War Room: Pre-Sim Department Heads First Meeting

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In all seriousness, he began. “My professional opinion, Dr. Knight, suggests we should throw a bunch of big, fluffy pillows or bean bag chairs all over the floor. Everyone can just flop down wherever they want. . . .and put a bar over there, in that corner. Make sure it’s stocked with a lot, I mean A LOT, of Miller High Life. Of course, we’ll have to take a trip back to the 20th century again to build up my stores. I’m starting run low, and the replicators just can’t get the flavor quite right. I’ve tried to tweak the recipe, but nothing I do can create a match.”

“Okay, I’m listening,” Dante said, and to put a punctuation mark on the point, the cup of coffee didn’t move an inch towards his lips. “Maybe we get Engineering to set up a brewery in a spare storage locker? Kalani set up a terrarium in one, why not something that’s more important to crew morale?”

He paused to take a breath, then continued. “We get an Atari 2600 connected to the viewscreen. You guys would love Space Invaders and Asteroids. My friends and I used to play those for hours and hours. Oh, and one more thing in the opposite corner of the bar–a small stage with a stripper pole, yeah? Of course that’s just my professional opinion.”

Colter (XO/CIO)

“I like your style,” picking up his PaDD, Dante made a note in it. “But that might get a little distracting for War Room décor. Lets stick to the rectangular table. For now.”

Natasha’s laughter echoed in the room. She always liked the intelligence chief. He was this fascinating mix of kill you in a back alley and invite you over for poker night. Give him ten minutes and he could convince you that there was some subterfuge in the room or distract you so that you completely miss a spy exchange happening immediately to your right. He could make you breakout in laughter or set you on edge that you look over your shoulder wondering if the glance he was sending your way was for you or praying he was talking to the person behind you.
Dr Knight wasn’t the only one who laughed. Brenna already knew from her meting with Colter that they would get along well. He was sharp and perceptive, and apparently had a wicked sense of humor.

“Sounds like at least two votes for the piloows, bar, and pole,” DaVinci replied.

Staff meetings by no fault of the attendees tended to be rather drab events. As much as she liked Teller, when he began to give reports in science-ese, she felt her head swim. Colter, when he finally showed up, would give his reports using only pronouns making his sentences a grammar exercise in three card monty. Aside from these two men that Nat had known for years, everyone around the table was new elements. She was excited however to get to know all of them. Leaning over to the counselor, Nat spoke and waved a finger around the table.

“You have your hands full with this crew,” she said good naturedly. “Dante never finds yes men or ladder climbers. His senior staff is the best and brightest of thier fields with a knack for wit and humor.” Natasha didn’t know the group past names on a dossier but she had a great feeling about them. The fact everyone had some witticism over the table was a good start. While Nat was not in pscyhe services, she was well aware of how humor and comraderie amongst a crew helped in times of crisis.

Sheleah had been watching the interactions of the crew. The verbal jousting between husband and wife each seeking to shore up their position wet, avoid throwing one another out the airlock while doing it. She wondered if Natasha was always so Machiavellian and if a bath pouf could really be at the heart of this whole conversation spiral.

When the XO had walked in, she glanced up recognizing but, not having met the man in person yet. What did Bruce think of this whole situation? She often wondered what Rex thought of her life and Sheleah was quite boring compared to Dante and Natasha.

Sighing, she stood up and went to the replicator again muttering to herself that there just wasn’t enough coffee for this situation.

On the way back to her seat, she passed the plate of bacon and picked up a hefty slice.

“So what’s the protocol for feeding Bruce?” she asked looking between Natasha and Dante.

“Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We try to limit snacks to one before bed and one before dinner,” Natasha replied taking a sip of her coffee. “For the most part, he is a carnivore like his father. Rex has a taurine requirement like most big cats or no,” she asked Ruby.

Natasha Knight CMO

She could feel the slight flush on her cheek as she almost blurted out Krull the Warrior King.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO


Sheleah put down the extra piece of bacon she had thought to offer Bruce before slipping back into her seat.

