Overdue Commiserations

Posted Sept. 23, 2021, 12:26 p.m. by Lieutenant Tandra Mika (Counselor / Diplomatic Officer) (Nicole Cline)

Posted by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) in Overdue Commiserations

Posted by Lieutenant Tandra Mika (Counselor / Diplomatic Officer) in Overdue Commiserations

Posted by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) in Overdue Commiserations
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It had been weeks since Hannah had seen Mika. The ship had been busy for everyone, but today things were calmer. And she was all done unpacking. So Hannah made her way to Mika’s office right at lunch time. She rang the chime and when allowed in Hannah grinned at her. “Hey stranger! Come on let’s grab lunch.”

Asimina, doctor

Mika was more than happy to see Asimina at the door. A busy ship meant she was busy, usually, and a break was more than appreciated. “That would be great!” She said, smiling as she stood from her desk. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it? How’ve you been?” She asked, heading to the door.

~ Lt Mika, CNS/DO

Hannah nodded, off duty she followed her natural inclination and her hands moved along with her words. It was almost like her hands danced the movements smooth and flowing. “It has but that just means there is work to be done. I’ve been on ships where we’ve had nothing and the boredom and trouble it caused.” She grinned, and there was the feeling she was laughing although she made no sound to do so. “You feel like the lounge? Or … oh what is it? The Cloaked Targ? Apparently it is accessed from stairs from the lounge. I’ve never even seen them till Nurse Claire pointed them out to me. I can’t believe I was so unobservant.”


“The what?” Mika asked. “I haven’t heard of that yet! Let’s check it out,” She said, and smiled. “Yes, I prefer being busy sometimes, but there’s a lot of things I’d like to have the time to do, too.” She said.

~ Lt Mika, CNS/DO

Hannah nodded and they took the lift down to the lounge deck. “I agree with that. When medical is busy it is not always a good thing. I personally would rather be bored in sickbay as opposed to it being ‘go go go’ all the time. On my last ship we were docked at a repair station. They had a small lounge with a couple of unfamiliar games and some new holoprograms, but that was it. We were just a small ship, running supplies and doing colony check ups. So we kept getting pushed back in favor of more ‘priority’ ships. WEEKS Tandra, we waited. Our ops chief decided to do something about it. Ever heard of a nerf gun?”


“No, what is it?” Tandra asked as they walked. She had to agree about Sickbay being busy. Usually, that meant a lot of emergencies, which was a bad thing, or a lot of check ups and nuisance calls, both of which just got sort of boring.

~ Lt Tandra Mika, CNS/DO

Hannah grinned, “So they are these plastic toy guns. From the 20th-21st century. They shoot these foam darts with suction cups at the end. They come in all types. Anyway, our Ops Chief replicated one gun and about a hundred darts for each of us. And then it was all out war. He rigged the darts with trackers to keep points when they hit. But then the scores got all messed up because we just started scooping random discarded darts off the floor. No where was safe. Medical and security started using over ride codes to get into places, engineering and oos were crawling through access hatches. One science officer took an EVA suit and walked around the hull to a different airlock to get someone. It was great fun for a few days, until the captain shot the admiral between the eyes.” Hannah walked with Mika into the lounge and looked for the stairs leading down to the Cloaked Targ.


Mika laughed. Asimina’s story sounded hilarious, and a lot of fun. And exactly the sort of thing a lot of crews would do, though she was surprised hear the captain had joined in. “I bet the Captain had some explaining to do,” she said. She watched as Hannah looked for the stairs. “What exactly should we be looking for?”

~ Lt Mika, CNS/DO

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