10 Forward Dinner Jarred and Kalani

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Ten Forward


“That is the second half, your dad wants to marry you… and I figured why not today…” Jarred said with an almost grimace smile, unsure of how sudden this would be for her.

Alindor, CE

“Like right now today,” Kalani felt as if she couldn’t breathe. “Jarred…baby…can…have a word.” Taking his hands she pulled him off into a small alcove. Kalani knew every pair of eyes was bearing holes into her back. She just couldn’t go forward until she had a moment to catch her breath.

Kalani Kane science

Jarred nodded as he gave everyone a one moment gesture as he took Kalani to the side as he held his breath as he looked closely at her. “This might become the speak now or forever hold your peace moment here… so… talk to me baby girl.” Jarred said softly as he ran his arms down her sides to try and give her a sense of comfort and love. He knew she was nervous, he was too but he wanted this, more than anything in the world he wanted her.

Kalani pursed her lips and let a long controlled breath escape them followed by a deep breath to replace the one she just expelled. “Okay first don’t be nervous. I do want to marry you but I,” she looked up at him not sure how to put into words what was in her mind.

“And before you say anything… I do have everything planned… plus your mom helped me plan everything and make sure I didn’t pick anything you would hate… I just want my Hawaiian princess to have the most perfect day… so remember that… I have a good thing planned.” Jarred said with a huge grin on his face hoping to fight through the nerves and the anxiety.

Alindor, CE

Kalani opened her mouth and then closed it. The look on Jarred’s face spoke volumes. He had gone over and above to make this day special. They had been together long enough for Jarred to know what she liked and hated without her mother’s help. Kalani had also spent the better part of the past six months wedding planning with her mother so it wouldn’t surprise her to see things she had picked out from the holozines pop up.

“If we do this you have to promise me one thing and swear to god on it,” Kalani started. “Never…ever refer to me as your Hawaiian princess.” A shiver ran down her body as if she was trying to shake the name off. “We used to toss people into the old Mauna Loa who were either war captives, virgins, or royalty. Since I a definitely not two of the three let’s not go calling me something I am not. You have free reign to toss in anything you want when I am Mrs. Alindor just not that. Agreed,” she looked up at him with a small smile.

“How about my chocolate queen? I can elevate your rank so you don’t get sacrificed.” Jarred said, with his usual snarky yet playful tone as he kept his arms tightly around her.

“Chocolate queen? Who says that,” she broke into hysterics. “And I can show you how the Hawaiian punch is not just a fruity beverage if you want to use food analogies.” Kalani couldn’t help but roll her eyes and laugh.

“Hawaiian Goddesses? Coca Bunny? Come on help me help you.”

“One time. One time I try to be playful and show up with a little spirit at Easter in the engineering department and I get labeled a bunny and that night I learned not to trust the help me help you line,” she laughed dropping her forehead to his chest. “You never need any help in that arena.” Raising her head she looked up and tousled his hair with her finger tips. “You can be so goofy you know that right?”

“Now should we go do this,” Kalani slipped her hand back into his. If their private conversational aside took any longer some might doubt the nuptials were going happen. This might now have been the way she envisioned her wedding day yet she never envisioned meeting someone like Jarred. Sometimes in life you had to jump in with both feet. Hours spent tasting cakes, going blind over color samples, and losing sleep over a seating arrangement sapped the fun out of the day. Sure she was nervous as hell now but that wouldn’t change by picking a date nine months in the future.

Kalani Kane

“Go, I got the rest you just need to pick the dress… you have some options…” he said soft as he kissed her cheek before he let her take leave of him away to go to her mom. “I will make sure this place becomes perfect,” he said as he looked at the door, already finding a large group of people seeming to be ready to show. Looking over at his mom and dad he nodded as the pair began to let the people in who were here to help transform this all into the most perfect day.

Alindor, CE

Twenty minutes later, Kalani stood looking at herself in the mirror as the hairdresser arranged a few loose strands of hair around her face. Kalani forwent the sweeping up do requiring hours in a salon chair. Instead, she opted for a slightly more elegant version of what she entered ten forward with an hour earlier. The ends were curled so they hung in soft waves around her shoulders and down her back. The veil was simple silk tulle tucked into a comb of bird of paradise, hibiscus and plumeria. The soft yellows and pinks of the flowers stood out against her skin and the white of the dress making the veil seem both casual and elegant.

