Pre-sim: XO on tour - engineering (TAG: CE and the engineering crew)

Posted March 3, 2021, 12:28 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Jarred Alindor (Chief Engineer) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Rebecca “Becca” Ngata (Executive Officer) in Pre-sim: XO on tour - engineering (TAG: CE and the engineering crew)
Becca started her familiarisation tour of the ship with the place she had always considered the beating heart of any vessel, main engineering and the massive warp core that it contained.

She stepped through the doors and stopped to look and listen to how the department was being run. Whilst she was no engineer, having spent her whole active duty in security postings, she, like all cadets that made it out of the academy, had at least a firm grasp of the basics, and she liked to get a feel for how a department was running, did the staff look tired? Stressed? Happy? Was routine maintenance underway? She took a step back and soaked in her first impressions of the department.

Becca Ngata - XO

“Run that by me again?” came Jarred’s voice as he came past a corner with two Ensign’s in tow following him as he took the PaDD as he glanced over it as he shook his head. “I have told Tasha no… twice to this. She thinks cause I am Kalani’s husband that I broke the rules for her terrarium, but I did none of the such. That woman just wore down Captain Knight until he said yes… besides it’s illegal… I think… it’s a gray area.” he said as he put the PaDD back to the Ensign on his left as he turned a corner.

“She said you might say that sir, and she said she would hound us until you say yes… please don’t let her keep interrupting me in my off time. She scares me sir.” the small perky woman said as she kept pace with Jarred as he paused before looking back at the pair.

“Scares you? She’s like a buck ten soaking wet… and the CMO… how the devil does she scare you? Is it the accent? You know I am not even sure that’s her real accent… I swear I heard her slip out of it once when we were playing low gravity put-put.” Jarred said as he looked at the two with a narrowed stare wondering what was going on.

“Sir?” said the other Ensign whose eyes were as wide as saucers as he seemed to be looking directly behind Jarred.

“She’s behind me isn’t she” Jarred asked as both nodded as Jarred quickly turned around. “Tasha!” he said with a high happy tone as he looked happy to see her before he pointed a finger directly on her chest. “Leave my crew alone, and no… no… not gonna happen.” Jarred said as he began to walk past her.

Alindor, CE

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