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Posted by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Doctor) in Boarding Physical - Hanson

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Claire smiled, “Alright, I’ll grab Dr. Asimina, so we can get you cleared.”. She disappeared around the corner and a moment later another woman, blonde hair, blue eyes, in medical blue and lab coat appeared. “Hello Lt. Hanson. I’m Dr. Asimina.” Her voice was different, slightly monotone and higher pitch, and her enunciation slightly thick. Two external implants just above and behind her ears peaked out from under her hair. She flipped open her tricorder and glanced at the screen showing his medical record. “May I?” She asked holding up the small hand scanner from her tricorder. “Your record says you have a vitamin deficiency. How are you feeling?”

Asimina, med

“Please do,” Connor replied, fascinated by her voice and the implants. He did hsi best not to stare, “sleeping has been tough for a while now. I put it down to changing missions, but maybe there’s more to it than that.”

He paused, and then said, “is it something to be concerned about, Doctor?”

  • Lt Hanson, Chief Engineer

Hannah noticed him looking at her implants and pointed at them. “It’s okay to be curious. It doesn’t offend me.”

Connor smiled at her, and then he signed to her.

You are a Cairn, aren’t you?
It was Federation standard sign language, it was slow, uncertain, but it was clearly not him just idly moving his fingers and hands around.

“I had a classmate for a year or two who was deaf. We learnt sign language to help her feel welcome and part of the class. Why should the expectation only be that you have to speak to communicate? It’s been a while, but …” he slipped out of the spoken language and signed again
I seem to have triggered it
His face was concerned at that and he stopped signing, reverting to speech once again, “That was the word for remembered, wasn’t it?” Then when he next spoke he both signed and spoke, “sorry Doctor”
Sorry, Doctor

Hannah smiled and shook her head. Her hands were busy, “No I’m human. Cairn have large fleshy protrusions on the side of their head because of their advanced telepathy. They have no vocal chords and use voice enhancers implanted where the larynx should be. Their hearing is fine though. I was born deaf.”

“Oh, of course,” Connor said, “been so long since I last had to sign, I’m out of practice.”

Hannah closed the tricorder and replaced the scanner and dropped it in her pocket. Her hands flowed, almost like a dance, through the signs, but she also used her voice. “It was kind of you to do that for your classmate. Actually what you signed,” Hannah brought two closed hands in front of her and pushed them out spreading her hands open, repeating his sign, “was ‘triggered.’ Remembered is this.” Hannah touched her right thumb just above her right eyebrow and then brought it down to rest on top of her left thumb. “But ‘trigger’ is a good substitute, indicating your memory of signing was triggered.” She waved off the apology, “Don’t apologize. It’s refreshing to see someone else using sign.”

Connor followed her hand movements
“Could I come to you for more lessons, Doctor,” Connor asked, “I don’t want to impose, but I don’t want to forget any more of it.” And it could potentially take my mind off Evan

Hannah was surprised to met someone who knew sign. Most people didn’t, but she wasn’t surprised by the request. Most people, once they learned some sign, always seemed to want to continue to learn or keep in practice. “I’d be happy to, Lt.” Her flat right hand moved in an upward motion from stomach to heart and circled down again to repeat ‘Happy’, then her closed right first - thump up - rested in her open left hand and lifted up and out towards him ‘help you.’ “Just let me know when.”

Glancing back down at the readings Hannah smiled and shook her head, “Nothing too concerning. You are showing a vitamin D deficiency. Which is pretty normal for someone serving on a star ship. The main source of Vitamin D is sunlight, and we don’t get a lot of that serving on a starship. I can give you something for it, but I would suggest making use of the UV lights in your quarters for a short time every day. Lack of vitamin D can also affect your sleep cycle. Other than that you shows signs of a little dehydration. Do you have any dry or itchy skin?”

Asimina, med

“The UV lights, got it. Itchy skin? Oh yes, on my left leg jfrom the knee down. I thought I must have been bitten by something.” Connor replied, “is that serious?”

  • Connor Hanson, Chief Enineer

Hannah pulled the tricorder back out and flipped it over. “Do you mind rolling up your left pant leg? We’ll just make sure it’s not a bug bite or anything else.” She moved the small scanner over his leg, just to make sure. “The dehydration is mild and not too concerning, but the first sign is dry itchy skin. Because there isn’t enough moisture in the body. Then as it gets worse it can lead to headaches and nausea. In your case increasing your water intake by a couple of glasses a day is enough. There are some replicator recipes for drinks with enhanced electrolytes that will help as well.”

Asimina, med

“Don’t mind at all,” Connor replied, rolling up his left pant leg to just above the knee. It was clearly red and irritated there, “I try not to scratch it, Doctor,” he said, as he was doing so he said,”Two extra glasses of water and electrolytes, got it,”

  • Connor Hanson, Chief Engineer

Hannah ran the tricorder over the area and looked at the results, she leaned closer to get a good look at it and then the results again. She moved over to the replicator and also grabbed a hypospray while she was at it. “So nothing serious. The dehydration has caused your skin to be overly dry. When the top layer of skin dries out it causes the lipids to shrivel up and allows allergens and other external aggressors to get past that top layer. I’m going to give you a shot of hydrocortisone to calm the nerves that have been irritated by the allergens. That will stop the itching. Then you’re already increasing your water intake so that’s going to help, a lot.” She handed him a jar filled with a heavy moisturizing cream. “Use this on your dry skin, especially your leg. As often as you remember to do it. You can’t use too much. It has ceramides in it, which are the lipids your skin needs to hold the skin cells together and stop those allergens from getting in. You’ll feel better this time tomorrow. It will take about a week with the increased water intake to get back to normal. I’d like to see you about then to make sure everything is getting better.” She held up two hypos, “Vitamin D supplement and this one is the hydrocortisone. May I?”

Lt Asimina, med


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