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Immediately on Graham’s heels was Colter. He nodded acknowledgement to those in the while introducing himself. “Admiral, I’m Cmdr. Colter, the ship’s executive officer.” DaVinci then took his seat next to Dante. In his introduction, he left out the part about being the ship’s chief of intel. No need to broadcast that information at this time.


Sha has the guards remain the hall, sending one to the mess hall for drinks if any of the guest guards desired something. A smile to the other guards came with the comment and wink. “No point that only brass are treated well.” She nodded once more, assured her orders would be carried out, but Saracen security would still be on alert and courteous.

Stepping into the room, the security chief stepped to the side and remained still as the others came and got settled.


“Dante why is their standing room only,” Natasha said entering the room and hooking a thumb at the door behind her before she stopped speaking seeing the people assembled in the room. “Hell....ooooo,” Natasha quickly changed her reply and drew out her word realizing this is not just the run of the mill staff update. Three Romulans walk into a bar....and it is never good, she thought to herself before taking a seat at the table.

“Doctor Knight, Welcome. This is Admiral D’Vak and R’eadn, his Tal Shiar Liasion.”

She had no need to get coffee. She carried a travel mug with her containing enough brew to survive any meeting but especially staff meetings. The travel mug served two purposes. The first was to keep her awake. Staff meetings tended to be dry for someone in the medical department except for the time she got to announce an outbreak of Ferengi Scabies and that everyone would have to slather permethrin on every square inch of their bodies or wake up with creepy crawlies embedded under their skin. That meeting was not dull and with the events of the past day, and now with a Romulan Admiral at the meeting, things were looking to be more lively. The second reason was to have something to cover her face when someone said something that evoked an emotion. Laughter, anger, sadness…it was all easily hidden by the lip of a large plastic cup.

Natasha Knight, CMO

Connor sat in his assigned seat, and, remembering the instructions from the doctor on his boarding physical, ordered a water with additional electrolytes.
“Doctors orders,” he said to no one in particular. He opened his padd and waited for

  • Connor Hanson, Chief Engineer

“Let’s get down to business, shall we gentlemen, and ladies.”

He flashed the Tal Shiar officer a disarming and mischievous grin before turning back to face the admiral.

Colter (XO/CIO)

Once everyone was seated, Sha took her seat closest to the door, angled to view it a bit easier than the room. No need to stand like a guard. The Security Chief nodded to the XO with a smile as they arrived and she knows everyone present.


As the visitors filed in, Counselor Holway observed them with a professional eye. Personally, she found Romulans more interesting and much warmer in disposition than Vulcans, but she always kept that opinion to herself. The lack of emotions displayed by Vulcans made her work more difficult when it came to finding out what plagued them in her office. Taking a sip of tea from the steaming cup by her right hand, she settled herself for the discussion that was about to happen.

—Holway, CNS

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“Admiral allow me to introduce my Senior Staff,” Dante began, “You have already met Lieutenant Triton and Lieutenant Hanson of course, and Commander Colter the Executive Officer of the Saracen just now. We also have Lieutenant Holway our Counselor, Lieutenant Commander Knight our Chief Medical Officer and Lieutenant Commander Graham, our Chief of Science.”

Captain Knight

Lake gave a nod when the Captain said her name, a way of identifying herself to the Romulans. She didn’t believe she’d be much help in their particular circumstances as it appeared medical and science would be at the forefront, but one never knew.

—Holway, CNS

The corners of Tellers mouth turned up in a pleasureless smile. He didn’t know what the purpose and therefore the tone of the meeting and wasn’t going to smile if they were about to be ordered on a suicide mission.


The Admiral and R’eadn nodded to each officer in turn and the the Admiral looked at his security detail and nodded once. They immediately took up positions on either side of the door and their hands dropped to their sides… as if readying themselves for something. The Admiral then looked at Dante and said “Before I explain further Captain, I must ask… are you sure all your officers are actually yours?” The question was sincere and carried with it a weight of concern that was almost palpable.


DaVinci rose a quizzical eyebrow at the admiral’s comment. Was he playing mind games and shifting the focus of the current crisis on the Saracen’s crew? Was the admiral who HE said he was?

“Begging your pardon, Admiral, but would you care to explain what that is supposed to actually mean? Why wouldn’t we be ourselves?”

Colter (XO/CIO)

When the security detail had taken up positions at the door, Sha had risen and offered her chair to the Medical Chief. As security, she wasn’t the one who should be sitting. And the fact the Admiral’s detail was no longer relaxed, well that added a bit of alert to her already speeding pulse.

