War Room: Pre-Sim Department Heads First Meeting

Posted May 2, 2022, 11:09 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Teller Graham (Chief Science Officer) (Luke Hung)

Posted by Captain Dante Knight (Commanding Officer) in War Room: Pre-Sim Department Heads First Meeting
OOC: Hi Team. While we are doing check-ins and running through the process of everyone coming aboard and getting settled I decided to run this thread as a simple way to establish pre-sim, that the characters have met in some fashion. This is intended to take place after everyone’s check-ins are complete and before our current main sim distress call is received. The exact timing, I’m not fussed on but this will serve to meet the Captain and XO if you haven’t already and chat to your fellow Senior Officers.

Remember this post is available as a rough guide for anyone that may have questions about their characters uniform colour or place, or if they have an office etc: and as always, I am free to chat to via email or discord if you want to touch base.

IC: Dante stood at the window in the Saracen’s War Room that looked out over the saucer of the ship and away into the space beyond. Located on Deck One off of the Bridge, it was a handy location for quick briefings, mission planning and more in depth Tactical and Strategic overviews of their area of operations.

Today, the large table in the center was operating as just that, a table. Often, the surface displayed a big digital overlay of the Fleets operational area or the Saracen’s mission zone, with real time information about ships and anomalies displayed on it. The wall display, used for communication or other mission specific functions, was instead showing a relaxing backdrop of a Risian beach. This image matched the plates, bowls and bottles on the table. Ten Forward had put together a selection of finger foods and other refreshments, as the small replicator in the room was more suited to producing drinks.

The reason, was the Saracen had recently undergone a crew rotation. Unlike most, this one had brought him an almost all-new Senior Officer Roster. A new Chief of Security, Chief Engineer, Diplomatic Officer/Counselor, Chief of Operations and Chief Tactical Officer. Each one he was going to need to spend some time with, if he hadn’t already in the short time they had been aboard, but this would let them all come together as his Senior Officers.

Turning his head slightly he looked at Bruce curled up on the pet bed in the far corner. The big monitor lizard normally didn’t come to these meetings, but today Dante had decided that the new staff that hadn’t already, needed to meet him. “Here, best behavior, alright?” Dante said and tossed a piece of smoked bacon in the big lizard direction. Bruce’s beady black eyes snapped open instantly from a deep sleep and his head came up in one smooth motion, catching the delicacy and quickly eating it as if Oscar was going to appear and steal it from him, again.

Turning back to the window, Dante sipped the hot coffee from the Saracen Limited Edition coffee mug that he held in his hand, and wondered if he needed to schedule one of the HR events as a team building exercise for his new Officers. He would soon find out, as the time for them to arrive was near.

Captain Knight, CO

Teller walked in like he had come into the war room a million times… which he hadn’t. He looked about, first one here, that was odd for him. “Maybe I should leave and come back in five minutes, Sir.” He made no effort to leave beyond a thumb gesture to the door. He found a chair mid-way on the table and sat down. He placed a pair of PaDDs in front of him and start working on some side project.


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