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Posted Aug. 21, 2022, 6:22 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Brenna Neenna Atoded (Chief of Security) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Harrison Rutger (Chief of Operations) in New Day New Mission

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Brenna Neenna Atoded (Chief of Security) in New Day New Mission

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Harrison Rutger (Chief of Operations) in New Day New Mission


If he was surprised by the new Chief of Security appearing flanked by three large hounds, like some figure from Norse Mythology, the Escorting Officer showed none of it. Standing a shade over 6ft, good looking, well built, and dressed in the Gold trimmed uniform of Operations, he stepped forward, PaDD in hand.

“Welcome aboard Commander, I am Lieutenant Rutger, Chief Operations Officer. We can make a stop off at the stateroom that has been assigned to you, or, if you would prefer to go directly to report to the Captain, NE Hartok here is an experienced Targ handler and would be happy to provide his services.” Harrison indicated the tall Klingon officer stood slightly off to one side with a wave of his hand.

LtJG Rutger – Chief Operations Officer

Brenna glanced over NE Hartok and nodded. She turned her attention to the dogs, a gentle tendril of mental touch, of emotion, encouraged the dogs to follow Hartok. The mental encouragement was followed by a hand signal and he dogs moved over and sat behind Hartok. Breena held her hand out, “Pleasure to meet you Lt Rutger. Breena Atoded. Shall we?”

Atoded, CoS

Harrison shook the offered hand, his grip firm but not to the point where it felt like he was trying to start some sort of arm wrestling contest. With his other hand he waved towards the doorway.

Rutger was taller by a few inches and had mass on her, but it didn’t seem to phase her. The only concession was perhaps to maintain a distance where she didn’t have to arch her neck upwards. Her grip was firm and reassuring. She found the human ritual and the varied ways it was used to exert body language for power amusing and a little pointless, but she participated non-the-less. She turned back to her shuttle and placed her palm to the control panel and then keyed in a command before following Rutger out of the bay.

“Likewise Commander Atoded. Shall we walk and talk?” Rutger set off purposefully, his step sure as he weaved around the activity in the busy shuttle bay.

“Don’t worry about your dogs, they are in good hands with NE Hartok. We had a larger sized stateroom spare so I took the liberty of requisitioning this for your use once I heard that we would have extra guests arriving.” Harrison pressed a few buttons on his PaDD, causing a corresponding beep to issue from the Commanders PaDD.

Brenna didn’t say it, but she wasn’t worried about the dogs. “I’m sure they’ll be fine.” She pulled the PaDD out of her right thigh cargo pocket and glanced at it. “Thank you Lt the consideration is appreciated. I’m sure the boys will enjoy the extra space.” She took note of the location and what she knew of the ship’s layout and then tucked the PaDD away. She’d find it easily enough.

“I took the liberty of compiling and collating the security department rosters and latest performance evaluations for your perusal. I assumed that you will institute your own staffing and training programs but I hoped this would help give you a head start?” He said with a smile, calling the turbolift to take them to the Captains Ready Room.

LtJG Harrison Rutger - Chief Operations Officer

Breena grinned, she loved ops officers. They were amazing, ships would fall about without them. “Excellent! Thank you Rutger. I appreciate it. That will certainly save me time.” Breena had of course already compiled dossiers on key members of the staff before she left for this assignment. Those didn’t include duty rosters or regular performance reviews, nor had she focused on the security staff directly. She’d run their names of course. She didn’t tell Rutger that though, he’d gone to quite a bit of trouble to compile the information and she really did appreciate it. “You guys in Operations really are the engine that keeps ships going.”

Harrison acknowledged the compliment with a smile and an inclination of his head. He gave a short chuckle. “Thank you Commander, although as a recently promoted Engineer, I feel like I’m required on behalf of my former colleagues to state that the engines are the engines that help the ship going!” He quipped.

The lift arrived and she stepped in and to the side. “How do you find the security department as it is now, Lt? Do they make themselves useful to your department or tend to get in the way?”

Atoded, CoS

Harrison hesitated slightly, aware that he was potentially stepping outside his area of expertise at this point. “Well,.. your predecessor had the department running smoothly, my only suggestion from reviewing the duty rosters and performance evaluations, would be that there could perhaps be some room to improve cross training with other departments and there might be some efficiency gains to be had by an increased emphasis on improvisation and problem solving exercises rather than simple repetition of the standard drills. I included a synopsis of my evaluations and a projected chart of efficiency savings in Annex C of the report.”

LtJG Rutger - Chief Operations Officer

“No Lt. That’s not what I meant. I was asking how security can help your department - Ops. Security, Ops, Engineering we all train in the same basics at Academy under the school of operations. So how can we best support you and what your department does?”

The answer would take some thinking and Brenna didn’t expect an immediate answer. In fact she would prefer a thoughtful answer to a rushed one. She left the chief and took the lift to her first onboarding appt. She would check on her boys as soon as she was done. She was sure NE Hartok was a capable individual, but she knew the firm hand the dogs needed. They weren’t pets and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Atoded, CoS

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