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Posted by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) in Main Sim - Sickbay

Posted by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) in Main Sim - Sickbay

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) in Main Sim - Sickbay
Computer panels and interfaces began to flash yellow with the increased alert. Under her pillow a buzzing began and she sat up glancing at the alert. Hannah grabbed her implants and putting them on she could hear the audible alert now. Standing up she grabbed her pillow and tossed it at Daniel, “Hey, up sleepy head. You’re XO now, you’re supposed to be on the bridge.” With a laugh she stepped into the bathroom, and a few minutes later walked out, hair pinned back, uniform on. “I have to get to sickbay.” With a quick kiss she was out the door.

Hannah entered sickbay and grabbed her lab coat, pulling it on, and dropped her tricorder into her pocket. She walked into the main bay and blinked looking around. “Claire? What is going on?” The nurse walked over, “Well it was quiet so we were deep cleaning…” Hannah nodded, “Alright we need to get all this put back in place, five minutes ago. And we need to make sure each of the bio beds are stocked.” Hannah grabbed the first box of supplies and started putting them away. “Vankordru, start checking the med kits.”
Lt jg Asimina, doctor

Sickbay was quiet, except for the soft sliding of drawers, trills of buttons being pushed, the metallic clink of equipment being placed, and the slither of glass against plastic as hypo tubes were placed in holders. Claire walked over, “Any idea what kind of injuries we might expect?” Hannah shook her head as she finished stocking the last biobed. “No, but we’ll take an educated guess. Dr Knight will tell us more when there is something to tell us. Anyone know where we are?” Dorick piped up from the other side of sickbay, “My bunk mate is a helmsman. I remember him saying he was glad the boarder was so calm these days after the Romulan evacuation.” Vankordru left and then came back, “Checked out the window of the medical lab, we aren’t in orbit anywhere.” Hannah nodded, “So we can make conjecture that there is a ship in distress. I haven’t felt the ship vibrate with torpedo fire or rock form getting hit so we can assume for now we are not under attack, supported by the fact we are still at yellow alter and not red. So a ship in distress, could be damaged from an attack, colliding with space debris, power failure, who knows. But that leaves us with impact injuries, lack of oxygen, burns, radiation, and so on. Let’s prep for those injuries until we hear more.”

Lt Asimina, Doctor

Hannah glanced at Claire, “Have we heard from the emergency medical teams yet? They should have checked in with any supply needs by now.” Claire started to answer when the comms activated. =^=EMT Beta to Sickbay. We are short a med kit and emergency splints.=^=

=^=EMT Sigma to Sickbay. Reporting Ready.=^=

=^=EMT Theta to Sickbay. Our stretcher is missing. But we are assembled outside the transporter rooms.=^=

=^=EMT Gamma to Sickbay. Reporting Ready at Cargo Bay 1 and ready to convert to triage if necessary.=^=

=^=EMT Zeta. Our cardio stimulators are malfunctioning and we are short of water rations.=^=

Hannah turned to look at the medics, “Dorick take Beta the kits and splints they need. Vankordru, grab a spare stretcher get it to Theta and get back here. Amis double check a set of cardio stimulators and grab someone to help you carry a couple crates of water rations down to Zeta.” Hannah made a note of each request, who and what she sent and responded back to each of the teams. “Claire, next slow day we double check all the supplies for the emergency medical teams.”

Lt Asimina, Doctor

In the middle of all of that, suddenly the flashing yellow lights that had become a background to their work changed to red and the audible klaxons went off. It was one sound that initially never failed to make Hannah flinch slightly. It was not just the pitch and volume coming through her implants, but also the dreaded anticipation of the nature of injuries her crew mates would soon arrive with. Of course Fearless had been a small science vessel doing supply and colony check-ups. It wasn’t built to really defend itself. Saracen was a whole different kind of ship. Hannah hoped that meant the possibilities of fewer injured crew mates. The tension had gone up in the medical crew around her. It was expected, for medical it was often a waiting game, there was nothing more they could actively do until the first person arrived. “Well, it looks like someone has decided to not play nice anymore.”

Fynarigh looked at Hannah, “Yeah, but who isn’t playing nice Dr. Asimina? Them or us?”

“Them of course. We all know Cpt Knight and Cmdr Colter are teddy bears - sweet and cuddly. And then turn into one of the deadliest animals, nasty grizzly bears when provoked.” Hannah would NEVER say that to Cpt Knight or Dr Knight, but seriously had they seen Cpt Knight with his son at the Christmas party? And of course they all knew about her and Daniel now; she could get away with saying it about him. The comment got smiles and a release of tension.

Asimina, Doctor

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