side - sim: Medical Prepardness

Posted June 30, 2022, 10:27 a.m. by Lieutenant Siarram Ch'Thaanaq (Chief Engineer) (Lucas Foxley)

Posted by Lieutenant Hannah Lori Asimina (Medical Officer) in side - sim: Medical Prepardness
The labs had worked meticulously on the blood sample that Lt Ch’Thaanaq had left with Hannah. They had finally managed to synthesize his blood. It had to be tested of course just to make sure it was safe. For that Hannah needed Siarram to come into sickbay. =/\=Asimina to,” oh dear she was so bad at this but she spoke clearly and carefully to make sure the computer recognized her intent, “Lt Ch’Thaanaq. At your early convience could you come to sickbay. Whenever you have an hour to two.=/\=

Asimina, med

=^= It’ll be a minute, but I’ll be there. =^= was the reply Ch’thaanaq gave over the communicator. It was nearly twenty minutes later he showed up in Sickbay, his uniform… not quite as clean as when he put it on (was it possible to not get the thing dirty? It must be, other engineers did it, but Siarram seemed incapable). He stopped the first nurse he saw, “I was paged by Doctor Asimina?”

~ Lt Ch’thaanaq, CE

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