Kalani let her eyes drift over the airy silk wedding dress she had picked almost instantly. It clung to her body in all the right places yet retained the feel of a traditional Hawaiian wedding dress. “I don’t know. Maybe I should go with something more formal and fitting. I love this but it feels out of place in the middle of space. It should be on a beach with,”

“Do you love it,” Halia asked her daughter moving in front of the mirror blocking Kalani’s view of herself.

“Yes but,”

“Then it is the dress you should use.” Raising a finger and placing it on her daughter’s lips, Halia silenced the words about to come from her daughters mouth. “Jarred is not going to even pay attention to what you are wearing. You could come in a pair of cut off jeans and a tank top and he would not notice. He wants to marry you. He is waiting for you. The second he sees you coming towards him his ears will fill with white noise and he will get tunnel vision. Men act like they are all brave and ready,” Halia adjusted Kalani’s veil, “but he is ten times more nervous than you will ever be. You are just agreeing to marry him and stand by him the rest of your life but Jarred is promising to take care of you for the rest of his. He is promising to give you a life filled with security, happiness, and love. He is promising to always do what is needed so that you and Lizzie and any other children you have never have to want for everything you need. That is a tall promise for any man to fulfill. That is why he is not going to ever remember what your dress looked like exactly or that you hair smelled of plumeria when he danced with you. All he is going to see is that are willing to devote your life to making him happy as he is pledging to do with you. He sees your heart baby and no dress will ever be as beautiful as that.” Giving her daughter’s shoulders a small squeeze, Halia let out a deep breath and headed to the door. As much as she was excited about Kalani marrying Jarred, she was still losing a part of her life, she was never getting back.

Standing at the altar with Jarred, Robert Kane gave the young man a side eye staring at the door his daughter was soon to exit. “You know son that I like you right,” he said in a deep baritone that one could almost feel as well as hear.

Jarred stopped as he looked over at Robert with a quizzical look. “You talking to me?” Jarred asked, he had never heard Robert say any of these words to him in the past. “Oh you are!” Jarred said, not answering the question. Up till this point, he wasn’t even sure Robert knew his name, boy or son was all he was ever called. “Sure… sure sure… yeah you like me… you just run deep background checks to find dirt on everyone… and to be honest I truly believe you do.” Jarred said as he felt a nervousness as he looked over at his mom and dad. His dad was working hard mostly as his mom gossiped as the room transformed.

“And that’s why I like you son,” Robert clapped him on the shoulder albeit maybe a little more firmly than needed but Robert was not talking to any man. He was talking to the man that was going to marry his daughter. Even though Jarred was twenty years Robert’s junior, Mr. Kane needed the young lad to know he could still take if down…if needed. “You are observant and get it. Some people have said Robert,” the man took on almost a monologue tone as he spoke, “just because Kale likes a guy or a boy wants to take her to prom, you don’t need a full back ground screen.” The tone wavered as he spoke showing dismay at what Robert did but conviction when Robert responded to his own characters in the story. “I said if he ain’t got nothin’ to hide we ain’t got no problems. And since you,” Robert squeezed his shoulder a bit, “ain’t got nothing to hide then we are copasetic....for now.”

Shaking his head he couldn’t help but smirk, “So that’s where she gets that from…” Jarred said to himself he said as he looked over at Robert who seemed to have a puzzled look.

“Nothing just… she always says copacetic… it’s her favorite word, just don’t use plethora around her, I feel like some school teacher ruined that one for her the way she scrunched her nose if I use it… and I use it a lot just to see that expression.” Jarred smiled a sweet goofy smile. Robert would know this smile instantly, it was the one someone had when they truly loved someone. Jarred often had the smile on his face whenever someone brought up Kalani. The same smile could be seen on his face if he was checking her out across the room when at parties when she goes to mingle, knowing very well he was fine alone with the buffet and silence.

Shaking his head, Jarred snapped himself back to reality knowing he needed to focus. So man balls were in the air and he needed to orchestrate them all to make them perfect for Kalani.

Robert really didn’t have any reason to judge the young man’s character. He had always been polite, reserved, and it was easy to see how much Jarred loved his daughter. The reason for this dog and pony show was everyone had a role at a wedding. Jarred was the groom. Kalani the bride. Halia was the one who lamented and cried in the audience and Robert was the father of the bride which meant he was to impart wisdom to his son-in-law.

“I want you and Kale to be happy but more importantly I need Halia to be happy. You will see soon enough. When the Kane girls get upset there is no stopping the reign of hell they can cast upon you until they are smiling again. Keep my girls happy and you and I are going to be just fine.” The sentiment was not the soft, welcome to the family speech some men received however there was emotion behind it. The emotion was Robert choking back the realization that in the next few minutes, he would no longer be the only man in his daughter’s life. Jarred needed to know that Robert would gladly hand over his world to the young man next to him. If however Jarred damaged that world, there was no place in this galaxy the young man could hide. “We cool,” he asked Jarred raising one eyebrow?

