Checking in with the CSO

Posted May 2, 2022, 10:55 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Teller Graham (Chief Science Officer) (Luke Hung)

Posted by Ensign Nala Winters (Science Officer) in Checking in with the CSO
It was a long shuttle ride from Meridian station to The Saracen. That did not bother her; she spent the time digging through the public records of Cait. Trying to find information on her family. All she had been able to find were the names of her parents and her original name. It was a frustrating search. It was as if all of them, including herself, had vanished from the record. There had to be some reason for this and her name change. Something did not fit.

She was so focused on her research that she did not notice how much time had passed. Without warning to her, the shuttle had landed in the shuttle bay of The Saracen. To be fair there were probably updates given. But, she was just too focused to notice. She smiled at the realization that they had arrived. ” I’ll figure this out” She promised in a bare whisper before putting her datapad away and picking up her bag.

The first thing on her to-do list was to find her quarters, next was to make sure she was presentable then start her check-in. Finding her quarters did not take her too long. Once she entered she dropped her bag on the bed and found a brush. Her fur was likely to be a disgrace after that long flight.

Her reflection proved her theory right. Her pretty white fur stood out at all kinds of odd angles. ” I look like I have not brushed my fur in weeks. No wonder some people were staring at me ” she half growled to herself and she brushed herself forcing all of her fur to lay flat and neat.

” There now to see the Chief Science officer,” she said. She stopped by her bag on the way out to retrieve her datapad. Today was no doubt going to be a lot of hurry up and wait. Joy what fun.

She left her quarters and headed out to find the CSO’s office. She got lost more than once and had to stop and ask for directions. ” The CSO’s office is harder to find than a needle in a haystack” She growled in frustration. Eventually, a full two hours later she found it. By this time her tail twitched from left to right in slight agitation, not at anyone but her inability to navigate.

She took a deep breath and made one last check of her uniform. Then rang the chime. The CSO would find her waiting patiently on the other side of the door. Her uniform was spotless despite the absence of standard-issue boots. Her white fur is in perfect order and her bright blue eyes stand out in stark contrast. Her ears twitched and moved almost like radar dishes as sounds caught her attention.
Ensign Nala

“Come,” came the clipped reply. The door seemed to recognize the word and opened on cue.

The science chief sat behind a desk staring at a projected screen and waving his hand over the controls. Typing was passé, but he was doing something similar maybe a gesture controlled program. He waited until she came closer before he looked up.

“Morning, Ensign,” He confirmed the rank by looking at her empty pip at her collar, although he could likely could have determined it by her expressions. Graham looked young as well but there was a weariness to him that spoke of years of experience. “Were you unpacking?” Somehow he knew when she boarded the ship.

Graham CSO

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