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A moment later, Sha and another security officer walked into the bay. Stepping into the craft, she glanced at the two. “I hope I am not intruding. We have come to lend aid and protection. Where do you want us?” She smiled though it looked more like a leer. Hazard of head ridges, no matter how subtle.

Lt Sha Triton

Hannah smiled and spoke clearly so her accent wouldn’t cause any misunderstandings. She wasn’t sure where Daniel, nope Cmdr Colton would want them, “For right now if you two could stand right here for me. I just need to take some scans of both of you. Normal breaths please.” Hannah scanned their respiration and blood oxygen levels picked up two rebreathers, made some fine tuning adjustments and handed them to Lt Sha and the NE security officer. “These will help negate the effects of the high oxygen atmosphere. These are calibrated specifically for your body’s respiration needs. We have others, but these will be best.”
Lt. jg Asimina, Doctor

“Lt. Triton, Dr. Asima, once you get your gear stored and the rebreathers calibrated, strap yourselves in. We’re just waiting for Lt. Cmdr. Sinclair to finish up this road trip.’

Colter (CIO)

“I’m here, I’m here. Had to grab a few things before I left.” a deep Scottish brogue said form just outside the craft, and soon the big Scot came in carrying a black backpack on one shoulder.

Hannah turned her tricorder on the security chief, taking the readings she needed and then made very quick adjustments to it. “This is calibrated specifically for you, Cmdr. It will help in the high oxygen atmosphere.” Hannah was all business. Her and Daniel’s private conversation before the rest of the team’s arrival gone from her mind.

Asimina took out one more rebreather and then stored the rest inside the med kit, or as many as would fit, and stowed the rest of the gear. As soon as Sinclair arrived, she’d take the scans she needed and calibrate his rebreather. Other than the scan she could do the rest strapped into her seat.
Lt. jg Asimina, Doctor

The shuttle ride to the planet was rather turbulent, but as they got closer to the planet’s surface, the interference and turbulence cleared considerably. As they broke through the clouds, the planet came into view.

The terrain was rocky, desert-like, a sea of brown and grey. Several mountain ranges jutted out from the earth, and there were no large bodies of water in few from their vantage point.

Sensors were able to pinpoint the location of the transmission signal. It was coming from approximately 1000 meters below the surface. As they continued their descent towards the signal, the atmosphere of the planet appeared to be changing slightly. The closer they got to the surface, the more the air resembled a more breathable atmosphere.


Hannah pulled up the sensor readings on the console next to her seat. If the air was more breathable, they may not need the rebreathers, or she made need to adjust them. If the atmosphere was radically different from their initial scans they would be adjusted properly and she would need to fix the before they left the shuttle. While she waited she considered how deep underground the signal was located. She hoped there was an easy way down. If not that meant climbing and she didn’t see any climbing equipment. 1000 meters down was a long way to free climb for someone inexperienced. She could do it, but she didn’t know if anyone else on the team could.
Lt jg Asimina, Doctor

Sinclair watched the readings from behind the doctor and tapped her shoulder. “Will we need supplemental respiration with those readings?” he asked. He was a doctor himself, but his medical training was only slightly more than base-line for a medical professional.

Sinclair, CoS

Hannah shook her head, “I’m waiting for more specific readings. It looks like we won’t need them, but just incase I recommend still carrying the rebreathers with us. I’ll know for certain the closer we get to the surface. Everyone should be aware of the symptoms of Oxygen Toxcity: coughing, mild throat irritation, chest pain, trouble breathing, muscle twitching in face and hands, dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, a feeling of unease, confusion, and convulsions. With or without the rebreathers, if you experience any of those tell me. I have a hypo that will counter act it, but it’s a treatment not a preventative.”

The personal intimacy between the Security Chief and Sha wasn’t evident in more than an occasional glance from her to him as they descended. They both knew how to remain professional and while the other two bantered about being able to handle one another being on the job, unless anyone knew about Sinclair and Sha’s relationship, it wasn’t evident in their behavior to one another or the others.

When the readings came back at being so far below the surface, Sha was silently wondering what she was sure the others were. Had they brought climbing gear and would there be a feasible way down. She was a fair climber, but only the basics. She wasn’t one to take chances with the others, however. And unless they were excellent climbers, the group descending would be far smaller than those currently accumulated on the ship. What she did like was the idea that re-breathers may not be necessary. She wasn’t fond of them and would be grateful if they weren’t solely relied upon for their ability to function on the planet.

As the descent slowed, she glanced at Sinclair. “Chief, do you want two separate teams? Or want us to remain in a single group?” Better to get things settled as much as possible before landing.


Hannah wasn’t happy with how little she was informed before being assigned. Other than the need for medical aid and the high oxygen content, she hadn’t been told anything. “Is this shuttle equipped with basic search and rescue gear? I can make a 1000 meter free climb, but I’d rather not. What about the rest of you?”
Lt jg Asimina, Doctor

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