Side Sim - Sick Bay- Near Miss for Medical Personal ATTN Rico and Ruby

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As she fully laid back down, it was then her body felt the absence of the blade normally concealed at the small of her back. Her heart sank as horror washed over her face. Her mind could only come to one conclusion that would explain everything going on. Loud authoritarian voice echoed in her memory, ‘Laju Eghimea you have been found guilty of the worse kind of murder…’

Her voice trembled as she spoke, “Did I….” Her broken voice dropped to a near whisper, “did I hurt someone…”

2nd Lt Laju Eghimea

Eghimea is an average build (if not on the smaller side) Bajoran female. Her short cut brown hair is always kept neat and professional despite the burns on the side of her head. Unseen under her cloths, her burns run the length of her right side of her body. She had deep brown eyes that appear a hint wider than normal. Pervious scans would have revealed the following tattoos. There is a tattoo of her family emblem and one of the Bajoran Crest. These two tattoos straddle her chest just over her heart. On her back opposite of her heart is, is the holy symbol of the Celestial Temple. As mentioned above, Eghimea has burns that start at her mid-right leg and go up to her neck. There are burn marks on the side of her head, which she covers (partly) with her hair. These burns are deep and can distracted from her natural beauty. These scars are nothing compared to the sense of hollowness in her eyes.

Her Bajoran Star Guard Uniform is made up of black combat boots with grave plates built within. Her white paints with black stripes were light and flexible, though like the boots designed for work in space. Her white blouse with black stripes down the sides was a button up from the left side. Made of the same material as her paints. A black leather belt that was equally shined held her empty blaster holster on one side. On her left chest, she wore her Bajoran comlink and on her right, she wears her Bajoran Star Guard Insignia.

(OOC: Description of the character per conversation)
2nd LT Laju Eghimea

When Sheleah had received the emergency comm from Tasha she had been in her quarters on a subspace call with Dr. Sam Drummond. He was a preeminent feline biologist who rant the facility in Brazil where she had acquired Rex. Professionally they were having a discussion of his growth, eating habits, etcetera. Personally, they were two exes catching up.

Since the CMO’s call had been urgent, donning a uniform seemed a waste of valuable time so, she had slipped out of her quarters in a pair of black slacks and a lavender button up shirt with several buttons left undone. Her blond hair was a bit tousled because she had just went several rounds playing with Rex and the only shoes she could find were flats.

Standing outside the field, Dante and Rico watched what was happening in silence, mostly. Looking over his shoulder, Rico checked the locations of Allison and Natasha and then leaned closer to Dante and whispered. “So that’s our new Counselor? I have a feeling that a large proportion of the single crew is going to develop a need for confession pretty soon, she’s going to be a busy woman.”

“Shut up Rico,” Dante said without moving is head or eyes off the woman in the bed. “Confession and Counseling are two different things, you’ve been watching too many dodgy holo-novels as Darius would say. Eye on the prize Lieutenant.”

“No Second Lieutenant Laju, you didn’t hurt anybody but you were acting erratically and, I think it’s fair to say, you scared some people.

Hearing the answer, Eghimea rolled her head to gaze up at the ceiling. She let out a short sigh as she closed her eyes. She could feel the guilt washing from her face. Still, her memory was blurred with flashes of clarity here and there. She finally nodded opening her eyes once more, “I didn’t mean to scare anyone.” She leaned up on her left elbow and twisted slightly to see the woman standing next to her. “I am sorry,” she said softly and truthfully.

Can you explain what brought you here in the first place?”

Sheleah knew she wasn’t meant to conduct a full psyche evaluation right at this moment but, a few questions would determine how lucid this woman was.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

It was the second question that caused her reason to concern. She had acted erratically and went so far as scaring people. While she was grateful that no one was hurt, that didn’t mean she hadn’t done something horrible. She was supposed to be here, or at least the Swiss cheese of her memory claimed that she was. There were flashes in her mind. She could hear and see people talking but she couldn’t make out the voices or the words.

