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Leaving the Bridge with Security and the Chief Engineer in tow, Dante made the quick trip to Transporter Room 1 on Deck 2.

“Lieutenant Hanson, take the station please,” he nodded to the Engineering Chief as he moved to stand in the customary spot in front of the pad. “Sha, have your Security detail wait outside the doors, and they are to keep their hands away from their weapons. We need no further provocation here.”

Captain Knight, CO

Connor nodded back to the Captain and moved to the station. In a reverse of what had just happened on the bridge, the Transporter operator signed the transporter console over to Hanson and the Lieutenant assumed the appropriate position. With a practiced eye and hand, he checked all the relevant components were aligned and confirmed that the maintenance schedule on the transporter was maintained. Satisfied all was ready, subject to the level 5 diagnostic he ran on the transporter, he nodded to the Knight.

It wouldn’t do to have the Admiral merged with one of his fellow Romulans, or have his atoms scattered across space, or any one of a number of other fates possible with transporters.

  • Connor Hanson, CE

The comms chirped and a voice said =/\= Bridge to Captain. The Romulans are ready to beam over. Four for transport. =/\=


Dante waited a moment as if considering something, and casually adjusted his cuffs while looking at the Transporter pad. It was a short moment, then without looking at the Transport console he simple said, “Energize”.

Captain Knight

“Energizing,” Connor said, and then pushed the buttons and moved virtual lever to bring the Romulans aboard the Saracen. He held his breath through the process,

As the sequence was started by the Chief Engineer, a swirl of lights soon appeared on the pads and four figures in full Star Empire uniforms appeared on the transporter. Two in front looked over the assembled Saracen officers and one nodded once before stepping aside. An older Romulan stepped forward. He looked at the officers and he settled his eyes on Knight. “Captain Knight. A pleasure. I am Admiral D’Vak of the Romulan Star Empire.” and he stepped forward and extended a hand.

Connor let out the breath once they appeared, his expression became neutral.

“These two are Kal’dishir… security forces. And this-” and he stepped to the side to reveal a Romulan woman in all black, “-is R’eadn. Our Tal Shiar liason.” The woman nodded at Knight, then to Hanson, and finally to Sha. “Greetings.” she said slightly less than flatly.


Connor’s eyes went from the Admiral, to the security forces to the Tal Shiar as intros were made. He noted the greetings, but didn’t say a thing. He wishes he’d remained on the bridge and sent one of his Engineers to do the transport. He was an engineer, not a diplomat, Evan was the diplomat, he charmed his way into the lives and then the hearts of Connor’s family, after all.

  • CE

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