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“Helm bring us around on the flank of that Warbird,” Dante ordered calmly. “Keep them between us and the other two as much as you can. Mr Sinclair focus fire on that Warbird, target their shields specifically with Phasers on rapid cycling.” Pausing for a moment, Dante rubbed his jaw.

“Aye, Captain.” the CTO replied, his eyes glued to the console as the *Saracen’s weapon systems began to flex their muscles.

“Mr Graham, we know the capabilities of those old Warbirds. Can we disrupt their targeting algorithms?”

Dante Knight, CO

“Military systems are constantly updated. The last tactical report indicated, that weapons were reliant on sensor returns in the 2900 range. Multiple fake returns may confuse the weapons systems.” It wasn’t a high probability option, but it was more than nothing.


It was the secondary look at the tactical readings that set off a red flag at the Science console. Yes, the Romulans were almost fanatical in their upgrades and updates of military hardware. These vessels were behind… roughly five years.


Sinclair, CTO

“Somethings wrong,” Graham started. “The ship tactical systems are consist with the ‘WarWolf’ configuration.” He turned dramatically, “That’s consistent with a profile from five years ago.” He touch a few keys on this system.

The main screen opened a box where the tactical information known on that configuration was. “Most importantly, the shield refresh frequency is known. Once every 26 seconds the shields should cycle to 1.19 mhz.”

Graham cSO

Dante grinned. Not his usual grin and something far from what a neutral Starfleet Captain should grin like. “Thank you, Mr Graham. Nice work. Tactical, you have your firing profile. Concentrate low yield phaser fire at the nearest Warbird until we get a shield penetration on that frequency, then focus fire on the 26 second mark at their shield generator. Lets bring down their shields and see if that encourages them to back away and let us bring these people home. Keep firing on that pattern until they change their tactics or retreat.”

Captain Knight, CO

“Aye Captain.” Sinclair responded and his fingers worked the console like they were on fire.

Streaks of phaser fire and disruptor blasts lit up the surrounding space The three warbirds were trying to encircle the Saracen, byt the helm kept adjusting their orientation so that the attempt was very slow in coming to success.

Sinclair, CTO

A tense moments passed until the Tactical panel showed a shield breach.

In line with the Captain’s orders, Phaser fire erupted and slammed into the Warbird’s shield generators…

And the ship ERUPTED into a massive firball, the flash of which was so bright that the video compensators on the main screen shorted and the bridge was filled with a dazzling and brilliant greenish-white light.


“Well. Oops.” Dante muttered, one eyebrow arching questioningly and his eyes moving to Colter for a moment, then back to the main screen. “Shift target to next Romulan ship in line,” he ordered, “and give me a scan on what the heck just happened please.”

Graham’s mouth gaped open, even with the right shield frequencies as the right time, that power level shouldn’t have detonated the ship. “Scanning.” He reported immediately. What had happened. Were there other explosives on the ship, did it just self destruct, was it just an image or simulation of a warbird on a far less advanced ship, were they now dead romulans floating everywhere?

Graham CSO

“That happened too quick, but scan for survivors Mr Graham,” Dante added.

Standard scans indicated nothing out of the ordinary; save for a unusually high amount of several kinds of radiation: gamma, neutron, and ionizing radiation were all present. A quick search showed that those particular radiation types are usually only present together in levels similar to scan during one event…

The detonation of an atomic or nuclear explosive device.


DaVinci’s eyes widened in surprise for just a moment. “Nice shooting, Tex. Though that was an awfully big ka-boom for a ship that size. Mr. Graham, any theories on that/”

Colter (XO/CIO)

Sinclair looked in amazement and then shrugged a bit and said “Damn, I’m good.” and then began targeting one of the other warbirds.

Sinclair, CTO

Even before the massive explosion had faded completely, the comms lit up with incoming transmissions from the other Romulan ships… and the mauraders… and the fleeing cargo vessel.


“I think there was a nuke on that ship that detonated.” Teller said as he spun. None of the apparent pleasure of the other crew members on his face. “Background radiation consistent with atomic weapons.... Old school romulan ships used nukes as self destruction devices. I suspect a trap.”

“Huh, maybe they don’t want to play with us any more.” Adjusting his position in his seat, he leaned forward slightly. “Hold fire a moment, Mr Sinclair,” Dante said and nodded to the screen. “Lets take the call from the Romulans first, shall we. On Screen.”

Dante Knight, CO

The Main screen flickered to life and a view of each warbird bridge could be seen on the split-screen. “Federation ship Saracen, hold your fire.” said one of the visible Romulans. “I am Admiral D’vak. I wish to speak to your Commanding Officer before things progress to a point of no-return.”



