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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Royal Sinclair (Chief of Security) in Cori’s Quarters- Evaluating Options

Posted by Lieutenant Corinne Dalton/SARAH (Ships AI/Avatar) in Cori’s Quarters- Evaluating Options

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Royal Sinclair (Chief of Security) in Cori’s Quarters- Evaluating Options
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It was lovely to see him so lit up about something he was passionate about. Not that Royal wasn’t often expressive, but she wasn’t sure she had seen him really like this before. “That’s quite an accomplishment,” she said with a warm smile. “Do you miss it? Or do you still play for fun?”

“And what was the proudest day of your life then?”

~Corinne Dalton

“I miss it every day, lass.” he said with a slight hint of regret. “I often wonder how different my life would have been had I stayed the path. But then I look at my life now, and I know that while that would have been good for methis life brings to me and others, and in the end that is what matters. And I still play. But instead of the Scottish National pitch, its a holodeck.” and he took a drink and ate a bite of his lunch. Leaning back he looked at Cori.

“And the proudest day of my life was any day my seanair told me he was proud of me and what I had done.” and he smiled at her.


Cori returned the smile and nodded. “It’s good to have those memories,” she said softly. It led her mind down the interesting path of family. She wasn’t sue if she wanted to go there or if it would be unkind. But they had been really open and she didn’t see him shying away from the topic. “I know you never got to meet her, but do you ever think of your mother?”

~Corinne Dalton

Royal’s smile became slightly melancholic, but he nodded. “Oh sure. Not often, as I have no memories of her directly of course. But I have a holo of her holding me and a few vids I watch from time to time. And I have the stories seanair told me… so she is never far away. I do wish that I could of known her… she seemed to be an amazing woman, thats right sure.”


She nodded with understanding. “I used to do this game when I was a kid. Now, I loved Kio and Janey. They were my parents. But that didn’t stop me from creating wild stories about who my parents had been and what they were doing on that freighter.” She smiled widely. “It was so fun to just let my imagination come up with the craziest scenarios.”

~Corinne Dalton

Royal chuckled. “Nothing wrong with that, at all. I did the exact same for a long time till my Da had enough of it.” and he took a deep breath. “I tell ya, dat’s da one ting that I was nae able to puzzle out… what my Mum saw in that man. ‘Cause gods above I never saw whatever it was, dat’s fer sure.” Royal’s brogue became stronger the more he thought about home, and he chuckled slightly. “You keep making me think’a home, you’ll nae understand a word in the next ten minutes or so.” and he laughed.


Cori laughed openly. “Royal, I am the Universal Translator. Brogue it up all you want, it’ll be all good with m,” she said with a cheeky grin as she got to her feet.

Pulling a crate over in front of the sofa, she then resettled, kicking her feet up on the crate and crossing them at the ankles. “Tell me something no one knows about you.”

~Corinne Dalton

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