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The scans cane in clearer and clearer as they closed the gap, and three minutes from their destination (two minutes inside Romulan space) they had a clear picture.

Five smaller craft, about the size of a Brazen- class, had surrounded an obviously civilian freighter. The markings had it as a Federation vessel. The freighter was unarmed, but had some surprisingly substantial shields. Even so, the five unmarked and unaffiliated vessels were raining destruction on it as fast as they could.


Suddenly, Sinclair cursed loudly. “Captain! Romulans inbound!” and the main screen activated. Approximately a hundred thousand kilometers away on the other side of the fight four Valdore-class and a single D’deridex-class warbird uncloaked . They closed quickly and started firing at the marauders.

Sinclair, CTO

=/\=Sickbay to bridge what are we looking at?=/\= Natasha’s voice came over the comms. Since there was no reports coming in from areas of the ship, right now the possible threat had to be outside the ship or something they were heading into. She just needed to know if the teams needed to be mobile or setting up triage sections for incoming wounded.

Lt. Commander Natasha Knight CMO

=/\= Sickbay this is the Captain. We have a distress call situation from a Federation freighter under attack by raiders, which are in turn under attack by freshly arrived Romulan warships. Prepare to receive wounded from the freighter, we will render any assistance that we can. =/\= Dante flicked off the comms and paused just a moment in thought for Natasha and Oscar, but concern or not he was back to work in an instant.

“Not sure we were built for all of this.”


“Looks like the Romulans are on our side, at least for the time being, Skipper.” Intel training kicked in as Colter’s eyes followed the attacking ships, attempting to discern their configuration and tactics . . . .

Colter (XO)

“My thoughts as well Commander,” he acknowledged Colter, “and we aren’t exactly enemies with these Romulans Mr Graham,” Dante offered in reply to the Science Chief, but in his head added Yet. Romulans could have mood swings worse than Babushka on a good day. “At the same time the Romulans haven’t exactly had the resources to upgrade those old birds for a while, let’s hope we don’t get into a position to find out.”

The attacking vessels seemed to be pirates or marauders of some kind: tactically unsound, and with chaotic and not very efficient movements.


“Beware of Romulans bearing gifts.”

“Move to Red Alert and open a hailing frequency,” Dante said, “open channel so that everyone here can pick it up. Let’s announce the Cavalry is about to arrive.” He glanced at Colter and SInclair for a moment before returning his attention to the big screen.

Captain Knight, CO

The comms officer tapped the console and then nodded at Knight that it was open.


Dante began, =/\= This is Captain Knight of the U.S.S. Saracen, we are responding to a distress call from the Federation freighter and stand ready to assist. =/\=

“Mr Graham, scan those raiders and see if you can get an idea of their condition, state of repair and if we can tell who they are. Mr Sinclair, target the nearest raider once we are in range, but wait for my command to fire. Helm, bring us in close to the freighter to provide it with some cover. What is the condition of the freighter?”

Captain Knight, CO


“Captain, the attacking ships are not acting as a very cohesive unit. Their movements are not very tactical and don’t show a very coordinated plan.” Colter added from his seat. “More of a mystery though, is the fact that markings indicate the civilian owned freighter, is a trade vessel based out of Certali VII; Flight manifests and records show its last known location was Vulcan, where it left orbit bound for Starbase 11. It never arrived. . . . .that was eleven years ago, sir.”

Colter (CIO)

“Eleven years?” Dante asked with a surprised raise of his eyebrow. “Well then, it seems their timing to make a come back is terrible. What do we know of the Captain?”

The Saracen dropped out of warp and the helm officer expertly maneuvered the massive warship into a spot that provided cover to the freighter. The smaller vessels paused as the big ship appeared out of nowhere, and they began maneuvering to try and get a clean shot at the freighter. As they did the comms lit up and the comms officer said “Sir! We’re being hailed by the Romulans!”


Sinclair said “Three targets locked. Holding fire till your command.”

Sinclair, CTO


“If any of those raiders get a shot at the Freighter, make them aware that we are more than willing to defend it Mr Sinclair. Target their shields if possible.” Turning his attention to the viewscreen he added, “Put the Romulans on-screen.”

Captain Knight, CO

The screen came to life and showed the bridge of the Romulan vessel and at its center was a striking female Romulan with Commander (equivalent to Captain in Star Fleet) rank insignia on their uniform. =/\= Saracen, you are in violation of the border and are in Romulan space. Remove yourselves immediately or you will be destroyed. Acknowledge. =/\=


=/\= Commander this is Captain Knight, we acknowledge your instructions and will of course comply, once we ensure the safety of the Federation freighter that is under attack and can escort it out of Romulan space. The Romulan Free State has no cause for aggression against us, Commander. This Freighter has been lost for many years, we will escort her and our people back to our space and we will defend ourselves should you make any aggressive action. Work with us on this, do not cause an incident that will strain our relations when we are simply protecting our people as you would do yours. =/\=

Captain Knight, CO

Sha had remained silent. Two security teams were standing by, ready for boarding, or repelling, as needing. When the Romulans spoke of them leaving, she murmured under her breath with a half growl, “Don’t they know we are rescuing our own?” She knew they didn’t, but the comment from the Captain to ‘protect their own’ had hit a nerve she shook off just as quickly.

She would give the Romulans a moment then suggest they assist the Romulans in firing on the same pirate ships they were. Perhaps the appearance of a united front would go a long way as well.


=/\= Saracen, the vessel is crewed by escaped fugitives from Romulan justice. They will be boarded and taken back for a return to their imprisonment. At no time has any being on the the vessel claimed Federation citizenship, therefore you have no jurisdiction in this. This is a Romulan matter only. You were directed once. I will not tell you again. =/\= and the comms went dark. As they did, one of the marauders went up in a massive ball of plasma and oxygen fire… quickly snuffed out by the vacuum of space.


Teller refocused his scan for biosigns, Romulans verse humans would be very easy at this range. “Scanning bio signs, but they could wait if there wasn’t something they were trying to hid.”

“Captain, the Fordham was owned and operated by one Harold Bridge, at least at the time she disappeared. I’m continuing to search for more information on Mr. Bridge. . . .
Colter (XO/CIO)

Sha turned in her seat, “Captain, perhaps the Romulan vessel would be willing to accept assistance if we said they could keep their escapes, we merely wish for the ship back. Obviously Federation registry, we could say she’s been missing and taking it back would allow us to discover the kids of the original crew and keep it from falling into anyone else’s hands. Since nothing about it is classified, if it is something that’s been in their possession a while, it shouldn’t be that big of an issue.”

She knew it was a long shot, but hoped that in offering help, they could get close enough to see if the occupants were Romulan or Federation as well as claim their ship back and get answers what happened.


Sinclair scowled at the tactical display. Something wasn’t quite adding up, but he couldn’t put his finger on it…

Sinclair, CTO

At that moment, long range scans detected two approaching vessels, but they were unknown at the extreme ends of the scanners ability.


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