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Before Dante addressed the Romulan Admiral he turned his head slightly to Colter. “Commander, take the call from the freighter on one of the other consoles. See what you can find out from them and see what their current operational status is. We may not have time to talk to them if this conversation goes south.”

“Aye, skipper,’ Colter replied as he moved off to one of the auxiliary consoles on the bridge.

Looking back at the screen he came to his feet and gave the Admiral a serious look. He even frowned. “Admiral D’vak, I am Captain Dante Knight of the USS Saracen. That point of no return would have been a whole lot further off if we had been able to have this conversation at the start. You are equipping your Warbirds with nuclear devices once again? Admiral that is a habit from a time long since past, we are only here to retrieve a Federation ship that has been missing for a long time, let us do that.”

Captain Knight, CO

“Not my ship, Captain Knight. Nor was it part of Star Empire forces. But I am getting ahead of myself. I wish to meet you, Captain… in person. You may have your Command Staff with you, if you would feel safer. And I am willing to come to you. There is… some matters that should be best discussed personally. I would also strongly recommend that you do not board the Fordham, nor take on any of their personnel. At least… not until you are aware of what is going on. I will promise you both safe passage after we have talked, if that is your wish. But until then, for your safety and the safety of both our peoples, please do not allow them off that ship, nor that ship to flee.” The Admiral was professional… polite… but there was an edge of concern that was more than evident.

Sinclair looked at Knight and said “Captain, all Warbirds are powering down weapons.”

Away from the viewscreen, DaVinci opened a channel and spoke quietly. =^=SS Fordham, this is the Federation starship USS Saracen. We received your distress signal and are here to render assistance. Please respond.=^=

Colter (XO/CIO)



While awaiting a response from the Forham, and hearing from Adm. D’vak and his concerns, DaVinci attempted to get a tractor lock on the Fordham, to at least hold it n place and keep it from fleeing.

Colter (XO/CIO)

The comm to the Fordham showed connected… but no verbal or video response came from the ship. The tractor beam activated and the ship was held fast by the beam.


Sinclair, CTO

Graham spared a moment from tactical scans of the Romulans to scans of the Freighter. It was odd that they were suddenly silent. The XO locking the tractor beam on was reassuring.


The scans from the freighter were identical to the previous scans as far as life signs went… which was in and of itself odd. They weren’t matching the previous scans… the life-signs were identical. Down to the most base scan data he could see, they were unchanged and seemingly unaffected by the chaos that had rained down upon their vessel.


“In that case, Admiral, the Hospitality of the Saracen and the Federation is yours, and we invite you aboard for this discussion.” Checking the readout on the arm of his chair, Dante added, “The Fordham is held by a tractor beam, we are of course attempting to make contact, you may detect signals from our communications. Now Admiral, would you like us to prepare the Transporters for you or would you be more comfortable arriving via shuttlecraft?”

Captain Knight, CO

“Transporters are fine, Captain. We trust the Federation and it’s officers will not try to hold us against our will. We will signal when we are ready to for you to.... how do you say… beam us over?” the Admiral said and then the comms went dark. The two remaining Warbirds backed up to a distance of two hundred kilometers and powered down weapons… sort of.


“Sir…” Sinclair said as the comms went dark, “… the Warbirds are powered down save for a single array on their bows… firing arcs would indicate they are still targeting the Fordham, Captain.”

Sinclair, CTO

“Makes sense if they have a genuine concern about her. Helm, stay within range to extend shields to cover the Fordham if need be. Move to Yellow alert, keep the torpedo’s loaded, locks free, and mimic the Warbirds power array, power down except for the forward array. If they open fire without provocation, we will engage, Romulan Admiral or no.”

“Want me to look after the beam over, captain?” Hanson asked from the engineering station, “I trust our transporter operators implicitly, but I get the feeling accidents might not be in our best interests.”

  • Hanson, CE

Sha nodded to the Chief’s suggestion. “I will send a couple escorts as well. And, if I may, accompany you, Captain. Something tells me there is more to this than they’re letting on. To threaten to kill us one moment, then give us friendly warning and ask us not to let the others go or come here? There is something seriously wrong on one side or the other.” She didn’t like the Romulans much, but this sat badly in her gut, regardless.


“Lets to this,” Dante said, coming to his feet from the chair. “Commander Colter, you have the Bridge. Mr Graham, keep monitoring the situation and join us in the Briefing Room when the Admiral has arrived, we may need your knowledge of what is going on here. Keep trying to raise the Fordham, Commander,” he said to Daniel.

“With me,” he motioned to Hanson and Sha, then turned to leave the Bridge.

Dante Knight, CO

Signing the engineering console over to one of the ever present nameless engineers ready to take over the console, Connor fell in step just behind the Captain as they headed off to welcome their unexpected guests on board.

  • Hanson, CE

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