Long Term Correspondence

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He took Hannah by the hands and led her to a seat on the couch. Moving behind her, he started to massage and rub the tension from her neck and shoulders. “Tell you what, My intel clearance gives me access to some pretty high level projects. I’ll do some checking on this Soulis and see if I can find out what he’s working on. And if you want, I can check on her new fiancee. He seems almost too good to be true. I don’t want to think about it , for your friends sake, but I just want to check and make sure there’s no connection between the two guys. If he checks out fine, give her your blessings, but if not. . . .” He let the implications speak for themselves.

Colter (CIO)

Hannah closed her eyes with a half frustrated and half pleasured sigh as Daniel worked at the knots in her shoulders. “You know, we normal people can’t just check up on whoever we want whenever we want.” She was serious but teasing. And without Daniel she’d never be able to do as he was suggesting. “I shouldn’t ask, but would you, please? I know Alexis is an adult and it’s her life, but I’m worried about her. I…I just can’t help seeing her as that 15 year old kid, trying so hard to be ignored because she was used to being bullied. Running across campus to get her dad’s office so she could hide from the other cadets and study in peace. When do you think you can look?” Hannah hissed and then moaned as a particularly painful knot released. She closed her eyes again and leaned back into his hands, “How did you get so good at that?”

Asimina, doctor

He leaned over and kissed her check. ‘I’ve seen my share of masseuses over the years, so I’ve picked up a trick or two.”

He continued the massage in silence for a bit, letting Hannah experience the release of tension and pressure. He moved his hands to her lower back, up to her temples and down her arms and fingertips.

“I’d be happy to look into it. Anything I can do to set your mind at ease. I still have a lot of favors I can collect on. And for you, lover, I have no problem cashing them in. But, I do have to warn you, everybody has skeletons in their closet. It’s my job to know where to look and you may not like what I find out. . . .”

Colter (XO/CIO)

Hannah was quiet while he worked at releasing the pressure and tension in her muscles. Eventually letting out a deep sigh, she leaned back against his chest as he rubbed at her temples. “I think you have your own healing touch now, Daniel.” When his hands reached her finger tips she laced her fingers through his.

She sat there in silence for awhile, thinking about what he said. Everyone had skeletons and she might night like the ones he found. But did finding out something she didn’t like out-weigh making sure Alexis was safe? That last image of Alexis, sad and afraid, convinced her and finally she nodded, “I understand. Daniel, just don’t call in any favors, you may need them later, and it’s just as likely I’m worrying over nothing, so don’t waste them, okay?” Of course Hannah knew that if Daniel found something he felt needed a favor, he’d do it anyway. And in the pit of her stomach was a sick churning that threatened to replace the tension Daniel had worked out of her shoulders - that Alexis was in trouble.

Asimina, Doctor

“Promise. Only if I need them. I just want to make sure your friend is safe. I don’t like to see you frown, and seeing you worry about something to much is likely to give you an ulcer, and that is something you DON”T need.”

Hannah laughed softly, the sound holding a bit of irony. She’d worried about him a whole lot more and a whole lot longer than she had about Alexis. The only difference being that she knew Daniel was capable of taking care of himself. “Well I guess it’s a good thing I’m a doctor and know how to heal an ulcer.”

He spun the chair around and knelt down before her. “You know I’d do anything for you, right? Even if I didn’t love you as much as I do, I’d still do it, if for no other reason than having faith that I’d be back after 5 years. . . “

Colter (XO/CIO)

Hannah looked at him as he knelt in front of her; her gaze studying his face, memorizing every detail even though he was already etched into her memory. Her voice was soft, quiet following along with her hands, “I know.” Then her fingers were trailing across his temple and into the edges of his hair. She was quiet for awhile, those five years chasing across her eyes. “I have everything I want. You’re alive and we’re here, together.” Her fingers brushed through his hair, again. “I’d wait for you through this life and the next, for forever.” Hannah leaned into him, brushing her lips gently against his, like time had stopped and they could take back all these moments that had been denied them.

Asimina, Doctor

DaVinci closed his eyes and smiled as her fingertips ran through his hair, then returned the kiss with as much love as Hannah put into it.
When they finally parted, he looked into her eyes and his hands began to speak while he whispered.

“One touch was all I needed to know. You were the one for me. You are my fate and my destiny. . . . “

Colter (XO/CIO)

There was something about Daniel signing to her that always set warmth spreading through her from her core. Not butterflies, she wasn’t nervous, but warmth. Hannah didn’t know a better word for the feeling. That despite her peculiarly accented voice, strange laugh, that she literally talked with her hands, and the odd mechanical devices attached to her ears and head Daniel saw her and wanted her as she was.

She loved his eyes, the sureness in the movements of his hands, and the sound of his voice. Hannah’s voice wasn’t easy to understand at a whisper, but she remained as quiet as him. Her hands conveying more depth and conviction than her voice could. “When you left you took the best parts of me with you. I lived right here,” she tested her hand over his heart, “and I always will. You are the other half of me.”

Asimina, doctor


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