Teller Graham's Office Hey boss I have a brilliant idea ATTN Teller Graham

Posted April 25, 2022, 9:54 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Teller Graham (Chief Science Officer) (Luke Hung)

Posted by Ensign Kalani Alindor (Science Officer) in Teller Graham’s Office Hey boss I have a brilliant idea ATTN Teller Graham

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Teller Graham (Chief Science Officer) in Teller Graham’s Office Hey boss I have a brilliant idea ATTN Teller Graham

Posted by Ensign Kalani Alindor (Science Officer) in Teller Graham’s Office Hey boss I have a brilliant idea ATTN Teller Graham
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Kalani sat at her desk twiddling her stylus back and forth producing a rhythmic clicking sound the echoed through the lab. She had been debating and pondering the thought in her mind for months. If she didn’t get it out she would just do something rather rash and worry about the consequences later. The beg for forgiveness approach however didn’t exactly work when the action was clearly premeditated. This was Kalani’s conundrum.

Staring at Teller’s office Kalani decided to make her move. Walking to the replicator she thought for a moment about what to request. She hadn’t spent a lot of time with Teller alone so she had no idea what his poison was. “What to do, what to do,” she said to herself in a sing-song tone. Looking back over her shoulder, an idea struck her. Humans, while highly intelligent, were still just animals and creatures of habit. Habits were comforting things so she pressed a button on the replicator. =/\=Computer have the replicator produce the last food and drink items requested by Teller Graham. =/\= Seeing the items on the replicator pad, Kalani briefly wondered if this was typical or just what her grandpa called a hankerin’ for something different. Picking up the food and drink, she carried it to his office. Rapping on the door jamb with her free hand, she called out, “hey boss got a minute?”

Kalani Alindor, science officer.
OOC: If she brought food and drink it would be a coffee two sugars two cream and a sausage egg and cheese on a croissant.

Teller looked at his computer then back up at her. He responded, “Not really, but if you wait until I have time you’ll never see me.” He stood up. Reaching out with a hand he offered to take the food and drink.

“Coffee, two sugars, two creams, and sausage egg and cheese on a croissant,” she announced although it was clearly evident what was on the tray. “I would like to say my keen powers of scientific observation showed what the big dog stalks at the replicator but sadly its just a computer and remembers what we ordered last so I took a chance.”

“Bribery… I’m automatically suspicious.”

“Pffft,” she waved a hand as if the comment was a compliment instead of a direct observation of the most basic of human principles. Food had always been a bargaining chip since the first creature crawled out of the ocean with a fish in its mouth to garner favor with the rest of the creatures who had established a house, bed, or other necessity. “Don’t be. I left here last night in the middle of the night and you were here and I got here for first shift and I don’t think you have moved from your spot.” This was not a lie. Teller was always buried in a project and Kalani wanted to harness his brilliant mind and singular talent of discovering new things into her corner.

“So I am not sure if you knew but that article I submitted for review to the Daystrom Institute came back last week on Achieving Biodiversity of Estuaries.” Kalani wasn’t fishing for compliments or acknowledgment of something that would eventually be a dusty footnote in academia. It was just a way to introduce the topic she wanted to discuss.

“I’m not sure where water… and probably fishes impact a star-ship. As you know water freezes in space.” Teller appeared young, freshed faced, although tired. He frequently gave the impression of an individual too young for his position in terms of his appearance.

“True but it doesn’t freeze planet side and that is where my practical results lay. You can run far more simulations on a starship so when you actually hit dirt side you don’t waste time,” Kalani said.

“Well, the main criticism was how my scale of balance in the brackish waters between the saltwater pond and the freshwater tidal pool could not be maintained on a larger scale which is ridiculous. The halophytic trees, shrubs and other plants growing in the area are doing their job just like predicted. Daystrom however wants a larger scale project. Of course, my response was how am I supposed to get bigger. We are on a Pendragon ship and not a full-scale science ship or ideally on a planetoid. After thinking about it for a couple of days…I got an idea.” The excitement and confidence radiated off the ensign as she took a seat across from Teller in one of the two empty seats facing his desk.

“Tell me sir,” she looked at him with a serious expression. “Do you prefer for one to ask for permission or beg for forgiveness in the matters of scientific exploration?”

Kalani Alindor

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Teller raised an eyebrow, “Well in general, I prefer to beg for forgiveness if the project is important enough but doesn’t affect others. In this case however, you don’t have the luxury of choosing ‘begging for forgiveness,’ since the cat is half way out of the bag already.”

“Not if we change the subject or stuff that cat right back in the bag.” Her laugh filled the room. Kalani liked her boss. She hadn’t had a lot of interaction with him but the ones she had had always been productive. From what she had experienced, Teller was not a micromanager. He let his people explore theories and succeed or fail. A professor once said to her that only through failure did one learn. Teller seemed to embrace that concept with sparked loyalty and hard work because from what Kalani had experienced most of the science was a failure until you found the big discovery.

