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Posted Nov. 26, 2021, 5:08 p.m. by Lieutenant Connor Hanson (Chief Engineer) (Russell Watt)

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Posted by Lieutenant Connor Hanson (Chief Engineer) in Boarding Physical - Hanson

Posted by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) in Boarding Physical - Hanson
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OOC: Set prior to current sim.

IC: Newly arrived on board from his previous posting, Connor left main engineering and his meeting with the Chief Engineer for his boarding physical in the sickbay. Connor’s engineering tricorder was at hand, even as he entered sickbay and waited to be seen by a doctor.

– Connor Hanson
Chief Engineer

While he waited, Connor turned on his engineering tricorder amd began to scan the circuitry of the biobeds to ensure they were all operational and fully functional.

  • Connor Hanson
    Chief Engineer

A younger, but not right out of the academy nurse approached the engineer. She was the kind of nurse you knew that you had better never cross. She had that walk, the one that said she had people to take care of and too much to do, so don’t waste the time she gave you. Equally obvious was that she was the motherly type that would hold your hand or hug you if you needed it or not, would sneak you milk and cookies behind the doctor’s back, and make you take your medicine. Claire had never seen this particular officer before, and she made it a point to remember faces. Sickbay could be upsetting enough without being a ‘stranger,’ and Claire, to date, had never met a stranger. “Hello Lt. I’m Nurse Temple, or Nurse Claire if you prefer.” She glanced at the open tricorder, “Do we have a work order, or are you just keeping busy while you wait?”

NE Nurse Claire Temple

Connor laughed nervously as he was addressed, “sorry Nurse Temple,” he said, turning to her, “I’m new to the Saracen, and am here for my boarding physical. I thought I’d be proactive while waiting and make sure none of your biobeds needed repairs. They all seem to be in working order. I’m Connor Hanson, an Engineer,” he looked at his engineering tricorder, “obviously. Nice to meet you.”

  • Lt Connor Hanson, CE

Claire smiled, “Well we will never object to that. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Claire offered her hand. “Hanson…you’re the new engineering chief? Most of the DHs prefer to see the chief, Dr. Knight. I can go get her if you don’t mind waiting, or Dr. Asimina is available.” Claire led him over to a biobed and after he had a seat she started the bed to start its scans and pulled his medical record up on the main display.

Nurse Temple

“I am happy with any doctor, Nurse Temple,” Connor said with a smile, as he shook her hand, “I’m sure Dr Knight has a lot of work on her plate.”

His chart would be fairly basic with only a minor imbalance between a couple of vitamins.

  • Lt Hanson, Chief Engineer

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