Meetings with the Captain - To Gagh or Not to Gagh

Posted Oct. 21, 2021, 11:43 p.m. by Lieutenant Ush'ast Rah-Triton (Chief of Security) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Meetings with the Captain - To Gagh or Not to Gagh

Posted by Lieutenant Ush’ast Rah-Triton (Chief of Security) in Meetings with the Captain - To Gagh or Not to Gagh

Posted by Lieutenant Ush’ast Rah-Triton (Chief of Security) in Meetings with the Captain - To Gagh or Not to Gagh
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She moved to rise as the Captain arrived. “Sorry Sir. Well, the space works fine for going thru my meditation moves and stretching. And the privacy it affords is a much better boon.” She moved to set the bat’leth back in the bag. The oil and rag moved to another bag. She set them both back in the crate and closed the lid. Offering the Captain a seat choice between a crate on the floor that reached the back of his calves, or a small stack of two crates that came to about his hip, she let him choose before she chose the other. “It must be serious for you to chase me down rather than ask me to your office, Sir. May I ask what is on your mind?”

He waved her to take a seat, then turned to the wall, leaning his back against it and folding his arms, as much as he could while holding the coffee. “Oh it’s serious alright, Rah-Triton.” He nodded, and paused slightly, taking another sip of his coffee.

She was steeling herself for reassignment or an assignment off the ship. Neither appealed to her and both left a bad taste in the back of her throat. She and Sinclair were still finding their balance so reassignment would certainly be the worse of the two.


“I’m reassigning Sinclair. I have need of a new Chief Tactical Officer and Sinclair fits the position, and that leaves me with a need for another Chief of Security. Funnily enough, we have a previous Chief of Security already serving on the ship.” Dante looked at her and raised his eyebrow, “How about it Lieutenant? Interested in stepping back into the head of Security position for me?”

Captain Knight, CO

Caught mid-rise, the half Klingon was a bit off balance and grateful the small room meant a crate was nearby to catch her as she faltered. Moving to her feet, rather than falling on her backside, she stammered in surprise. “Me, Sir? Security Chief? I… of course. I’d be honored. Are you sure you want me there, though?” She was sure he would have seen reports of her ‘behavior’ on her last mission, the one that had taken her from the Saracen last year. The Admiral would have made sure Knight knew of her ‘failure’ because he was that kind of person. The question was, besides why he would still want her in the Chief spot, why hadn’t he mentioned it before now.

There was a slight scowl on her face as she pondered this, not realizing she was showing her concern so plainly on the outside. She turned the bat’leth over in her hands in an absent nervous manner waiting to see what had spawned this fortuitous change when it seemed, till now, the universe had been against her since her mission.


“Of course I do,” Dante smirked slightly but he frowned at the same time. “I wouldn’t have offered you the role if I didn’t. Up to now Sinclair has been the Saracen’s Security Chief, like it or not when you came back you were the former Security Chief. I now have a position I need him in more than Security and you are still here, I trust you and know what you can do.” Dante leaned back and watched her for a moment.

“The question is, do you have a problem with the position, and do you doubt what you can offer this ship?”

Captain Knight, CO

Her response was so swift it startled even her. “NO SIR! I mean, forgive me. No, I have no doubts of what I can offer this ship in returning to my prior role. And I had no issue being a Security Officer. I hope you didn’t think I did.” She took a breath and gathered herself back up again with a nod. “I am happy to take the position back as Chief of Security, Sir. Thank you.” She nodded respectfully and managed a smile. He was a man who noticed things and would see, more than likely, the relief at his belief in her. She hadn’t realized till that moment that she had been holding her breath since her return. The mission had been a miserable fair. And despite not hearing anything from Royal’s friend, she still had this nagging sense on the back of her neck that some far off political dagger was still poised towards the center of her shoulder blades.

Sha set the bat’leth in the crate and closed it. “I will get with Sinclair and be sure the transition is a smooth one. No disruption will occur to the schedules or readiness of the security teams.” She had been with them long enough since her return to know that things would progress as usual and only the titles on the tops of the reports would be the visible change.

Security (CoS)

“Good, I expect nothing less than that,” Dante nodded once. “Oh and, I’ve taken the liberty of having your quarters scheduled for Operations to move your things to your new Quarters befitting a Department Head. That’s set for tomorrow, Sha, so you have some time to arrange your gear before they come and move it for you.” Taking a drink of his coffee he let the words hang for a moment. “Any questions?”

Dante Knight, CO

Sha smiled and shook her head. “No, Sir.” She hadn’t spent much time in her quarters, unless she and Sinclair were pretend fighting about her last mission and her future. She would have to tell Sinclair about the promotion and move so they could be prepared for her new quarters being bugged as well. Or perhaps he had an idea of how to keep that from happening. She hoped the latter. She hated fighting with him. Even when it was an act.

“As to moving my quarters, thank you. I can’t say a bit more room would be nice on occasion. But it’s not necessary if we are full up.” She spend most of her time in Sinclair’s quarters anyway. So while a nicer place would be helpful as a supervisor in case of needing it, it wasn’t a high priority on her list. “And thank you, again. I admit it will be nice to head the department once more. And Sinclair is the perfect choice for Tactical. He has a sharp mind and keen intellect that will serve the ship well.” She patted the top of her box to be sure everything was secure before looking at the Captain again. “I’d say let’s go stir things up, shall we?” She was curious how her Department would handle the return of their old Chief. And she hoped Sinclair would be happy for her as well. She knew he sometimes preferred her not being in charge cause he could order her places. Things were about to be a bit different, indeed.

(new) CoS
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