Mess Hall - Introduction to Lieutenant Rey

Posted April 6, 2021, 11:21 a.m. by Lieutenant Akiyama Rey (Chief of Operations) (Elin Harker)

Flaming auburn curls fell onto the woman’s back, she was sat at a table eating exotic looking food while staring perplexingly at a PaDD, in which she held with her left hand. The bajoran sighed, it was harder to adjust to her position than she had originally thought, though despite her struggle she really didn’t regret the decision. She wrote a few sentences down on the PaDD before putting it down to eat some of her food, still reading the data in front of her she couldn’t help but think of home when she ate the food, which reminded her so much of Bajor.

Akiyama Rey didn’t feel homesick, in fact it was the opposite; The Saracen felt more like home to her than Bajor ever did, the only thing she missed about Bajor was her family. Deep down she knew that she was meant for this role, otherwise it wouldn’t have been given to her.

All the time training as a Starfleet officer had prepared her for this job. It was her job to oversee the other departments, make sure everything and everyone was running smoothly, assist anywhere that she might be needed, and make the higher ups’ jobs a little easier. It was sort of obvious by her stance and the almost constant look on her face that she was meant to take control of something, organise something. It was in her nature. The perplexed look on her face quickly settled to determination, she had a fire in her soul that could only be explained as a burning passion to do her absolute best.

~ Lieutenant Rey, Chief of Operations

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