What she could start to see more clearly, was how she came aboard. She suddenly felt fear well up once more. Deciding not to sound completely insane, she chose the easiest of the answers. Giving a short nod she spoke once more, “transfer as part of the Officer Fellowship Program.” It was a half-truth and Eghimea had hoped that it would be enough for this trained Counselor. At least for her to piece together her own memory. “Under orders from Colonel Zado Fanuca,” she added. She knew these parts were at least true.

She needed to show these people that despite what happened, she didn’t mean anyone here harm. Something, anything, her mind raced for an answer, a jester. Shifting slightly, she started to hold out her right hand. Her eyes moving cautiously from the woman to whom ever was hiding beyond the security field. Doubt forced her fear to hold ground in her mind. It was true, she really didn’t mean anyone harm. Yet was that true for them? It was an answer still waiting to be shown.

She offered a silent prayer to the Prophets before saying, “Eghimea,” she said trying to hold some measure of confidence. Well at least as much confidence as one could hold given the situation and worse, the blurred memories that strangled her resolve. “You can call me, Eghimea,” she said offering her hand and forcing her eyes from the security field back to Sheleah.

2nd LT Laju Eghimea

Sheleah reached out and took Eghimea’s hand and shook and held it for several seconds.

“Okay then. What brought you to sickbay specifically?” she asked.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Sheleah reached out and took Eghimea’s hand and shook and held it for several seconds.

Eghimea tried to smile, but she was still nervous.

“Okay then. What brought you to sickbay specifically?” she asked.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

She drew in a deep breath as she made no effort to pull her hand back. Her mind was starting to calm down, which allowed her to think more clearly. She could remember the deck officer and the laughter of a pair of deck hands unloading boxes. She could see through the haze as she followed the pair of wives across the shuttle bay. There was a security check ahead of her. She saw a group of new crew members making their way through the line.

She saw a strange alien creature that resembled some kind of large feline. The creature was talking to the deck officer. Eghimea could hear him tell her that she needed to report for a medical check in.

Eghimea slowly let out her breath, “I needed a check in.” She paused a moment, “I am sorry. There are so many blurry parts of my memory, and I am still trying to figure a lot of them out. “I remember hearing someone saying something about my medical check in,” She shivered a bit, “I didn’t expect this place to bring back so many bad memories.” Taking in a short breath, and letting out her fear.

2nd Lt Laju Eghimea

The situation screamed out for a full psyche eval. Sheleah had so many questions but the Captain had made his wishes clear and, even though he hadn’t stopped her yet, she wanted to err on the side of following orders.

“Bad memories? I’m sorry to hear that. Are you aware your system tested positive for an antidepressant?” she asked.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Eghimea could see the scene play out in her mind. Could she trust the images or were they part of the side effect of the drug, she could help but wonder. She saw the bottle being passed around and words about it uses. There were still blurry parts that only added to the confusion.

She pressed her mind harder, “I am,” she said softly. She could see in prefect clarity the sick bay of the USS Thunderchild. She was sure that this memory was real. She could see the tall slender doctor who had convinced her to try some kind of fruit from his homeworld. “There were fears of Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome,” she added softly. “Doctor Surin had warned me about it,” she explained. She chose not to continue. Not out of a sense of hiding anything. But out of a fear of rather her memory could be trusted.

And that is what caused her the most discomfort. Not being able to trust that which was her most valuable asset.

She drew in a deep breath, “am I in trouble?”

2nd LT Laju Eghimea

“That’s not for me to really say at this moment but, I know there are some other people that want to speak with you. Now, if you’d like, I can stay here while security and the Captain speak with you but, I’m quite certain, you are in the best of hands either way.” Sheleah explained gently.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Once more Eghimea glanced down at her hand still within the hand of this alien’s hand. She wasn’t sure why, but somehow just holding this woman’s hand made her feel more at ease. She couldn’t imagine her doing anything that would cause her to be in trouble, but then again, so many memories were just blurred.

Letting out long sigh, “I think I would want that.” She paused slight then turned her eyes back to those blue green eyes, “I mean, if you don’t mind.” After a moment, she finally gave a nod. “If I did something wrong, or hurt someone I need to own it,” she said truthfully.

2nd LT Laju Eghimea

Sheleah smiled and finally took the customary seat by the bedside.

