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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Dr. Royal Sinclair (Chief of Security) in Main Sim - Planetside

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The doors of the shuttle opened and the air came in, reaching their noses with a slight scent reminiscent of roses. They would be able to breathe normally, but there was a different quality to the air, it almost felt richer and more vibrant in their lungs.

As the team exited the shuttle, they would see two humanoid males standing before them. Both had darker ebony colored skin. The taller of the two had hair the color of brick that fell in wavy locks down to his shoulders. The shorter male had pale green hair cut shorter.

The taller man approached. “I am Ryn,” he said, his voice matching that they had heard from the shuttle. “It is our honor to welcome you to Drixov. This is my second wing command, Muvo. Our main facility is underground and can be reached by the elevator,” he waved his hands to the building at the corner of the landing site. “Please come with us.”


“I’m Cmdr. Colter, leader of this team,” DaVinci introduced himself. Nodding his head to Sinclair and the others, he added, “Lt. Cmdr. Sinclair, the Saracens Chief of Security. Dr. Asamina, Lt. Rah-Triton, and the unnamed security NE’s.”

Colter (CIO)

Hannah stepped out and breathed slowly and was released to find the air breathable. But the odd scent of roses and the sensation that the air was richer and more vibrant made her curious and she pulled out her tricorder and started scanning the area and air around them trying to figure out why. Their initial scans determined they would have some difficulty breathing here and added to the odor mixed with the physical reaction made her curious and wary.
Lt jg Asimina, Doctor

“Ryn, what can you tell us about these attacks? Who are they and why are they attacking you?” Sinclair asked.

Sinclair, CoS

Hannah was eager to know their medical status. However these gentlemen were part of the security side of things. That didn’t mean they didn’t know but it wasn’t their priority. More importantly they were under constant attack, apparently, and out in the open wasn’t the place for such questions. She fell into step with the rest of the group, listening the conversation. When she was climbing, Hannah could feel the vibrations in the rock face, warning her of weak spots. Air craft caused vibrations in the ground and air around them, that sometimes, if she payed attention, she could feel. Not an exact warning system, but in a combat zone it didn’t hurt to be aware of all of your senses.

When there was a lull, “Ryn can you tell us what types of weapons they are using?” The question was two fold. For her it served to prepare her for the types of injuries she might encounter. For the rest of the team it would provide insight into what they were facing and how to combat it.
Lt jg Asimina, Doctor


As they walked along, DaVinci paid close attention to their surroundings, taking in every detail no matter how unimportant it may appear. . . .

Colter (CIO)

Sinclair looked over to Sha and pointed two fingers at his eyes and the the same fingers in a small circle around’ a gesture meaning “Keep an eye out.”

Sinclair, CoS

A single nod from Sha, barely perceptible, was her response to the Chief. She busied herself closing the shuttle, keeping the group in her sights as well as scanning the area to make mental notes of terrain and anything that could be used for cover that would be a benefit to them, or to enemies sneaking up on them.

Once the shuttle was closed, she fell in behind the rest and remained silent while scanning about. To an untrained eye, she looked like someone who had never seen an alien planet and was so caught up in the sights, she wasn’t paying attention. To someone who knew, she was looking at specific places and keeping ‘just’ close enough to keep the conversation in reach so she knew what was going on while keeping an eye on their backs. The weapon question made her smile to herself. Leave it to the Doc to ask a question that would seem innocent, coming from her.

Lt Sha Triton



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