“I have made some major blunders in my life, but if I am honest sir, the best thing I ever did was let your daughter lick cream filling from me finger…” Jarred said, as he couldn’t help but smirk ever so slightly.

“Say what,” Robert’s voice rose a few octaves and his eyes narrowed a bit as he piecemealed Jarred’s comment in his head.

“She changed me… and I won’t do anything to break that.” Jarred added, with one of his most sincere moments he knew it to be truer than anything he ever knew.

“Mmmm hmmm, ” Robert took his hand off of Jarred’s shoulder. “Lemme go get your wife,” Robert gave the young man a small smirk.

“Wife… let’s see if I have one for more than one day this time.” Jarred said as he looked over at Robert.

“Have one for more than one day. Boy.... how many wives you got lurkin’ ‘round your past.” Maybe the background check was not a thorough as he thought.

“Hopefully just one after today but you never know sir… I was very drunk for like 3 years straight.” Jarred said, knowing full well that this would drive Robert a little mad, but it was never in Jarred’s nature to not find some humor in nervous situations like the one he was in now. “Let’s just hope I have no other kids… am I right?” he said as he looked over at Robert as he shook his head.

“Nope, not the time…” he said nodding quietly.

“Robert. Robert!,” Halia’s voice cut through the room. “Leave Jarred alone and git over here.” The look on her face left no room for discussion. Looking back a Jarred, Robert pointed a finger at him.

“Oh thank God…” he said as he straightened up as he saw his father come over.

“I like him…” Jonathan said as he watched Robert walk past him as he patted Jonathan on the back.

“You would… he’s the bigger blacker you. Where are Peter and Lucy by the way? Mom said they landed and they aren’t here. No one got to see my first wedding… I kinda wanted everyone here this time.”

“They are getting dressed in their rooms first, should be by eta 5 mins.” Jonathan said as he smiled as he looked back at Jarred. “And you will have this one for more than one day son,” he said as he left his son’s side to go help the decorators.

Alindor, CE

“Sir,” one of the crewmen stopped next to Jarred and looked at him. He could not help but overhear the conversation between Robert and Jarred. Having served on the Saracen for at least as many years as Jarred had been on the ship, the man was well aware of the CE’s past. He also knew the true nature of Alindor. The man deserved a break from homicidal honeys and corporeal cuties. That was why he decided to mention his plan that a few of them had devised. “A few of us got together and were thinking. I have a friend in transporting. I could suggest that there is a lock on the soon to be Mrs. Alindor’s bio patterns.” The man tried to sound nonchalant as he spoke fiddling with the edge of a napkin on a tray.

“A lock… what no… no.” Jarred said with a weird look as he shooed the man away. He was feeling like too much of his past was known amongst the crew. He wasn’t one to hide much of it, but today he felt a need for some things kept secret. “Just go help serve drinks… go.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Lucy stepped in smiling as she hugged her brother. “I gave her our mom’s veil.” Lucy’s comment was so confident it rolled off her tongue like a fact more than a statement.

“Veil? What veil?” Jarred asked with a confused looked as he hugged Lucy as he then noticed his brother right behind her.

“Jer Jer bear,” Peter stepped in after Lucy and gave Jarred the triple pat on the back greeting that was standard from most men. “I can’t believe you are doing this again but this time we got your back,” he stepped back from his older brother.

“Don’t… don’t call me that… and yes I am doing it again.” Jarred as he straightened up. He wasn’t one to just make grand sweeping gestures often, but today had been one he would never forget and was certain he made the right choice.

“Stop,” Lucy backhanded Peter’s chest. “Don’t make him nervous. He has enough to make him nervous. I mean he threw this all together pretty much without Kalani knowing about it. He sprung it on her like one jumps out and yells Happy Birthday but she agreed so all we got to do is get her from there,” Lucy pointed to the door where Kalani was waiting and then back to Jarred, “to you. You’re not nervous. Are you nervous?” Her rambling showed that Lucy might be a bit more stressed than normal given that she was not getting married.

“No… no.... no.” Jarred said with some clinched teeth as he looked around. She had been in the back for a long time. Jarred was trying hard to play it cool but he couldn’t keep his nerves in check. His life was changing in one single day, and he couldn’t deny he was feeling excited about a new beginning.

