Tis the Time of the Season - Crew Christmas Party Fortune Telling table - Natasha and Dante

Posted Jan. 24, 2021, 11:26 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Natasha Knight (Chief Medical Officer) (Kate O'Neill)

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OCC So for fun I am telling fortunes in the Russian tradition of Christmas. If you want your fortune read let me know. I am literally going to use the magic 8 ball beside me and add a bit o’ O’Neill to it. ~ Kate


“So where did you set up the fortune telling table,” Natasha asked looking around. Dante had to have set up the fortune-telling table. I was the one Russian Christms tradition she loved even if it was not the most traditional of holiday activities. Moving slightly to the left she saw it set up just like Babushka’s table was in her childhood home on Lake Baikal. Moving over towards the table Natasha smiled. Everything was set up exactly the way it needed to be, even with an old woman glad in the traditional red and white clothes.

“Care to have your fortune read,” the woman spoke to Natasha beckoning for her to take a seat.

“One second. Dante…Dante,” she waved for him to come over with her. It would not be a fortune telling session if he wasn’t there pointing out the flaws in the system but this year like every year, Nat would store every nugget and use it a ammo for all the events of the next year.

Natasha Knight So happy she got a tree.

“You sure you can use thins thing?” Dante grinned. “Remember the time in the Academy we went to one of these things, and the woman reckoned we would have six kids by the time I got my first command? I told you I could smell tequila on her breath.”

-Captain Knight

“And if our mission on the Valkarie hadn’t gone pips up we would have been married before our happy arses hit the dry dock,” she pointed a finger at him. “Us starting us was not due to us not wanting us but more that the Federation couldn’t handle us.” Natasha broke out laughing wrapping an arm around her husband’s waist. Others would have looked at her cross-eyed from the roundabout conversation however, Dante had spent way too many years with her to get lost. He was also not drunk enough to need clarification on things she said. “Besides now we have all the time in the world to pop out a cadre of kids with your stunning good looks and my dazzling intellect.” Raising up on her toes, Natasha kissed him slow and long not carrying who in the crew saw them. To her, it didn’t matter. Dante might be the highest-ranking officer in every room on the ship, with a penetrating stare that made men snap to attention and women melt slightly yet he was still just her husband. Nat had seen him dashing at a social event and stuck in bed with flu. Everyone always saw him as captain but she could only see him as her husband.

Pulling him towards the table, Natasha waited for Dante to sit before she took a spot on his knee. There were two chairs but Natasha was feeling a bit playful and a lot tipsy. Leaning back on his chest she wrapped one of his hands around her waist to help her balance. “Oh and for the record I got her drunk and paid that woman,” she admitted for the first time in all their years together.

“Don’t judge me,” she responded with a laugh. “I needed you to know how amazingly wonderful your life was going to be with me if you stayed the course. She did however have another fortune under the table if you got all lippy,” Nat leaned to the side so she could look at Dante.

“If you didn’t stay the course she had a lovely diddy about hellfire and space Krackens devouring your ship.” Natasha spoke the sentence with as much certainty as she passed when on duty. Nothing in her demeanor indicated she doubted the idea Dante would be devoured by a space Kracken if he hadn’t chosen to devote his life to her as she did him. “So for the record, accept what she says or you my friend could be Kracken chow.” Taking a sip of her drink she offered Dante a swig before setting it down on the floor next to them.

“So you come before Babushaka so see your fate. To find out what your year holds. Are you brave enough to look into the depths of time to see what fate holds for you?” Reaching out her long bony fingers, the woman splayed a series of tarot cards before Dante. “Choose but know that the cards choose you and not the other way around.”

Nat Knight ready to hear about what a great year they are about to have even if it is 2021…er 2397


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