“How is that breakfast,” she asked nodding to the food on the tray.

He took a sip of coffee. “For some reason I don’t think your bribe is big enough.”


“I could order you more food,” she let out a laugh hooking her thumb at the replicator behind her.

“And ruin my girlish figure… no thanks.”

Taking a deep breath she decided to just dive into the point. “So you know I have that space for my vivarium to work on establishing equilibrium in places where life is devoid to promote a more natural terraforming situation instead of fill a hole with water and stuff some flora and fauna around it.”

“Sure,” Graham led her on without agreeing to anything.

“I know my theory is sound but some of the science I could use a second mind with. I also,” she cringed slightly and hurriedly added the end part, “would love some help punching through the floor of the storage closet on D deck and flood it so we can study benthic ecosystems.”

Kalani Alindor science

And there it is. “You want to what?” He unconsciously shook his head in the negative fashion. “I don’t know how we could do that, the engineers would lose their minds.”

“There are several two or three deck areas on the ship. Cargo bays, shuttle bays, lounge, why on Earth would we punch a hole in your closet, if the area is that small I can get us a large cargo container and it there.”


Kalani took on a thousand-yard stare as she listened to Graham. “Don’t worry about the engineers. They will be fine,” she waved him off as if that was not a concern. “You know though I think you are totally right. We should flood the cargo bay below the closet. We have a ton of them that really aren’t used for much of anything.” Well anything Kalani cared about. Getting a smile on her face she looked at Graham. “So when do you want to start? I have a shuttle on standby to take us to Aquaria VI. I know a guy there that can get us some species of kelp, seaweed and urchins from a specialized cove that has animals that adapted to depts of 20 feet which are normally found at 50 feet or deeper. You know what that means don’t you,” she looked at Graham with a kid at Christmas expression. “It means you could create actual sustainable fisheries and such in places that don’t have or shun replicator technologies but still preserve the environment. When you look at it that way what are a few bulkheads, conduits, storage for the crap everyone brings and no one uses.” While Federation plantes, settlements, and colonies were zero carbon footprints the universe was vast. Societies still strip mined and destroyed the lands of places for things much like they did in the late twentieth and twenty first centuries.

Kalani Alindor science

Graham shook his head, “No, no, that’s not a plan. I need a floor plan, space, power utilization. Feeding resources… staffing requirements.” That was just the few things that he could pick off the top of his head. “The duration, the hypothesis you are trying to prove, how does your experiment prove it.” There was far more involved then pick up and go. “Hell how much is this going to cost me, to buy the stuff from your guy.”


Kalani moved her chair even closer to his desk. “Okay, all the samples are free because…I know a guy,” she wobbled her head back and forth in a don’t ask manner.

“Oh, silly me you know a guy.” Teller wasn’t convinced. Knowing a guy usually meant doing something legal, certainly at least underhanded. Not that he wouldn’t do something a little questionable, but he had to weigh such things.

“Also none of the supplies are coming from our department,” she grinned widely like the cat that caught the mouse. “Happy wife, happy life. Jarred always orders twenty percent over for emergency purposes. We are just going to use that twenty percent. I mean what is the worse that happens. He needs a power converter thingy on the fly and he just takes it from the vivarium. Honestly, it seems ridiculous to just leave things sitting on the shelves in case,” she air quoted the word, “he needs it. Starfleet always gives engineering the largest budgets so we are just Robin Hooding it for the poorer departments. ” Kalani moved even closer to the edge of his desk letting her enthusiasm bubble over like a kid at Christmas. Her excitement was making her talk a bit faster and move her hands about more rapidly as she talked. “The power requirements are a bit hefty so I have a couple of guys I know in engineering setting up a power supply that is isolated off the main grid. It would be insane to have us get attacked and loose power to it.”

“Until we have an emergency and he needs those supplies. We have to report the usage.” Goodness this woman was a menace. If she was left to her own devices she would get them both court marshaled. “The power,” he shrugged, with anti-matter reactions power that wasn’t used was lost so he could get his head around that.

“As to feeding and staffing that requires no one. The whole point is the system is self-sustaining so the insects feed the amphibians, the amphibians feed the small mammals and reptiles, and so on.” Drumming her fingernails on the table she got a slightly distant look. “We have only one issue so far and that was when I didn’t calculate the voraciousness of the Delmarvian bog toad and their ability to eat the fish I had Jarred add. To be honest,” she looked at him a bit sheepishly, “I did feel kinda bad that day. Jarred was scooping the fish out as fast as he could but it was a blood bath in the Ichthyology community that day.”

Kalani Alindor science officer

“What would happen if we lost containment, or your habitat lost power. We certainly could go into combat anything could happen.”


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