When You Need to Clear Your Mind

Posted April 12, 2021, 9:36 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) in When You Need to Clear Your Mind
Hannah looked through the crates, again…she’d only just finished unpacking to pack it all up again and move. She grinned, too happy to really be upset over it, she just couldn’t find her alarm clock. It synced with the ship’s computer but had a pad that slipped under her mattress at head height and would vibrate when the computer alarmed for her. That way she still woke up on time with her implants off. She’d never gotten used to sleeping with the background noise. She did better at it, but she felt more…at ease, with her alarm clock. But she couldn’t find it. She knew it was there somewhere. She sighed, frustrated. Going through another crate she found her climbing gear.

That’s what she needed, she loved her work, but she needed to get out of her head space. A quick check told her that holodeck 2 was free. She confirmed her spot and then headed out. She arrived and entered after pulling up the program. After that horrible incident on a hike on the Fearless she never climbed alone, but today, she’d pulled up a program from a place near the Academy. It was a rock wall and built in person to belay and she used an auto belay device. And the program had a see through forcefield that followed the climber up. She should be safe enough. She looked around, wishing it was a more natural environment, but this would have to do. She pulled out her gear and began to strap the harness and helmet on. Next her chalk bag and she was threading the climbing rope though the carabiners and loops on her harness.
Lt jg Asimina, Doctor

Next was the auto belay device and then she turned to make sure the holographic belay person had the rope nice and snug. She chalked her hands and stepped up to the wall. She tugged the rope to make sure it was snug and began to climb. She stopped about 3 feet up, and holding to the handholds she stepped one foot and then the other off and onto the forcefield. It was 3 feet she wouldn’t get hurt if she fell from here and so it was good place to test the safety measures. The field shimmered where her feet touched but held. She returned to the foot holds and started up again. After another couple of feet she stopped again and sighed. This wall was on the shorter side 43 feet, and the program was perfectly safe. She just couldn’t do it. She climbed down and unbuckled the helmet tossing it in her bag. She’d learned to climb where the dangers were real and the precautions not just lip service. She’d always climbed with a partner, even before the malfunction. She knew of course that it had nothing to do with the holodeck program. And she’d never had any issues with the new ones, but…she sighed again tossing the harness and rope into the bag as well.

She took off her combadge and flipped a small switch and replaced it on her shirt and then tucked her implants into a pocket. Now if she was paged her badge would pulse to let her know. “Computer,” she spoke softly, aware that without the implants, when she was younger, she tended to yell, “Yellowstone lake, Earth.” The scenery changed. The lake was deep and carved from lava flows and glaciers. The wind never seemed to stop and was never to strong. Hannah wandered along the shore for awhile, eventually finding a mostly sandy area to sit, slipped off her shoes and dangled her feet in the water, laying back staring at the clouds. Holodecks were amazing pieces of technology. She closed her eyes enjoying the total quiet and the feel of the water, the wind, the soil, and the sun, artificial though they may be.
Lt jg Asimina, Doctor

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