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The comm signal from the planet resumed again after a brief pause. There seemed to be a break in the interference, and a distorted video feed was being broadcasted.

On screen was a woman with dark ebony skin and light pink hair. Her eyes were a piercing icy blue. Despite the distortions, she was mesmerizing and beautiful.

“Hello… can you hear me?” She asked, her voice full of static but still understandable.

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Teller pushed a few keys to clear up the signal. =^=We, read you. This is the Saracen, on a mission of peaceful exploration, to whom am I speaking and how can we assist you?>=^= Teller kept the thought of ‘are you single’ to himself.

Graham CSO

Vadoma typed on the console hoping Sarah would understand. Trying to get Captain’s attention. Problem with planet here. Can you steer her around without compromising us? She knew she couldn’t tell Sarah what to allow the girl access to or not, but she had to let the woman know she wasn’t being ignored.


=/\= My name is Lonella, I am the head of the Drixov medical and scientific research facility. Have you come in response to our calls for help? =/\=

Vadoma would not recieve a direct reply from SARAH but on her console a pathway for a specific data node in the main computer appeared, flashing. Any efforts to remove the text from the screen would not work, it simply remained there.


Graham made a gesture, “see if you can get access to the planetary computers and get me some information on the woman and Drixov.”

=^=Frankly Miss, your message just came into the clear now, you are going to have to start from scratch. But we do like helping people so talk to me.=^= Graham continued in a voice more pleasant than normal.

Graham CSO

Turning back to the screen from what he had been preoccupied with, Dante made a note of the Science Chiefs demeanour and looked back at the screen, taking note of the woman more closely for the first time. Considering Teller had already begun the conversation, Dante waited for the woman to reply before adding anything further.

Captain Knight, CO

Sinclair, CoS

Standing tall at her position covering the tactical station for the absent security officer, Becca frowned, not liking the strategic picture here one bit. The team in the shuttle would be hugely exposed.

“Captain, I would suggest we have a security response team kitted up and ready for action, full tactical gear, either to support our away team or extract them if things go south. Something went down here and we need to be ready in case whoever caused this decides to show up again.”

Rebecca Ngata. - XO

“Agreed Commander,” Dante nodded to Ngata. “Set it up. Also put another team on stand-by with more Medical and Operations support, we may need to bolster our ground team in that fashion if we find a situation less dire at this point.”

Captain Knight, CO

OOC: With Jay stepping down, we are assuming here that Ffion’s character joined the ship pre-sim and has been here all along. Just a simpler way to slot into the main sim this way.

Vadoma frowned. “What....” she murmured under her breath and followed the lead the computer left her. She discovered it lead to another part of the system Vadoma hadn’t been considering. Cocking her head sideways as she furrowed her brows, the young engineer tried to figure out why Sarah had led her there.


She wasn’t able to access the full computer file from the Bridge interface. She would have to physically go to the main computer terminals to be able to access the specific data.

“Aye Sir.”

Becca opened two lists on the workstation in front of her and began assigning crew names and equipment to two teams. ‘Bravo’ would be the security team that would either deploy to secure the area or extract the away team as required, ‘Charlie’ would be a mixed medical and engineering team assigned to the task of setting up a planetside operating base and triage centre. She also fired off a message to Dr Knight in sickbay to prepare for incoming casualties.

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst” she muttered to herself under her breath as she worked to set up the contingency plans.

Becca Ngata - XO

There was a notification from the cargo bay that they had beamed in several fragments from the debris field.

Also a minute after the shuttle departed, the signal was lost in the interference. Comms would once again be disrupted by the interference.

OOC: I’ve started a separate cargo bay thread if anyone wants to go there to investigate.

OOC: There was also a bit above with the woman’s comm signal and our CoS response, just in case you missed it dear GM :)

IC: Once the items registered as beamed aboard, Dante leaned forward slightly and spoke to Graham. “Teller, once we have concluded our comm I want you to lead the inspection of the wreckage in Sickbay with Lieutenant Rey, take anyone else you deem necessary. Find out what we can about these ships and technology so we can be prepared if the ship comes under threat.”

Opening the comm, Dante messaged their new Chief of Operations. =/\= Lieutenant Rey, we have beamed aboard some fragments of destroyed ships to our cargo hold. I want you to attend and assist Commander Graham with investigating it. =/\=

Once sent, he glanced to the Engineering Officer. “You have an issue, Ensign Romani?”

Captain Knight, CO

Becca nodded to herself as Dante issued his orders to the crew. When he had finished, she glanced over in his direction. A good XO should always look to interpret and expand on her CO’s orders, it would take someone that knew her well to read the question she asked with one ever so slightly raised eyebrow.

With the slightest of glances at his Exec, Dante raised two fingers, held together tight and motioned slightly forward. An old gesture from their days on the Broadsword, Becca knew this signal. Go.

=^= Lieutenant Mika, report to the Bridge and relieve Mr Graham. =^=

Becca Ngata - XO

=^= On my way, Commander =^= came the prompt reply, and several moments later, Lt. Mika stepped out of the turbolift onto the bridge, taking her new place. Pushing away a feeling of nervousness, she looked briefly at the rest of the crew of the bridge, ready to do her best work.

~ Lt. Mika, CNS/DO

Looking at the Counselor now, Dante nodded a greeting. It was pleasant enough, but his face showed a slight frown of concern as he started to fill in the Counselor on the current situation quickly.

Mika returned the Captain’s meeting with a stiff, though friendly, nod.

“We have arrived over Drixov investigating a distress call from a probe, which was destroyed by an unknown ship. We have a shuttle enroute to investigate conditions below as our transporters won’t work through the radiation and interference below, and Commander Ngata is preparing backup teams to support them.” Glancing at the screen and the image of the woman, he continued, “we have also been contacted by, someone. We are clearing up the signal now. Welcome to the Bridge, Counselor Mika.”

Captain Knight, CO

Listening intently to the Captain’s summary, she nodded curtly once more. It was a lot of information and she spent a quick second digesting the situation before she replied, “Thank you, Captain.” It wasn’t her first time on the bridge of a ship but she certainly hadn’t spent much time on one.

~ Lt. Mika, CNS/DO

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