Straightening his coat so that she did not have to readily look at him, Lucy immediately began fussing with his tie. As she pulled at the fabric, it suddenly sprung free from around Jarred’s neck. “A clip-on.....really,” Lucy looked at Jarred with one eyebrow raised and a smirk on her face.

Taking the tie from her Jarred drowned as he began to fasten it back to his neck. “Yes a clip-on, you know I hate those things. Mom used to make me and Peter wear them all the time… I thought I would never have to wear one after my first wedding and quite frankly no one can tell…” he said as he began swatting Lucy’s hands from his neck.

“I can tell,” she said in an annoyed tone putting her hands on her hips. Reaching up she fought against his hands trying to straighten it. As much as she loved her brother, part of Lucy was happy to have someone else to back her on topics like this. As soon as Kalani took the family name, Jarred would not have one person fiddling with him but two.

“No one can tell if they don’t mess with my neckat least stop it…” he said pushing her hand away once more. “It’s fine, I look… I look fine…” he said straightening the suite as he felt himself having growing butterflies in the pit of his stomach.

“No you look so handsome,” Lucy smiled up at her brother tugging at the lapel of his coat. “So handsome.” She paused a second thinking about grooms. Weddings were always about the brides. Everyone fussed and admired the bride but as much as Lucy loved Kalani, someone needed to remind the groom just how amazing he looked today. “So happy.”

“Okay, so I have to go back to Kalani so we can start this wedding.” Lucy looked at Jarred and slowly pulled him into another hug. Many had seen all the struggles the family had faced over the years. Few saw how close the family was. It was because of those struggles however the Alindor’s pulled together and worked to ensure no one ever slipped into the bleakness of life’s challenges.

Lucy tugged at her wrist slightly in Jarred’s hand hoping he would let go and she could avoid answering his question. “Okay okay,” Lucy scratched at the area right above her temple at the hairline. This was something she had always done as a child when admitting wrongdoing. “I put one of those trackers in it. In the hair clip actually. I told her it was an heirloom and brought good luck. That will make any woman wear it a lot when they first get married. You know to show that they want to be part of the family.”

“What?” Jarred said loudly as everyone began to look around at him as he took Lucy to the side as he got away from the prying eyes. “You low jacked my bride to be? No no no…” Jarred said with a shocked expression as he took a deep breath. “You take that off her… take that off her right now.”

Since Jarred had released her hand she shook them out to release the tension and anxiety she felt. “I am not letting anyone hurt you again. Lily might have gotten away but I will track this one down to the ends of the galaxy if she tries to skip out. I love you,” she shrugged. “You deserve to be happy.”

“She is not Lily… and for that we are all better off. Too many skeletons there but I didn’t get infatuated with some busty blonde security officer who got her daddy to make her Captain so she could play the commander of a ship this time, I was a boy then… young and stupid and… I know more about Kalani than I ever did Lily… I didn’t come to today’s choice on a whim” Jarred said as he smiled, that same smile he had when talking to Robert as he couldn’t help but seem like some goofy lovesick puppy.

“Kalani is the woman who learned who I really was… who wanted to be there for all the highs and the lows, who found in me a man I didn’t know was there anymore… every broken and damaged life I had was gone when I found her… she gave me everything without ever asking for anything in return. Because of that, I want to give her everything in return… she is my world.” Jarred said as he took a deep breath as he looked back at Lucy as he kissed her at the top of her head.

“That’s all I needed to hear. You and Lizzie deserve far more than the universe has given you of late. I now this is going to work out and fifty years from now we will all be here renewing your vows…in walkers and hover chairs,” she let out a small laugh, “but for the record I have to say this. You can always come home and we will always be there for you.”

“I love you Luc, always… you have been a Godsend in these days,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her hugging her tighter than before letting her go.

“Stop,” she held a hand up between them so that Jarred could not get to her. “You will make me cry and I don’t want to be known as the goth sister in the pictures. Hug me after.” Smiling at her brothers she mouthed something to Peter before walking to the back of the room to get Kalani ready to walk down the aisle.

“She said to not let you out of my sight,” Peter moved next to Jarred scanning the room. “While I do agree with Lucy bro....are you sure you are ready to do this. I mean do you really want to be off the market with such a…captive audience.” Of all the Alindor children, Peter was on paper the golden child who seemed to have everything fall into his lap with the least amount of effort.

