The Cloaked Targs Debt Club - Open to all

Posted Dec. 6, 2021, 7:41 p.m. by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) (David Shotton)

Posted by Commander Daniel “DaVinci” Colter (Executive Officer) in The Cloaked Targs Debt Club - Open to all

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in The Cloaked Targs Debt Club - Open to all

Posted by Commander Daniel “DaVinci” Colter (Executive Officer) in The Cloaked Targs Debt Club - Open to all
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OOC Note: A while ago the Saracen had it’s Ten Forward lounge remodeled during the ships ‘10 year refit’ by a hugely talented writer and friend that most of you will remember, Jeremy DeSpain. Sadly Jeremy passed away shortly afterwards and in his memory I kept the post and the refit in play as a permanent adjustment to the Saracen. The post is accessible on our MOTD but I am going to place it here if you wish to read up on the changes, Jeremy really did do a fantastic job and made our Ten Forward something we can really use in a myriad of ways. Please feel free to use it in your own threads. (Note, the Character of Anaeawd Llwewlyn larnuuocon is not available as an NE as he was one of Jeremy’s Chars, but I do consider him always present in Ten Forward)


Stepping through the doors to Ten Forward Dante paused and looked around. Spiral Staircases to either side led up and down while Ten Forwards dark maroon carpet and Vulcan Hinjo wood wall panels made the spacious room welcoming and comfortable where it could have felt empty. The bar on the left and viewport to the right, billiard tables and dart boards, small stage in use by a holographic band playing quiet atmosphere music made him smile. The Saracen may have been a Battlecruiser, but the remodelled lounge was something that made her a home.

Smiling to the bartender, Lews, behind the bar he walked to one of the spiral staircases beside him and glanced up as he did so. The balcony area was quiet and secluded, full of couches and bookcases and fantastic for spending some quiet time after hours but tonight, that wasn’t his destination. Instead he descended to the Saracen’s holosuites connected to Ten Forward and walked through Holodeck One into the Cloaked Targs Debt, the Saracen’s very own nightclub.

Navigating past a number of tables where patrons sat, many of them crew members and others holographic in nature he walked to the bar on the side of the room through the blue-grey smoke of the dimly lit room. Noticeable in this club was that every ‘staff member’ was Orion, male or female and that all of them were smartly dressed, if not slightly skimpily as was the norm with Orion and nightclubs both.

“Whiskey, Captain?” The Orion man behind the bar asked him as he reached it and slid onto a bar stool. “Not tonight, let’s do Grappa,” Dante replied, smiling in thanks as the small glass was placed in front of him filled with the dangerously potent amber coloured liquid. Moving his eyes to the stage, brightly lit in comparison to the rest of the club the smile remained. The club had a wide variety of music available, and tonight was a rare sight. A human man in a very old fashioned cut of dapper black suit stood at a microphone singing very old songs from Earth, while a stunningly beautiful woman with loose flowing black hair sat on a stool somewhat behind him adding her voice to his at times that suited the song. Wearing a long red dress with a dangerous cut in the thigh that showed a shapely leg, the woman drew attention although was still just a hologram.

Dante sipped at his drink and recognized the song, Beyond The Sea, a late 1950’s song from a singer called Bobby Darin. A few people danced together to the tune as the human sang, and Dante leaned back on the bar and closed his eyes for a moment, letting the strong liquid burn it’s way down his throat as he listened.

Captain Knight, CO

DaVinci placed an empty beer bottle on the bar and indicated to Lews, he’d like another. Seeing Dante leaning back against the bar. “Seriously, Captain? Bobby Darin? I never figured you for a Booby Darin type. I was born during the height of his popularity in the mid-60’s. 1960’s, that is. I have to admit, my mom loved him, though.”

Lews returned with a bottle labeled Miller High Life. He nodded and took a drink, letting the taste of the liquid take him back in time.

Colter (CIO)

“Bobby Darrin adds some class to the place,” Dante grinned and raised his glass to acknowledge Colter. “I hear the woman though is something extra special. Apparently she’s a program came in with Vanhall, our Armorer, and integrated seamlessly with these programs. Her version of Sway is an experience, I hear.

“I’m not the only one listening to Darrin though,” he sat back on his seat and leant an elbow against the bar. “Or did you come her hoping for the Klingon rap group?”

Captain Knight, CO

Colter laughed. I feel the same way about Rap is I did 400 hundred years ago, no matter who’s singing it. Put a “C” in front of it and that’s what you’ve really got. My taste runs in the area of what’s called ‘Classic Rock’. I can still listen to Boston’s debut album and never get tired of it. In my opinion, one of the greatest albums ever released, even 4 centuries later, skipper.”

Colter (XO/CIO)

Looking confused, Dante paused with his drink. “Who is Boston?” He asked, “Never heard of them.”

DaVinci chuckled. “Sorry, skip. A classic rock band from my time. Not a bad song on that album, and a stereophonic masterpiece. Brad Delp’s vocals, one of the greatest vocalists of his time, of this time, hell. greatest of all time No fake effects to make him sound that great. It was ALL natural. Remind me to play some for you sometime.”

Teller slid in. He glanced between the two senior officers trying to decide if he actually wanted to join the conversation… He took a deep breath before he moved in behind them. “So this is where all the brass went.”


“The Commander is waiting for the Klingon Rap band,” Dante teased Colter and then motioned with his drink to Teller. “Join us, please. What do you think? Bobby Darin is a classic right? What’s your taste in music?” He asked Teller and looked back at the stage where the man in the suit was finishing up the song.

Captain Knight, CO

DaVinci almost choked on his drink. “Rap? seriously?!? They still make that?? Put a C in front of that word and that’s the perfect description. Rhyming over a rhythm bed–I’ve heard singing dogs sound better. No offense if that’s your thing, Teller, but please tell me you have better taste than rap!!”

Colter (XO/CIO)

“Oh I’m sure he does,” Dante grinned. “I was just teasing. What’s your drink Teller? It’s on the Saracen tonight. So do you prefer Bobby or Brad, Mr Graham? Or, of course, is there someone you’d rather see up on stage?”

Knight, CO

“I’ll give Bobby Darin his props. My mom loved him and he was a good pop singer, but as a pure rock vocalist–there are very few from that time that could match Brad Delp’s range.”

Colter (XO/CIO)

“Well, maybe we should request something, see how it holds up then?” Dante smirked and waved the bartender over for another drink. “What do you think this lot would enjoy, Daniel?” He waved his hand over the small crowd in the club.

Dante Knight, CO

DaVinci looked over the crowd in the bar. “I don’t know, Skip. This looks like a pretty eclectic crowd, but just to prove a point. . . .Computer, play Boston More Than A Feeling, isolated vocals.”
The XO closed his eyes as the vocals began to take him back to a time long ago . . .

As the song ended, he opened his eyes once again to the present. “That my friends, is pure magic.”“

Colter (XO/CIO)

“Sounds like a classic,” Dante grinned. “Did you ever see them in person when you were on Earth? I guess they were from around your time period back then?”

Dante Knight, CO

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