Dear Evan Murphy

Posted Nov. 18, 2021, 5:26 p.m. by Lieutenant Connor Hanson (Chief Engineer) (Russell Watt)

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OOC: Set before mission, before the Saracen came to this area of space.

IC: Alone in his quarters, Connor lay back in his bed, tapped his combadge and said, =/\= Computer record personal log. =/\= after the ding indicating that the recording had commenced, he continued to speak,

=/\= Dear Evan Murphy, I really miss our talks. Things have been, well crazy for me out here. I’ve just been promoted to Full Lieutenant and I’ve been assigned to the USS Saracen. I board it shortly. and oh yeah, I made Department Head! Chief Engineer Hanson, always thought you’d do it first. But we know that isn’t going to happen, Evan. Your remains haven’t yet found, there’s no sign of them on that darn planet. Where are they? I’m not sure, but we are off to a new region of space. Who knows, they may have technology we can use to solve the mystery of what happened to you and bring closure for your parents and your sister. Little Patrice Murphy, =/\= he paused at that and gave a very short laugh at that, before continuing =/\= sorry, about that, Patrice isn’t so little anymore. She’s now married and pregnant. Anyway, that’s it for now. I love you and there isn’t a day that goes by I hat I don’t miss you more than the previous day. =/\=

  • Connor Hanson, Chief Engineer

=/\= Dear Evan Murphey, I dreamt about you and me last night. It was late May, or early June, the afternoon was picture perfect and it was just us together in a field among the trees. Remember those ice creams we loved? We had those, one each and we picked a spot and we shot the breeze as buddies … and lovers … do. Yes, as soon as I spotted you that day when we were assigned to away team duty, you Security and me Engineering, my eyes I adored you. Anyway, back to the dream, we were quoting songs from favourite bands, telling jokes that only we knew, finishing each others sentences, laughing, discussing our plans for life beyond the academy, enjoying the view. That day it was just us for forever, taking in the view. Nothing was of limits that day, past crushes, future plans, our lives together, for forever. =/\=

Feeling his voice beginning to crack, Connor gives the order of=/\= Computer, freeze recording, =/\=

The computer does so and Connor looks to the picture on his bedside table. It was of him and Evan singing at a karoake bar on Deep Space 13. Both had microphones in one hand, and the other one around each other’s shoulders. Man, Evan had a voice, Connor was almost embarassed to sing with him, but Evan told him it takes two, baby, me and you.

He looked at the picture, and it calmed his thoughts and emotions, and he decided to begin recording the message to Evan once again. =/\= Computer, continue recording. =/\=

=/\= We finish the ice creams and walk slowly, continuing to take in the view. All we see is sky for forever, it was so good, oh so good Evan, I wished we could go on forever like that, but it was a dream and while it continued, I eventually had to wake and realise it is just me for now. Your remains were never found, you know. No closure, no nothing until we find your remains and work out what happened. Why on earth you had to go on that away mission and get killed, I don’t you, but no remains. That’s the thing I’m hanging onto. Are you trapped? Are you tap tap tapping on a window waiting for somebody, anybody to hear? Suddenly you are not in the dream, and I am falling … falling from a tree. And you are nowhere around and the perfect days … ends. And then I wake … and weep. I miss you Evan Murphy - Connor Hanson. Computer end recording. =/\=

His counselor from a ship ago told him to get out when he’s feeling down and not to be alone with his thoughts, so he headed to the lounge, maybe he could … spice things up there.

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