Captains Quarters - Late to the Party

Posted Dec. 6, 2021, 6:45 p.m. by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) (David Shotton)

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Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Captains Quarters - Late to the Party

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in Captains Quarters - Late to the Party
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Bruce sat on his bed in the corner of the living room and watched them judgingly. Dante was up early today, and was already making coffee and getting breakfast while trying to keep Oscar, the small two legged energy demon, quiet and entertained. It meant that Dante was doing too many things at once, and when Dante did too many things at once he usually forgot Bruce’s morning treat of bacon that Natasha wouldn’t let him have, but Oscar always shared with him if Dante remembered to make it.

How the man was supposed to run this ship, Bruce had no idea. Watching him softly sing a terrible rendition of Baby Shark, in Italian, while making coffee and breakfast and making faces at the toddler convinced Bruce that it was probably all the XO that ran the ship. The previous bravado of Dante Knight where Bruce was his trusted side kick was gone, replaced by the Italian clown show. Of course, Bruce’s attitude would completely change once he actually got breakfast, but until then Dante was very low on his favorite people list.

“Hold on buddy,” Dante said, almost swearing as the breakfast he was getting ready for Natasha and Oscar to have in bed that morning was going to have to wait a moment. Picking Oscar up from the seat beside him, Dante walked to the comm screen and the chirping that had begun to ring out at this far too early hour. Frowning, he noted that the call was coming from off-ship. Looking around and noting the door to the bedroom was indeed closed, he hit the answer button.

“Oh my god there is my baby! He is so big! Hello my beautiful Lucciola.” A woman’s voice sprang out even as her image came onto the screen, but Dante needed no visual to recognize the voice. “Mama? What the hell are you doing calling this early?” His surprise was evident in his voice although he smiled.

“What am I doing? I’m calling to let you know we will be at the pickup point tomorrow like we arranged. For Oscars birthday?” Alessandra Knight folded her arms and tilted her head in Dante’s direction. “Where is my beautiful Daughter-in-Law? Is she at work already?”

Dante Knight

Natasha’s eyes sprung open hearing the sound of her mother in law in the next room. It was not that she didn’t like her. Far from it but there was a huge difference in visiting her and she visiting their home. The nerves began to increase as Natasha slowly remembered her family would be coming also. For the first time Shon el her had Oscar, Natasha wished he had two birthdays. Maybe there was still time to convince her family only to come to the naming day party

Natasha Knight

“No, she’s asleep, Mama.” Dante motioned to his lips with his finger in the time honoured shush motion. “It’s barely six in the morning! Did you have to call this early?” Despite his tone, he was still smiling. It was hard not to with Oscar himself giggling and smiling at the woman in the video call.

“Of course I did,” Alesandra answered crisply, “What else is there to do on a runabout when your Father is busy making our quarters sound like the Amazon rainforest with his snoring.”

“You know we can have Tasia take a look at that when you get here. This is the 24th century, we have a fix for that and Papa doesn’t need to be that stubborn.” Bruno Knight, Dante’s father was legendary for his distrust of doctors and hypo’s in general. The cantankerous old ex-Freighter Captain proudly boasted he had avoided them for more than a decade, but for that decade Dante and Natasha had been stationed away from Earth. Now, Bruno was on his way to Dante’s ship. “I’ll have Nat give him the full medical examination whether he likes it or not, I’m the Captain now, Mama.” Dante had to smirk, because he knew it wasn’t going to be that easy.

“Is Marco with you?” He asked about his sibling. The Knight Siblings had been quite a pair in their small village growing up, and while Dante had joined Starfleet and found his way to the Captains chair his brother had joined up and was now Chief of Security on the Harrier, one of Dante’s old ships.

“Yes,” Alesandra nodded, “he managed to get leave and we picked him up on the way. He has some kind of case with him that he won’t let out of his sight, any idea what that might be?”

“Of course,” Dante grinned widely, “he won’t let it out of his sight because if Papa’s find’s it, it won’t arrive in one piece.” Alesandra raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms. “Your brother is smuggling booze onto a Federation Starship?” She asked.

“It’s not smuggling if the Captain knows about it, Mama,” Dante laughed, and it was echoed by Oscar in his arms. “But don’t let Nat know, alright. The only thing worse than Papa finding that would be Nat finding it. You know how long it’s been since I’ve been able to find her favorite real vodka out here, other than from the secret spirits still in the junction of Jeffries Tubes 42b and 67c I’m not supposed to know about? Heck I approved making a potato patch in the arboretum and they still think I know nothing.”

Dante Knight, CO

Natasha looked around the room finding one of Dante’s sweatshirts in a ball on the floor. “You can learn to take out a Borg or Nausican with a paper clip and sticky note but you still can’t locate the damp hamper,” Natasha grumbled picking it up and pulling it over her head. She needed something to throw on or her mother in law’s comm call would turn Nat into a cam girl. Even without coffee, her mood improved slightly as the scent of Dante’s shirt filled her nose. There was something about wearing a guys shirt that all women loved and men seemed to love even more to see them wear it. The sweatshirt was nothing amazing. Just the standard PT shirt all crew were assigned with no rank or file on the dark blue material. Just the gray lettering Saracen across the back indicating its designation from the quartermaster. Natasha had one like it but preferred Dante’s. The sleeves were way too long but Nat pulled them up to her elbows and grabbed a pair of her shorts from the chair in the bedroom.

Exiting the room she pulled her long dark hair up into a ponytail and smiled happily seeing Oscar. Their son was laughing hysterically learning the art of tormenting his sibling. Holding a piece of bacon out over the edge of the chair, Bruce was looking less and less thrilled at having to jump for what was owed him only to have the hairless wonder snatch it up and out of his reach.

Natasha did not even pause but left that disaster moving next to Dante. “How is your trip,” she asked looking at Alesandra while taking the cup of coffee out of Dante’s hand just as he was raising it to take a drink. In the past she would have said thank you or some other flirty comment but that was before a baby, a pet lizard, and waking up to her mother in law on the comm.

Natasha Knight.

Dante had no such inhibition, with his mother in plain view he turned to his wife and slid his arms around her waist from behind, not caring that she stole his coffee without even a guilty shrug. “Oh my god you are gorgeous this morning, is that a new dress?” He teased her, knowing full well she was wearing his shirt. He kissed her neck and then looked at his mother, smiling.

“My trip has been slow, so far Thank You Natasha,” Dante’s mother smiled at the two in the view screen. The affection that Dante had for her was obvious, and all though Natasha had hardly blinked when she arrived on screen, that was clearly the discomfort of the in-law call. She was wearing his shirt and had a content look on her face, Alesandra remembered that look from her youth, or more precisely, the morning after a big night with Bruno.

“We should be arriving tomorrow for my little Lucciola’s birthday, and we have gifts! It has been so long, I am so looking forward to spending some quality time with my boys and you, dear. Does the Saracen have a masseuse like the Outpost did? We need to have some time to pamper ourselves, just you and I.”

Dante Knight, CO

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