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According to the scans, the atmosphere outside the shuttle would be perfectly breathable. There was a definite change in the readings they had received from the ships sensors before coming down.

=/\= Commander thank you for coming to our aid.=/\= A male voice responded. =/\= I am Ryn, the head of security here on the station. We have been under attack off and on for the past twenty days or so. We have damaged equipment and limited resources. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. We can escort you to our facility when you are ready. =/\=


=^=We’ll do what we can, Mr. Ryn, once we have a clearer assessment of the situation. We’ll be ready in 10 minutes.=^=

Sinclair looked at Sha and said “Attacks off and on for twenty days? Ok, then. Break out the rest.” and he started pulling rifles and sidearms and handing them the team.

Sinclair, CoS

Hannah checked the readings one more time. “Looks like we won’t need the rebreathers, but I would prefer you tuck the in a pocket just in case whatever caused the previous readings starts messing with the air again. They also might come in handy if someone starts attacking again.” She glanced at Sinclair, “Better to have it and not need it.”

Attacks for 20 days? Hannah grabbed several more of the S&R packs and began to pull medical and first aid supplies out and add it to her own pack. It was a medical research facility, supposedly, and though they should have supplies, 20 days of attacks…that meant injuries constantly, and possibly no resupply. There was also no telling if there were injured that were unable to make it to the medical facility.
Lt jg Asimina, Doctor

Sha grabbed the weapons as Sinclair passed them out and made sure each occupant was aware and capable. She had her own small arsenal strapped on almost mirror to the Chief’s and she stuffed an additional small first aid kit in her leg pouch. Having a Doc was handy, but if they split up, no telling who would be taking care of who.

As the announcement was made the air was clear, she frowned. “I wonder if it’s an anomoly to this location or everything this close to the ground is clear?” IT wasn’t a comment aimed at anyone in particular. Mostly an out loud musing at curiosity why the vast difference.


“Dunno. Right now I am more interested in who… or what… is attacking the facility.” Sinclair replied.

Sinclair, CoS

DaVinci watched the others preparing like a well oiled machine. Nodding in agreement with Sinclair’s statement, he took a rifle for himself and addressed the away team. “We’re dealing with a lot of unknown variables here,people: Who is attacking, why they are attacking, as well as how. Let’s be on our toes.”

Moving to the hatch, the CIO prepared to pop it open at the approach of their escort. Giving the team one final look he added, ‘I’ve got the keys to our ride. Everybody remember where we parked.”

Colter (CIO)

Sinclair took position on the other side of the door and motioned Sha to watch the rear. He looked at the CIO and said “Please. After you. Age before beauty, and all…” and smiled.

Sinclair, CoS

The parking reference was somewhat lost on Sha though she understood the concept. It just seemed a bit odd to actually say. As Sinclair mentioned age before beauty she bit back a laugh and murmured, “Must be why I’m last.”

She waited for all the others to disembark before she made her way out, scanning around the shuttle to be sure all was clear and no one was coming up behind them.


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