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Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim- Hell Hath No Fury

Posted by Gamemaster Mr. Smith N. Jones, Solicitor (GameMaster) in Main Sim- Hell Hath No Fury
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Patrol duty… it was almost an insult to the ship and her crew. And here, on the border between the Federation and the remains of the Romulan Empire, where nothing had happened worthy of a Pendragon-class warship in almost a decade? It was like the ship was being punished.

It was early morning. The bridge was, as it had been for a month, quiet. Nothing on the scanners, no comms… just boredom and silence. It was as if the universe had suddenly did away with all life in it, but someone forgot tell the Saracen. NE Sirt sat at the comm station, reading an article about life after Star Fleet and the opportunities that an enterprising former officer could find on distant colonies like OED V. He was daydreaming of opening a bar. A nice kitchen that served simple but tasteful food. A serving staff made up of easy-on-the-eyes individuals who weren’t averse to staying after hours to help with ‘managerial tasks’. Maybe even some who would like to-

The comm panel chirped, then went quiet. Sirt looked away from the PaDD and scowled at the panel. Nothing… not a thing. He went back to his PaDD, trying to refocus his thoughts on-


Swinging his feet off the board, he looked closer. Nothing… no incoming messages, no hails, no -

The comms panel lit up. =/\= MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! TO ALL VESSELS IN RANGE OF THIS CALL! THIS IS THE INDEPENDENT FREIGHTER FORDHAM! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK! THERE ARE SO MANY OF THEM! WE NEED HEL- =/\= and the comms went dark. Sirt’s eyes went wide and he swivled around to the center chair. “Lieutenant Dris! Distress call!” and he played it back over the bridge speakers. Dris scowled and said “Track it. Science and Tactical, full sweep.” and he paused before pressing the icon on the arm of the chair. He shook his head and then jabbed a finger at the icon. Claxons sounded and the ship went to yellow alert. Pressing the comms, he said =/\= Command Staff to the bridge immediately. I repeat. Captain to the bridge. =/\=


It only took a moment for the door to the ready room to open and Dante appeared, coffee still in hand and made for the chair. “Report, Lieutenant Dris. I have the Bridge. What have we got?”

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Captain Knight, CO

Colter exited the turbolift about the same time the Captain exited the ready room. He offered a silent nod and approached his new seat on the Bridge. He looked at the empty seat, almost as if he was unsure if the seat was his. He decided to temporarily stand in front of the seat for the time being.

Graham popped out of the turbolift a moment later. He tapped the ensign manning the science station. The exchanged a few words as the duty officer so he was up to speed.

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Dris stood up and looked at Sirt. “Play it again.” he said as he stepped aside for Knight. The terrified voice came back over the bridge comm system, only to once again be cut short. “Source unknown, sir. Science and Tactical stations scanning for it now. Comms is monitoring all frequencies for traffic.”


The doors slid open and the bulk of the former-Security Chief-Then Counselor-Then Security Chief- Now Tactical Officer came through as the recording played. Sinclair scowled and patted the shoulder of the Security officer at the tactical station and stepped up to the console. “Running sweep for warp and weapons signatures - … oh holy crap. Skipper, you need to see this.” and the main screen lit up.

It was a radiation graph of a spot on the other side of the Federation - Romulan border, ten minutes away at maximum warp. Normally, a single ship’s energy weapons would have read on a magnitude of .6 for a small to average sized vessel up to 3 for a ship the Saracen’s size.

The readings indicated a magnitude of 15.6 .

“Sir… that’s at least eight vessels firing simultaneously. Minimum…” Royal said and looked at Dante.

Sinclair, CTO

Dante considered a moment. “It almost doesn’t seem fair to put them up against a Pendragon, does it?” He smirked slightly at Sinclair but it was gone as quick as it came.

“Helm, lay in a course, what’s our ETA at Max sustainable Warp, and can we tell who’s doing the shooting? Mr Graham, do we have any notable anomalies or features in close proximity?”

“Someone is definitely interested in what’s on the freighter,” DaVinci interjected.

Eight ships against a freighter, all firing at once likely meant smaller ships or the freighter would have hardly had time to scream in terror. Eight ships, but the Saracen was built for this.

Captain Knight, CO

“Scanning,” Graham looked at the sensors. Astronomical events were looked at, but he was curious of the output of the weapons. Sometime sensor scan could determine type and therefore race, and again number and class.


Scans of the area would reveal no known celestial bodies or anomalies. Further interpretation of the data from the tactical console would seemingly indicate disruptor, phaser, and torpedo explosion radiation signatures.


As they had about 10 minutes to reach their destination, DaVinci took his seat and began a search for the freighter Forham: flight plans, crew and cargo manifests. . . .anything that might tell them what was so important that ships from a number of species would attack it. . . .