Sha had tightened her fists at the Admiral’s question, her own voice caught in her throat. But when the XO spoke up, she couldn’t help butting in. “Or are you asking if our allegiance is to our Captain, Admiral? I assure you, my allegiance is to my Captain and this ship. And any who challenge that are welcome to step up.” Her body tightened as if half expecting someone to start something. It took every ounce of discipline not to step towards the Admiral in direct challenge. She managed to simply tighten her fists and clench her jaw to maintain composure.


Teller presumed that is was some sort of backwards way of talking about an alternate universe, or spies. Since he didn’t have the specifics or his tricorder on him all Teller could do is look among everyone’s faces like of like a gun fighter in a spaghetti western about to go into a quick draw.


Lake found herself holding out a quieting palm in the COS’ direction. Jumping to conclusions wasn’t going to help anyone in the meeting. “I’m sure you have an excellent reason for asking that question, Admiral, but you can see by looking around the table that some of us are offended by it. Perhaps it would be best if you explain why you’re asking and what proof you need to accept that we are the proper officers of the Saracen.”

—Holway, CNS

“Easy, Sha,” Dante said, nodding his head slightly for her to be at ease. “As my Senior Officers suggest, Admiral, maybe you should expand on what you mean by that.”

Captain Knight

Sha had paused as the Counselor had raised her hand. And as the Captain nodded at her she even took a step backwards and crossed her arms rather than standing with balled fists. “Yes, Sir…” she said with respect, and clenched her jaw.

She just hopped the Admiral had a really good reason for his question. While only a couple of them had actually said anything, she was pretty sure the ruffled feathers weren’t just on her end.


The Admiral nodded in acknowledgement of the push-back, seemingly unphased by it. “No offense intended, and I have no reason to doubt the authenticity of anyone here.” D’Vak then looked at his aide and nodded once and R’eadn stood up and reached into her belt and produced an optical data-disk. She looked at Knight as if asking permission and gestured to the port on the display at the front of the room.

“Go ahead,” Dante motioned to the screen, “if there is a malware program imbedded in the disk that attempts to take control of any part of the Saracen the ships AI has clearance to initiate self destruct, but I trust you.” Dante lied, but his poker face was absolute. He had learned the art when telling Natasha that her self saucing chocolate pudding was amazing and just like his grandmothers.

Sliding the disk into the docking port, a map of a unfamiliar section of space appeared. “This is Credensela, a Class M planet on the far side of Romulan space. For over twenty five standard years, the Star Empire had a thriving colony on the surface, and a penal facility on one of it’s three moons. With the collapse of the Empire after the supernova, the colony was temporarily cut off from communication. Eight months ago, we were able to reestablish contact. When ships arrived, it seemed nothing was amiss. That was until two weeks ago when we, the Tal Shiar, discovered that every individual on the planet was a synthetic copy. We traced the creation of the ‘synthicates’ as they have come to be known to a Dr. Faustus McGonn, a human who had fled the Federation two decades ago to come work for the Star Empire. He was a genius with regards to biomolecular replication. I say ‘was’ because he was killed while attempting to defect back to the Federation. Unfortunately that now appears to have been a duplicate of the doctor. And now… we have reason to believe that the doctor has replicated himself several hundred times. But only his consciousness, which he has placed inside the synthicates as an underlying personality. We believe that the Doctor intends to smuggle himself back into the Federation with the end goal of causing a terrorist attack that will encourage the Federation to finish what the supernova started… the complete eradication of the Romulan Empire and it’s people.”

R’eadn then moved back and sat down next to Admiral D’Vak.

The Admiral looked at the assembled officers and said “The prisoners on that ship are, we believe, synthicates who are harboring the hidden consciousness of a rogue madman.”


Sha frowned. She wasn’t a fan of clones, copies, synthetics or whatever folks were calling them these days. When one has lived their life, they were meant to die and move on into the next life. For her, she hoped it would be Sto’vo’kor. But she knew many cultures had such afterlife or heaven and hell equivalents.

“Do we know how long the synthetics have been in those positions? We’re they planted there recently or have they been there for years?” She didn’t realize she had stepped closer to the screen till she spoke up. Then she clasped her hand behind her back and stepped back to her place against the wall. “I’m sorry. But I think the answer would help to give us a timeline of when the Doctor was here and how long such things take.”


“Along with that, tell me how you came to believe that he may be attempting a terrorist attack when prior to that you killed his clone thinking it was him, for trying to defect back to us? Forgive me for being aware that now claiming he is a terrorist so we simply destroy all synthetics in an attempt to save ourselves would be a very Romulan thing to do. We may not be actively hostile but,” Dante motioned to R’eadn, “the Tal Shiar is still the Tal Shiar. I need something more solid to go on, examining these so called synthetics would be a start.”

Dante Knight, CO

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