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It appeared that was the best they were going to do at their current distance, due to the disturbance and interference coming from the planet itself. The only way to get more information would be to get closer.

The sensors were picking several larger fragments of hull plating and other components in the debris field that could possibly be brought on board for further analysis.


DaVinci spoke up from his station. “Skipper, there are larger fragments from the hulls of whatever these ships were. If we bring some of them aboard and take a close look at it we might be able to get a better idea of who or what we’re dealing with.”

“Mr Graham bring one of those pieces aboard. I want you to see if you can find out who we might be dealing with, or how long ago this happened.”

“Mr Sinclair, Mr Colter, what are your thoughts on sending am away team closer to see if the shuttle can get a better signal? No landing however unless it appears safe to do so.”

Captain Knight, CO

“Roger that sir.” Graham could beam or tractor the fragment in when they were in range. He would target one piece from each class of vessel… at the best of his determination.

There were several fragments to choose from of various sizes. The sensors were able to work out which fragments belonged together and identified them in groups. The largest was only about a meter large, so beaming it into the cargo bay would be no problem.

“These aren’t anything big out there.” Graham expressed disappointment. The smaller the piece usually indicated less scientific value… unless they go a good piece. Graham attempted to scan for some sort of power, or battery. Batteries could be a sign of the ‘black box’ or some sort of data recorder.

“Count me in, Skip,” Colter replied and then glanced over at the security chief for his reply.

Colter (CIO)

A response finally came from their holographic crewmember: Location? I’m in the computer system. But I’m not alone. There’s a manifestation of a little girl here. Trying to get info.


Realizing she wasn’t in a position to go into the computer to help Sarah, Sha spoke up with something she could help with. “Permission to join the shuttle crew, Sir. If there is still an issue, I want to be sure all bases are covered.”

It was a long shot, that anyone was still alive out there. But the fact that someone was asking for help was a sign of two things. Someone in duress, or someone planting a trap. Either way, security was certainly going to be a priority.


Vadoma spoke up. “Ummmm.. Captain. Sarah says there is an entity, taking the form of a little girl, in the system that is asking questions. What do I tell her?” She knew Sarah was better equipped to protect the system than she was, but while waiting for the Captain to respond, she tapped a query to Sarah asking what she could do on her end to help.


OOC: I will start a thread in the cargo bay for those who want to do that investigation, as well as a shuttle bay thread so we can get things moving.

‘Graham CSO

The comm signal from the planet resumed again after a brief pause. There seemed to be a break in the interference, and a distorted video feed was being broadcasted.

On screen was a woman with dark ebony skin and light pink hair. Her eyes were a piercing icy blue. Despite the distortions, she was mesmerizing and beautiful.

“Hello… can you hear me?” She asked, her voice full of static but still understandable.

OOC: Please jump in if I’m overstepping, but we have a couple of AWOLs

Teller pushed a few keys to clear up the signal. =^=We, read you. This is the Saracen, on a mission of peaceful exploration, to whom am I speaking and how can we assist you?>=^= Teller kept the thought of ‘are you single’ to himself.

Graham CSO

Vadoma typed on the console hoping Sarah would understand. Trying to get Captain’s attention. Problem with planet here. Can you steer her around without compromising us? She knew she couldn’t tell Sarah what to allow the girl access to or not, but she had to let the woman know she wasn’t being ignored.


=/\= My name is Lonella, I am the head of the Drixov medical and scientific research facility. Have you come in response to our calls for help? =/\=

Vadoma would not recieve a direct reply from SARAH but on her console a pathway for a specific data node in the main computer appeared, flashing. Any efforts to remove the text from the screen would not work, it simply remained there.


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