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Posted July 1, 2022, 2:55 p.m. by 2nd Lieutenant Laju Eghimea (Security Officer) (M Lyon)

Walking Memory Lane
Office of Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby
Diplomatic Officer/Counselor

It had been nearly two weeks since the events of her tragic medical check in. 2nd Lieutenant Laju Eghimea paced within the anti-chamber of Councilor Ruby’s office. Her arms were crossed around her midriff thinking back to the events of the past month or so. So much of it was a blur to her, so much of it was confusing. It was like she had woken up from one nightmare to another.

After the events of the medical check-in, the Saracen had placed a rather routine information request to the Bajoran Government. The response was something that Eghimea had not expected. They had confirmed the transfer which had been placed by the now late Colonel Zado Fanuca. The fact that the late Colonel was Eghimea’s grandfather was a piece of information she wasn’t ready to share yet.

The confirmation included the information regarding the accident within the Pycok System. An event which she was responsible for and had caused the deaths of her brother and father. Which still kept her up at nights, despite doing everything in her power to overcome it. The information contained all that Star Fleet would need regarding a new officer coming aboard. What had surprised her was the lack of information or reports regarding the trial.

Still, she couldn’t worry about events back home. She was ordered to make regular visits to the ship’s Doctor Feels prior to being cleared for duty. If she couldn’t secure the trust of the Councilor, her fate would remain up in the air. Worse, she could be sent home in disgrace.

Pulling her arms tighter around her midriff, she felt sick once more. It wasn’t like this alien woman had treated her wrong or done anything to cause her fear. In fact, for an alien, she was, well pretty nice. But it was the complete lack of control over her life, over her fate that caused her nerves to be wracked.

She focused on her breathing and her training. Her father and brother taught her well enough to resist Cardassian torture. Once more she frowned, she couldn’t do that. She needed this alien to see that she wasn’t crazy. Sadly, she herself wasn’t completely sure of her own sanity. At least not just yet. Eghimea thought of what Doctor Knight had said that she had suffered a side effect from some drug she had taken.

Looking around the room, the alien decor made her feel uneasy. She felt alone, among these aliens. The only other Bajoran on the ship refused to even speak to her. Because of the events of her check-in, she wasn’t even allowed to carry her weapons. Though she could understand why they had taken them from her. It didn’t help with the fact that she felt naked without them. Closing her eyes, she could remember the gift wrapping and even the little pink and red ribbon that was on the box that contained her blaster. Her father’s words echoed in her memory, ‘you’re a big girl now, Eghimea. One day you will need this to protect your family when the Cardassians return.’ Searching the room, she wondered if she was being watched.

She let out a sigh of frustration as she ran her hands through her short cut brown hair. Dropping her hands, she turned and walked over to a nearby chair. She half flopped and half set down, “nothing makes sense.” Her voice low and regretful.

It was true, nothing was making sense. She was without a doubt one of the best pilots in the StarGuard. She had nerves of steel, and yet now she was anxious just waiting to see a Doctor Feels. She was a leader among her cadets, and yes sure she had some issues with arrogance. But now she felt as if she was always being watched.

“It’s worse than waking to a nightmare,” she said softly leaning forward in her chair. “It’s like waking into someone else’s life.” Once more, she ran her hands over her hair while letting out a long sigh.

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