“Yes, he does have a taurine requirement like most other felines. We found each other in Brazil and I tried to give him a lot of approximation of his native diet with some interesting things thrown in because they meet the requirements. Come to find out, he absolutely loves chicken livers.”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“Oh go ahead and give the big lizard a treat,” Dante waved his hand towards Bruce, who, had raised his head and had been watching Sheleah and the bit of bacon. “He’s allowed out for a rare meet and greet, give him a bite and he’ll love you forever.” Looking towards the three extremely well behaved dogs off to the side, he looked back to Brenna. “How about your three, Commander Atoded? They’ve been sitting pretty quietly, are they allowed a treat?”

The dogs perked up when the gaze was focused on them. They looked curious but made no effort to move. Brenna glanced over at them and looked back at the captain. “Normally not while they are working, but it would certainly provide them the opportunity to identify the individuals in the room. They won’t approach the table unless invited. Though I will warn you, anyone who does give them a treat will find themselves begged to play when they,” she pointed at the dogs, “aren’t working.”

Atoded, CoS

Pausing a moment he looked at the new Counselor, he noticed the flush on her cheeks. barely there but there all the same. “Are you feeling alright Counselor? Can I get you a drink?” Natasha hadn’t been able to keep quiet and dinner that night about her meet and greet with Sheleah earlier, and while he had yet to sit and chat to her, he was particularly happy that the two women had clicked so well so early.

Captain Knight, CO

Sheleah retrieved the bacon and could tell the flush on her cheeks was rising just a bit more.

“Oh no, I’m feeling fine sir but, you know, regarding this whole table situation, I’m sorry to say that the universe really does prefer circles and spheres.” she said getting up and walking towards Bruce.

At the moment she didn’t trust herself to hand feed such a large creature she was unfamiliar with so, she merely tossed it to him.

“There you go handsome.”

Turning back to the Captain, she smiled again.

“But now that I really have a chance to think about the matter, Commander Colter’s idea does sound much more comfortable although I’m not so certain about his choice of beverage.”

“Three for pillows,” DaVinci interjected once again. “That’s because you’ve probably never had a real beer from Earth, Lt. Ruby. There’s nothing like a tailgate party outside Mile High Stadium. You’ve got a fresh off the grill brat or burger in one hand and an ice cold brew straight out of the cooler in the other. . . . .it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Colter (XO/CIO)

Sheleah figured she’d probably pushed far enough and picked up her coffee again.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Natasha looked at Dante and then Colter with a wry smile on her face. “Did we move off of tables and to secret jobs we took in college because someone’s roommate thought it would be a great idea to make some money because we all know you can’t work at the academy to make money? So we find a place to work no one,” Natasha stressed the last part as she spoke, “would ever find us only we see two people in the audience that had about as much business being there as Kelly and I?”

“Is that the new topic?” There was definite humor in her voice as she asked the question. Slowly taking a sip of her coffee, Natasha could not help but smile at the disaster of that night. She also was smiling wondering how much the CIO did know about everyone’s redacted bits of life. It was not like she was upset if Colter had found out about that night so long ago when she and Dante were barely out of thier teens. In fact she found it highly amusing if that was what Colter had been referring to. If he knew, Natasha would have have an insane amount of respect at his skills that paid the bills. That piece of nostalgia was buried so deep even Perkin’s crew hadn’t found it. It was not like she was embarrassed about that night. It was so long ago and like most crises’ and tragedies in life given enough time, the right amount of alcohol, and the correct group of people, things like that night became a great story about one’s life. If this little meeting was to get to know your staff, it might be fun to learn the side of everyone that was not all shiny and perfect in one’s dossier.

Natasha Knight CMO

Siarram was late, quite late actually, but not without reason. He’d been working, and his uniform would quite clearly show that - he hadn’t had time to change into a fresh one. So his uniform was smeared with grease spots he’d tried to quickly wash off in the washroom, with little success. “Sorry I’m late,” He said, taking a seat. Then he glanced around briefly at the others present, there were a few he had yet to meet at all. “Lieutenant Ch’thaanaq, the Chief Engineer.” He looked down at himself and chuckled, “if that weren’t already obvious.”

