My Past. My Present. My Future? (Tag DaVinci)

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Stardate 2396
Hannah is sitting in the familiar office area of her quarters. The same books and brick brack covering the shelves behind her. As always she pulls the chain and dog tag out from under her shirt, silently showing she’s always keeping him close. “I’ve been transferred. I had the option of leaving tomorrow, but I have a few experiments that I want to finish up. So I’ll be leaving in a few weeks. I’m going to the Saracen. It’s a different type of ship than the Fearless. No promotion, but I get to work with one of the best doctors in star fleet. Natasha Knight. Apparently I’ll be the only other general practitioner there. Her husband, Dante Knight, is the CO. I’m excited to learn from her.” She looks away in thought. I’ll still be waiting for you. “So that’s where I’ll be, on the Saracen. You’ll come find me there, okay?” She looks back at the screen, “Where are you, Daniel?” I love you.

A few weeks later there is another message recorded. “I’m going to send this letter out, and hope it gets to you. I know I’m setting myself up for disappointment, but after all this time, I need to finally know. I can’t access your records, I’m not family. It’s been five years. I just want to know. It won’t change anything, but at least I’ll know: one way or the other. I don’t want to ruin your happiness if you’ve found it. I just…I need to know. I love you, I always will.” She pauses looking around, the room is slightly different, still Star Fleet standard but the layout is different. “I’ve arrived, and Saracen is different. It looks dangerous, wicked, and savage. It’s late here, and my room is a single. It’s strange, but at least I’m not dealing with someone else’s constant noise and chatter. I don’t have to worry about them listening to my letters while I record them. I can take off my implants and not worry about having to talk to someone when I want it to be quiet.” She blinks several times, and then takes a slow deep breath, “Wherever you are, in this life or the next, Daniel, be happy. Get your knee fixed and go play football.” The red alert klaxons go off and there is a shuddering and sounds of explosions and damage happening. The screen goes dark and Daniel would realize that that was the moment Saracen had gone through the rift. It was three days before Hannah had sent the message. She had waited until they had crossed back through the rift, 3 days later. But as things tend to happen, the file didn’t arrive right away. It was a large file, containing all her letters. It was only going a few decks away, but until it all downloaded it didn’t appear on Da’Vinci’s terminal. It took a whole extra day for it to appear, and he’d had knee surgery the day she sent them..

Lt jg Asimina, Doctor

DaVinci continued to watch the videos in stunned silence. His chest hurt every time he sensed the pain and frustration in Hanna’s voice and actions. He smiled and chuckled at each of her joyous and playful moments, and, he cursed himself for not reaching out when he had seen her on the station two years ago. He had convinced himself she had moved on and had foolishly disappeared without a word when he had seen her. Through it all, she never stopped missing him, never stopped loving him, never lost faith or gave up hope that he would come back for her someday, somehow. . . .

The CIO came to a conclusion that he had to do something in return for her. . . .

DaVinci hurried to Hannah’s quarter’s, only stopping momentarily in the arboretum to pluck a single red rose for her. The whole way there, he kept rehearesing the words he was going to say. Only, each time he said the words they came out more rehearsed that the time before. Each time they sounded less sincere and that was no good.

Hannah looked up from the book she was reading, slightly startled at the sudden opening of her door. However, her smile lit up her expression at seeing Daniel stride through the door.

Finally, reaching Hannah’s quarter’s, he stepped inside and handed her the rose. “I viewed all your letters, ALL of them and all I can say is that you are the most stubborn. . . caring, loving, beautiful, incredible woman I have ever known and loved. I can’t even find the right words to tell you how I feel, Hannah, so I’m going to let the music to the talking. Computer, play Daniel & Hannah, track 1.”

Hannah took the single red rose, color flushing her cheeks. She tipped her head to the side momentarily, considering what brought on the sudden gesture, as she held the flower to her nose and inhaled the scent. The flower was real, replicated flowers had a chemical synthetic odor to them. Real roses, like this one, smelled floral and fresh, with delicate undertones of wine, berry, plum, apple, tobacco, geranium, lemon, grass, and cloves. Roses had a complex fragrance that the replicators couldn’t do justice.

Her letters…that explained his sudden arrival and the rose. She hadn’t forgotten about them, but they hadn’t been on her mind since finding him here and finding herself back in his arms. She grinned as he started talking, yes she was stubborn, and she blushed a bright shade of red as he continued. She touched the tips of her fingers to her chin and moved her hand outward, Thank you, at his compliment. Let the music talk for him? That was fine with Hannah; she always loved the music he played.

As the music started, he took Hannah’s hand and pulled to to her feet and began slowly dancin with his arms around her. . . .

Colter (CIO)

He pulled her to her feet and she let her arms drape gently across his shoulders and her hands rest gentle behind his neck. The closeness and intimacy of dancing created that nervous, weightless feeling in her stomach that was only settled by the warmth of his arms around her. She watched his face as she listened to the music that he played for her. His only one.
Lt jg Asimina, Doctor

He knew he didn’t have the voice for singing, but couldn’t help but whisper the words to her. She would be able to read his lips and at the same time feel the emotion behind the words as if he had written them himself.

Hannah loved the sound of his voice. He might not have a voice for singing but she loved it anyway. She’d missed it, having only the memory of it. Of all the sounds her implants let her hear, it was his voice she would miss if they ever stopped working. His whispered words moved through her, giving her a sense happiness, peace, and contentment.

The song ended and he continued to hold her tightly, dancing in silence. “You ARE my only one, Hannah. I don’t want to go another day without you by my side.”

Hannah leaned away from him slightly, enough to put some space between them, but not so far that she wasn’t still in his arms. She removed one hand from around him and signed, I’ve always been with you, even if I wasn’t physically there.

He stopped and looked deeply into her eyes. “I want your face to be the last thing I see before I close my eyes every night, and the first thing I see when I open them in the morning. Move in with me. I’m sure we can work something out. My quarters are big enough, but maybe we could even work something bigger out. Please say yes.”

Colter (CIO)

Hannah took in his face, his presence, his words. Move in with him? What had taken him so long to ask? “Yes.” She kissed his cheek, “Yes, I’ll move in with you.” She kissed his other cheek. “You are my one and only, Daniel, you always have been.” She smiled signing to him, How could you think there was any other answer? She wrapped her arms back around him holding him tightly and kissing him.
Lt jg Asimina, Doctor


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