Teller Graham's Office Hey boss I have a brilliant idea ATTN Teller Graham

Posted March 30, 2022, 3:54 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Teller Graham (Chief Science Officer) (Luke Hung)

Posted by Ensign Kalani Alindor (Science Officer) in Teller Graham’s Office Hey boss I have a brilliant idea ATTN Teller Graham

Posted by Ensign Kalani Alindor (Science Officer) in Teller Graham’s Office Hey boss I have a brilliant idea ATTN Teller Graham
Kalani sat at her desk twiddling her stylus back and forth producing a rhythmic clicking sound the echoed through the lab. She had been debating and pondering the thought in her mind for months. If she didn’t get it out she would just do something rather rash and worry about the consequences later. The beg for forgiveness approach however didn’t exactly work when the action was clearly premeditated. This was Kalani’s conundrum.

Staring at Teller’s office Kalani decided to make her move. Walking to the replicator she thought for a moment about what to request. She hadn’t spent a lot of time with Teller alone so she had no idea what his poison was. “What to do, what to do,” she said to herself in a sing-song tone. Looking back over her shoulder, an idea struck her. Humans, while highly intelligent, were still just animals and creatures of habit. Habits were comforting things so she pressed a button on the replicator. =/\=Computer have the replicator produce the last food and drink items requested by Teller Graham. =/\= Seeing the items on the replicator pad, Kalani briefly wondered if this was typical or just what her grandpa called a hankerin’ for something different. Picking up the food and drink, she carried it to his office. Rapping on the door jamb with her free hand, she called out, “hey boss got a minute?”

Kalani Alindor, science officer.

OOC: If she brought food and drink it would be a coffee two sugars two cream and a sausage egg and cheese on a croissant.

Teller looked at his computer then back up at her. He responded, “Not really, but if you wait until I have time you’ll never see me.” He stood up. Reaching out with a hand he offered to take the food and drink.

“Bribery… I’m automatically suspicious.”

Slowly she withdrew her hand and took a step back. Maybe involving Graham right now was not the best course of action. The man was brilliant but at times even a genuis needed more than an idea to see the potential of something. Spinning on her heel, she decided maybe it was better to visit Mr. Hanson. With Jarred now assigned chief of experimental engineering, Hanson was the one she needed to get on board with her plan. Jarred had no choice. He had to come home at nights and a happy wife was a happy life. If she had two department heads on her side, there was no way the three of them could not convince Dante it was a great asset for the ships science department. It was a risk not mentioning it to Teller but the man seemed to be focused on other things at the moment and it was always better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.

Dropping the tray she had replicated for Teller, Kalani left the science office. She knew where Jarred kept the laser saw: on the coffee table half the time.

Kalani Alindor

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