This hadn’t reached a point of no return. Graham wasn’t certain he would negotiate after the Saracen destroyed a third of his fleet.

“Ya think?,” DaVinci said quietly. “That’s all we wanted to do from the start.”

A bit louder he added, “Now that the shooting has stopped, get a tractor lock on that cargo ship before she gets out of range.”

Colter (XO/CIO)

Sha had winced with the rest as the bridge lit up during the detonation. As everyone reacted, she glanced at the screens and confirmed the measurements consistent with a nuclear weapon. “QI’yaH!” She cursed under her breath in reaction. The expletive being something no one around her had ever heard her utter.

She turned to look at Sinclair with concern on her face. Deciding not to say anything, she turned back to the screen before her and glanced to the conversation between the Captain and those on the screen. Her fingers and voice ready to deploy security to whatever place they were needed.

((yup… she cursed… a darn vicious one, too lol)

Before Dante addressed the Romulan Admiral he turned his head slightly to Colter. “Commander, take the call from the freighter on one of the other consoles. See what you can find out from them and see what their current operational status is. We may not have time to talk to them if this conversation goes south.”

“Aye, skipper,’ Colter replied as he moved off to one of the auxiliary consoles on the bridge.

Looking back at the screen he came to his feet and gave the Admiral a serious look. He even frowned. “Admiral D’vak, I am Captain Dante Knight of the USS Saracen. That point of no return would have been a whole lot further off if we had been able to have this conversation at the start. You are equipping your Warbirds with nuclear devices once again? Admiral that is a habit from a time long since past, we are only here to retrieve a Federation ship that has been missing for a long time, let us do that.”

Captain Knight, CO

“Not my ship, Captain Knight. Nor was it part of Star Empire forces. But I am getting ahead of myself. I wish to meet you, Captain… in person. You may have your Command Staff with you, if you would feel safer. And I am willing to come to you. There is… some matters that should be best discussed personally. I would also strongly recommend that you do not board the Fordham, nor take on any of their personnel. At least… not until you are aware of what is going on. I will promise you both safe passage after we have talked, if that is your wish. But until then, for your safety and the safety of both our peoples, please do not allow them off that ship, nor that ship to flee.” The Admiral was professional… polite… but there was an edge of concern that was more than evident.

Sinclair looked at Knight and said “Captain, all Warbirds are powering down weapons.”

Away from the viewscreen, DaVinci opened a channel and spoke quietly. =^=SS Fordham, this is the Federation starship USS Saracen. We received your distress signal and are here to render assistance. Please respond.=^=

Colter (XO/CIO)



While awaiting a response from the Forham, and hearing from Adm. D’vak and his concerns, DaVinci attempted to get a tractor lock on the Fordham, to at least hold it n place and keep it from fleeing.

Colter (XO/CIO)

The comm to the Fordham showed connected… but no verbal or video response came from the ship. The tractor beam activated and the ship was held fast by the beam.


Sinclair, CTO

Graham spared a moment from tactical scans of the Romulans to scans of the Freighter. It was odd that they were suddenly silent. The XO locking the tractor beam on was reassuring.


The scans from the freighter were identical to the previous scans as far as life signs went… which was in and of itself odd. They weren’t matching the previous scans… the life-signs were identical. Down to the most base scan data he could see, they were unchanged and seemingly unaffected by the chaos that had rained down upon their vessel.


“In that case, Admiral, the Hospitality of the Saracen and the Federation is yours, and we invite you aboard for this discussion.” Checking the readout on the arm of his chair, Dante added, “The Fordham is held by a tractor beam, we are of course attempting to make contact, you may detect signals from our communications. Now Admiral, would you like us to prepare the Transporters for you or would you be more comfortable arriving via shuttlecraft?”

Captain Knight, CO

“Transporters are fine, Captain. We trust the Federation and it’s officers will not try to hold us against our will. We will signal when we are ready to for you to.... how do you say… beam us over?” the Admiral said and then the comms went dark. The two remaining Warbirds backed up to a distance of two hundred kilometers and powered down weapons… sort of.


“Sir…” Sinclair said as the comms went dark, “… the Warbirds are powered down save for a single array on their bows… firing arcs would indicate they are still targeting the Fordham, Captain.”

Sinclair, CTO

“Want me to look after the beam over, captain?” Hanson asked from the engineering station, “I trust our transporter operators implicity, but I get the feeling accidents might not be in our best interests.”

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