“Alright then, I’ll be right here for as long as you need me. Do you need a few minutes or are you ready for everybody else?” she asked knowing full well others where out there listening.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Eghimea paused for a moment feeling sick. This wasn’t who she was, and she hated the feeling. Her own memories made her feel crazy. What made everything else so much worse was the idea that she couldn’t trust what she remembered.

She gave a nod, signaling that she was willing and ready to answer for whatever it was that she had done wrong. Not that she expected anything less than to be thrown off the ship. She pressed her palm up against her right eye and pushed it back through her hair.

She could imagine the reception she would receive back home. Her grandfather would be so disappointed in her. Regardless of what she had done, she would face it like a Laju should. She would at least do that for the family.

Her eyes searched her prison within the Sick Bay wondering who would be joining them. Her eyes returned to Sheleah as if searching for support.

2nd LT Laju Eghimea

Sheleah nodded. She could see that the woman still felt very disturbed but, Sheleah felt that she was of no danger to anybody at the moment.

“Alright everyone, I think we’re ready in here.”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

Eghimea drew in a deep breath as she turned her head, searching for whom might be joining them. Anticipation was mounting as was her fears, her concerns. Her mind wondered a bit as she took this moment to take everything into perspective.

2LT Laju Eghimea

The isolation field dropped and two men walked forward to stand beside Sheleah. One was slightly shorter than the other but was built like he ate half a dozen chickens for breakfast and boxed with Gorn for fun, sported a short utilitarian hair style and the yellow tunic of Security and pips of a full Lieutenant. He also held the weapons that Eghimea had been carrying in is hands and by the way he held them, he was more than familiar with how to use them. The man had hard, ice green eyes but they weren’t unforgiving. They just showed that he was a man who had history and had conquered demons, holding an intelligence that his build concealed.

The other was a few inches taller, was leaner but had a presence that drew peoples eyes off the muscle gorilla next to him and onto himself, helped in no small part by the red tunic of Command and the rank pips of Captain on his collar. The man sported a squared jawline and a short stubble of beard that was tidily shaped, if not for that beard, his face might have looked younger than his years but his hazel green eyes held an intensity that didn’t match any youthful appearance. Right now, those eyes were fixed on the Bajoran in the bed.

“Thank you Counselor,” he acknowledged Sheleah for a moment before looking back at the Bajoran. “I’m Captain Dante Knight, welcome to my Ship, Lieutenant Second Grade Laju Eghimea. You’ll forgive us for taking these off your hands,” he inclined his head to Rico, who looked down at the weapons to draw her eyes to them as well. “Walking around the Saracen with weapons before you have been cleared for duty isn’t appreciated. How are you feeling? It seems you’ve had an eventful time since getting off the shuttle.” His voice was slightly accented. Laju likely wouldn’t be able to place the Italian accent of his heritage, but it still came through in his tone which wasn’t aggressive. It was actually friendly.

Captain Knight and Lt Vanhall

She watched to two men enter as the field dropped. Suddenly she felt very small, very vulnerable. She tried not to show it and ended up slightly squeezing the hand that she had forgotten she was still holding. It only took a moment for her to realize what she was doing and calm herself.

She knew better than to interrupt the man who had all the authority to toss her out the nearest airlock. So, she calmed herself and acknowledged his statements with a slight nod. At the mention of her weapons, she felt it odd. The it dawned on her what he was saying. Her own brother wouldn’t have allowed a stranger on his ship without permission, let alone armed. She blushed slightly at the mistake in judgment.

She felt her mind slipping as memories of her brother, her ship, and its death threatened to overwhelm her. Once more, she fought back the memories and was even able to paint a slight smile on her face as she answered the only question, she seemed allowed to answer at this point, “Um, Sir, a bit foggy, some parts don’t make sense, others,” her eyes moved over to her weapons, “poor judgement, Sir.”

She looked down as if searching for the right words and only came up with, “Sir” she said looking up to him, “I apologize for all this…” she trailed off, not knowing what else to say.

2nd LT Laju Eghimea

Sheleah didn’t move her hand when Eghimea had squeezed it, she stayed where she was silently watching everybody’s body language and listening for vocal stresses.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

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