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Becca opened two lists on the workstation in front of her and began assigning crew names and equipment to two teams. ‘Bravo’ would be the security team that would either deploy to secure the area or extract the away team as required, ‘Charlie’ would be a mixed medical and engineering team assigned to the task of setting up a planetside operating base and triage centre. She also fired off a message to Dr Knight in sickbay to prepare for incoming casualties.

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst” she muttered to herself under her breath as she worked to set up the contingency plans.

Becca Ngata - XO

There was a notification from the cargo bay that they had beamed in several fragments from the debris field.

Also a minute after the shuttle departed, the signal was lost in the interference. Comms would once again be disrupted by the interference.

OOC: I’ve started a separate cargo bay thread if anyone wants to go there to investigate.

OOC: There was also a bit above with the woman’s comm signal and our CoS response, just in case you missed it dear GM :)

IC: Once the items registered as beamed aboard, Dante leaned forward slightly and spoke to Graham. “Teller, once we have concluded our comm I want you to lead the inspection of the wreckage in Sickbay with Lieutenant Rey, take anyone else you deem necessary. Find out what we can about these ships and technology so we can be prepared if the ship comes under threat.”

Opening the comm, Dante messaged their new Chief of Operations. =/\= Lieutenant Rey, we have beamed aboard some fragments of destroyed ships to our cargo hold. I want you to attend and assist Commander Graham with investigating it. =/\=

Once sent, he glanced to the Engineering Officer. “You have an issue, Ensign Romani?”

Captain Knight, CO

Becca nodded to herself as Dante issued his orders to the crew. When he had finished, she glanced over in his direction. A good XO should always look to interpret and expand on her CO’s orders, it would take someone that knew her well to read the question she asked with one ever so slightly raised eyebrow.

With the slightest of glances at his Exec, Dante raised two fingers, held together tight and motioned slightly forward. An old gesture from their days on the Broadsword, Becca knew this signal. Go.

=^= Lieutenant Mika, report to the Bridge and relieve Mr Graham. =^=

Becca Ngata - XO

=^= On my way, Commander =^= came the prompt reply, and several moments later, Lt. Mika stepped out of the turbolift onto the bridge, taking her new place. Pushing away a feeling of nervousness, she looked briefly at the rest of the crew of the bridge, ready to do her best work.

~ Lt. Mika, CNS/DO

Looking at the Counselor now, Dante nodded a greeting. It was pleasant enough, but his face showed a slight frown of concern as he started to fill in the Counselor on the current situation quickly.

Mika returned the Captain’s meeting with a stiff, though friendly, nod.

“We have arrived over Drixov investigating a distress call from a probe, which was destroyed by an unknown ship. We have a shuttle enroute to investigate conditions below as our transporters won’t work through the radiation and interference below, and Commander Ngata is preparing backup teams to support them.” Glancing at the screen and the image of the woman, he continued, “we have also been contacted by, someone. We are clearing up the signal now. Welcome to the Bridge, Counselor Mika.”

Captain Knight, CO

Listening intently to the Captain’s summary, she nodded curtly once more. It was a lot of information and she spent a quick second digesting the situation before she replied, “Thank you, Captain.” It wasn’t her first time on the bridge of a ship but she certainly hadn’t spent much time on one.

~ Lt. Mika, CNS/DO

Teller waited patiently for the response from the native scientist. He glanced towards the Captain as he presumed the Captain would take over since he was about.


The woman on the screen appeared to be speaking to someone to her right, but whomever that was didn’t appear in their view.

She turned back forwards. =/\= We have been under attack. Our facility is a medical research station. We…=/\= The view screen got full of static and distortion once more. Then the signal cut out.

The shuttle no longer appeared on sensors. Whatever interference they had dealt with seemed to have returned.


Teller turned to the Captain… being attacked was outside of his purview.


Dante frowned as the interference returned. “Well, that wasn’t as helpful as I would have liked,” he muttered out the side of his mouth to Ngata.

“Ensign, can you clear up that interference and establish contact with our shuttle?” He turned to Romani at the Engineering Station, then looked to Teller.

“Mr Graham, head to the cargo bay and see if we can make any sense of the debri we brought on board. If we can at least establish what they are being attacked with, it will give us some idea perhaps of what we are dealing with.”

Commander Knight, CO

Teller gave a quick nod. Stood and walked to the turbo-lift. This re-assignment is going to lower his chances with the native scientist. “The two events may not be related Captain, but coincidences are unlikely.”

Once the comms were cut, Vadoma took a chance and approached the Captain. Her voice would be heard by anyone in relative proximity but not all the way across the bridge or the viewscreen should it kick back on. “Sir… Sarah left me a hint and a trail before she went silent. But I have to go to the main computer terminal to access the path she gave me. Permission to go see?” She wasn’t sure what she expected to find but Sarah didn’t strike her as one to send her that far from the bridge without a reason.


“Granted,” Dante nodded. “Keep us informed of what you find Ensign, but be prepared to return here if needed.”

Captain Knight, CO

Becca worked the comms controls from the tactical station, trying various filters, frequencies, and power settings to punch through the interference and regain contact with the shuttle crew.

=^= Shuttle Geralt, please respond, what is your status? =^=

Becca Ngata - XO


Despite any attempts to communicate with the shuttle, it appeared at the moment the interference was completely jamming all communications.

Long range sensors would also detect ships. Three in total. On a course directly for the planet. ETA one hour.


“Red Alert!”

As the lighting on the bridge changed, Becca looked over at Dante to explain her actions.

“Three vessels incoming on a course for the planet, ETA one hour.”

She worked a few more controls at the station, running the data on the incoming ships as it came in, comparing it to the ship they had seen leaving the system and also to the initial findings of the team in the cargo bay to see if there were any matches on composition or characteristics that would give them an indication if these new ships were from the same group or an entirety new threat.

“I have also been unable to raise the shuttle, we have no idea of their situation or way of warning them. Do we launch Bravo or Charlie teams Sir?”

Becca Ngata - XO

Teller tapped his badge, =^=Do you want me to return to the bridge or continue my research on the recovered parts?=^=

Graham CSO

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