The search came back that the civilian freighter Forham was a trade vessel based out of Certali VII; owned and operated by one Herald Bridge, licensed star ship pilot. Last known location was Vulcan, where it left orbit bound for Starbase 11. It never arrived.

That was eleven years ago.

“It might be eight ships, but they are not uniform in design or race.” Graham reported from science. “I have phasers, disruptors, photon torpedoes. Which suggest at least two races worth of ships… maybe more.”

Sinclair looked at the Captain and said “Sir, that location is on the other side of the border. We aren’t exactly a search and rescue vessel… but we are ten minutes out at max warp.”


“A border that has been next to meaningless since the Romulan event, but noted Commander. If there were legitimate Romulan Empire ships policing this area they should have intervened by now, but we will note it for the record.”

Sha came to the bridge, and like the others arriving, relieved the NE at the security station before settling herself in. Listening to the conversation on the bridge, she checked her monitors to see to it the other security stations were checking in and stiffened slightly at the mention of crossing The Border. The former Security Chief come Security Officer rebecome the Security Chief knew that while it wasn’t an ideal situation, hopefully asking for forgiveness after they’d saved whoever was in distress, wouldn’t be as painful as most believed it would be.

Once readiness of all weapons were confirmed, the half Klingon turned to the Captain. “All security stations checking in, Sir,” she announced and waited to see what the next orders would be.

Lt Sha Triton
Security Chief

“Thank you, Lieutenant. Stand by Security teams for boarding or to assist the Freighter if they have uninvited guests. We don’t know exactly what we will find. Mr Sinclair load tubes with Quantum Torpedoes, we will need to send a message early if we have that many ships against us.”

“Tubes loaded and on standby, Captain.” the brooding Tactical officer replied.

Sitting back in his chair, he glanced at Helm. “Engage to Maximum Warp when you have the mark, lets go help this Freighter. On-Screen when we get within range.”

Captain Knight, CO

“Aye, sir.” the helm operator said and the ship jumped slightly as the engines went to maximum power.

The scans cane in clearer and clearer as they closed the gap, and three minutes from their destination (two minutes inside Romulan space) they had a clear picture.

Five smaller craft, about the size of a Brazen- class, had surrounded an obviously civilian freighter. The markings had it as a Federation vessel. The freighter was unarmed, but had some surprisingly substantial shields. Even so, the five unmarked and unaffiliated vessels were raining destruction on it as fast as they could.


Suddenly, Sinclair cursed loudly. “Captain! Romulans inbound!” and the main screen activated. Approximately a hundred thousand kilometers away on the other side of the fight four Valdore-class and a single D’deridex-class warbird uncloaked . They closed quickly and started firing at the marauders.

Sinclair, CTO

=/\=Sickbay to bridge what are we looking at?=/\= Natasha’s voice came over the comms. Since there was no reports coming in from areas of the ship, right now the possible threat had to be outside the ship or something they were heading into. She just needed to know if the teams needed to be mobile or setting up triage sections for incoming wounded.

Lt. Commander Natasha Knight CMO

=/\= Sickbay this is the Captain. We have a distress call situation from a Federation freighter under attack by raiders, which are in turn under attack by freshly arrived Romulan warships. Prepare to receive wounded from the freighter, we will render any assistance that we can. =/\= Dante flicked off the comms and paused just a moment in thought for Natasha and Oscar, but concern or not he was back to work in an instant.

“Not sure we were built for all of this.”


“Looks like the Romulans are on our side, at least for the time being, Skipper.” Intel training kicked in as Colter’s eyes followed the attacking ships, attempting to discern their configuration and tactics . . . .

Colter (XO)

“My thoughts as well Commander,” he acknowledged Colter, “and we aren’t exactly enemies with these Romulans Mr Graham,” Dante offered in reply to the Science Chief, but in his head added Yet. Romulans could have mood swings worse than Babushka on a good day. “At the same time the Romulans haven’t exactly had the resources to upgrade those old birds for a while, let’s hope we don’t get into a position to find out.”

The attacking vessels seemed to be pirates or marauders of some kind: tactically unsound, and with chaotic and not very efficient movements.


“Move to Red Alert and open a hailing frequency,” Dante said, “open channel so that everyone here can pick it up. Let’s announce the Cavalry is about to arrive.” He glanced at Colter and SInclair for a moment before returning his attention to the big screen.

Captain Knight, CO

The comms officer tapped the console and then nodded at Knight that it was open.


Dante began, =/\= This is Captain Knight of the U.S.S. Saracen, we are responding to a distress call from the Federation freighter and stand ready to assist. =/\=

“Mr Graham, scan those raiders and see if you can get an idea of their condition, state of repair and if we can tell who they are. Mr Sinclair, target the nearest raider once we are in range, but wait for my command to fire. Helm, bring us in close to the freighter to provide it with some cover. What is the condition of the freighter?”

Captain Knight, CO

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