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Posted Jan. 26, 2021, 4:05 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Gamemaster Semaj (GameMaster) in Main Sim - Shuttle Bay
The shuttle had been prepped by Engineering and modified for the specifications provided. There were a few Engineering NE’s milling about, making the final preparations. There was a note that Sickbay would be bringing additional supplies for the mission, which hadn’t been delivered yet.


Asimina arrived a few minutes later, box and med kit in tow. The box contained the adjusted rebreathers, and the med kit contained the hypos that Dr. Knight had prepared (OOC: I don’t remember why we did that). Hannah pulled out the tricorder and waited for the away team. She would fine tune each rebreather for the individual user before the boarded the shuttle. She had not been told yet which of the medical staff would be accompanying the team.
Lt. Asimina, Doctor

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