“Yes… I do… and you are an idiot.” Jarred said with a smirk. Peter was often trying to play every field he could he felt, something Jarred had taught him, unfortunately. It seemed that as time went on Peter wasn’t willing to give up that life. “Besides aren’t you seeing someone? Mom said you had someone new.”

“Um Meredith Kendricks and I are taking a moment to…breathe,” he responded to the question about his own dating life. Peter and Meredith were a long time on and off couple. Apparently, they were on the off part of their relationship again. “I mean she is gorgeous but Jarred…she is from Connecticut and you know how high maintenance those New England chicks are. We will probably get back together but I am in no rush. No rush at all.” He punctuated his sentence with a wink at a dark-haired ensign that was sending Jarred’s brother all the signals of getting krunked at the party.

Kalani Kane

“Oh God if you dance… no… no … you are not allowed to you… I can lock you in the brig.” Jarred said as he pointed a finger at Peter. “Behave, get crazy at some OMAP party not here.”

Alindor, CE

The music began to play and the doors opened. The first one through the doors was Lucy smiling as if this were her wedding and not her brothers. It was hard not to feel that happy. Jarred had been through so much. Much of it he caused himself with the drinking but somewhere along the way he pulled himself out of it. Lucy secretly had always worried that the quick wit and flirty nature of her brother was a cover trying to convince everyone life was fine. It wasn’t until Lucy saw him at the end of the aisle did she finally believe that she had her brother back. All the worry and trepidation she had about his welfare was washed away by the slightly nervous smile and the was he slightly was holding each breath trying to stay calm. Jarred was not nervous that this was a wrong decision. Jarred was just nervous about what his new life would hold. More kids, more ups, more downs, more love, and more make ups. Lucy could tell that while he was nervous, lurking under that was butterflies that spoke of all the amazing things that would soon come his way. Jarred was not her brother. He was just a boy, about to stand in front of a girl and tell her… that he would love her forever.

The next person out of the door was Lizzie. She was giggling slightly and moving at a far faster pace than Lucy did. It was clear to see she was happy but maybe a little scared. It was expected. No matter how outgoing a person was, the first time you did anything of importance and had people watching you made your heart race a bit. Lizzie’s pace increased the moment she saw her daddy at the end of the aisle she was told to walk down. She remembered to drop flowers along the way but at times it was more in piles than scattered. As Lizzie walked to her father’s side, she bit her lip noticing he looked nervous. He only had this face when she was doing something dangerous or novel. When she climbed that huge play structure on their vacation at Dolano Six he had the same face but she was super high off the ground. When she jumped off the diving board and swam to him at her Nana and PaPa’s community pool on Mars, he had the same face. It was strange seeing how nervous he looked as she came down the aisle. Maybe it was because she was out of his sight for a while. Her dad always worried when she took off to look at something. Moving next to him, Lizzie put her basket down and slide her hand into his. “Don’t worry Daddy. I didn’t get lost. Kalani need help getting ready. She is so pretty,” Lizzie smiled at him and leaned her head on his arm in sort of a side hug.

The music changed as did what everyone was looking at. The doors opened and out came Kalani in an untraditional but very Hawaiian-esque wedding dress. It was not skin tight as most brides wore with the skin-tight bodice that tapered to make one’s waist look three sizes smaller than it was. Kalani’s dress was more flowing like the traditional wedding dresses of Hawaii yet clung to the curves of her body. Each step down the aisle caused the dress to flow softly around her hips and legs reminding one of the ocean waves circling one’s legs. The fabric was white but soft swirls of pinks, blues, greens, yellow, and purple shimmered like opalescence over the sheer chiffon covering the white base underneath. The effect was the same as colorful tropical flower petals swirling around in the foam of water cresting on a snow-white sand beach.

Her hair was pulled up in a loose french twist held in place by plumeria, hibiscus, stephanoitis, and baby breath along with the heirloom comb given to her by Lucy earlier in the day. She wore no jewelry except for a large opal stone on a chain that Jarred had given to her. The mythos behind opals were they were bad luck unless it was your birthstone unless it was given to you by someone that loved you. The day he had given it to her was the first time he said I love you which made it all the more fitting that she was wearing it on the day they were getting married.

Looking at Jarred, a smile spread over her face. If this had not been so spur of the moment, Kalani would have felt the need to be more formal as they would have practiced. The spontaneity of the event however seemed to let her enjoy her wedding more due to its relaxed nature. “Normally I think a bride is supposed to ask if you like the dress but I guess I am the one that should say this dress is amazing.” Pausing for a second she reached out and took his hand squeezing it. “You are amazing. How did you do this,” she gestured around them.

Kalani Kane

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