~ Lt Ch’thaanaq, CE

Brenna nodded, “Nothing wrong with pride in your work. Lt Cmdr Atoded, chief of security.” She waved a pointer finger between them indicating their uniforms, “Equally obvious since we share Ops Gold.”

Atoded, CoS

Siarram smiled and nodded. “I look forward to working with you.” He seemed relaxed and laid back as he took a seat and leaned back. “So, what are we supposed to be talking about?”

~ Lt Ch’thaanaq, CE

Brenna leaned over conspiratorially, “Apparently the CO and CMO are having a disagreement and it has boiled down into a ‘discussion’ about if we should have round or rectangular tables. The CMO here is taking score of who is on which side. And that puts us all in a conundrum doesn’t it. Who in their right mind would go against their CO, the one who decides if we go on life or death missions? But then who wants to nay say the good doctor when she’s the one who decides if we live or die of wounds when we return?” Brenna shook her head and shrugged with a huge grin, “Ah but we have been saved by the ingenious XO who has decided we don’t need tables at all. Instead we need floor pillows, beanbag chairs, and a stripper pole and a fully stocked bar.” She sat back with a grin. “OH I almost forgot. The captain’s giant lizard over there in the corner, Bruce, likes bacon. If you ask the Captain nicely he will let you toss Bruce a piece.”

Atoded, CoS

Siarram gave the giant lizard a sideways glance and shook his head, “I think I’d prefer not.” Whatever that was, Siarram wasn’t sure it belonged on starships. But it must have been the Captain’s so he would never, ever say that out loud. “As long as the… tables are able to do their, uh, job, I don’t care what shape they are. Or what color the apholstry is.” He commented on the little ‘conflict’ he’d just been briefed on.

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IC: “Natasha,” she nodded at the CE, “and while I was all about the round table I gotta admit the security chief is right. The XO did come up with the best solution. We are just about to debate patterns and colors for the pillows,” she joked. At times it did pay to be married to the boss. You didn’t have to worry about being called to his office for bad behavior.

Natasha Knight CMO

“Alright, we can talk about the decor of the redesigned War Room later,” Dante smirked lightly. “Now that everyone is here, I’d like to welcome all the new crew to the Saracen, the Meridian Fleets stand out ship with the best crew in the business, and don’t let anyone from the Odin tell you otherwise.”

“I’m sure a few of you have met already, Commander Colter and I encourage you all to say your piece, share your expertise and remember that neither he nor I could do our job’s without you. You’re all here because you are good at what you do, and I intend to use that every moment I can.” Pausing a moment, he picked up a piece of bacon and threw it casually to Bruce in the corner, looking at Atoded as he did so with a very slight raise of his eyebrow and grin at the corner of his lip. “Pays to keep the big lizard happy, after all.”

“Goin around the table I’ll start with the established crew. Commander Colter is possibly one of the most experienced Officer’s in the Fleet, with centuries of experience. Believe me he looks amazing for his age and his music taste is second to none. “

DaVinci nodded to the newcomers and replied to Dante’s compliment. “Thank you, skipper. I appreciate that.”

We’re also all invited to shore leave on his Ranch on Earth, so buckle up folks.” Dante looked over at the Executive Officer and grinned. “He is also the ships Intelligence Liaison, so feel free to ask him anything, he probably knows more than me.”

Captain Knight, CO

The XO choked on the ice water he was drinking. After clearing his throat, he said, “All?!? Yes, of course, everyone is welcome, but you’ll all have to BYOB. I’ll supply the pig roast, and I hope you all don’t mind sleeping under the stars.”

He cast a sideways glance at Dante that saidm “Really??”

Colter (XO/CIO)

Siarram glanced around at the Captain’s words and then waited quietly for the crew to begin introducing themselves.

~ Lt Siarram, CE

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