natasha Knight CMO

Sha and another security officer walked into medical at that point and she smiled and shook her head listening to the CMO commenting to the CO. “Well I guess comms are working in here as well.” She shook her head once more and headed back to the bridge. A tap to her comm badge on her chest as the door closed behind her. =^=Security to Bridge… comms check out fine in Engineering and Medical. Returning to bridge.=^=

Lt Sha Triton

As Lt Triton left Hannah shrugged, whatever the problem with the systems was, apparently it had fixed itself. She looked at the rebreathers, “Dr. Knight, if we know who exactly is going on this away team we could check their medical records and adjust the rebreathers specifically for their respiratory needs.”
Lt. jg Asimina, Doctor

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