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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Brenna Neenna Atoded (Chief of Security) in side - sim: We Should Stop Meeting Like This (TAG Marsh)
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The doors to her quarters hissed open and Brenna was met by three very eager and happy minds. Pure joy, no ulterior motives, no agendas, just joy. All three huskies whined and bounded around her, eager for attention. They were also slightly bored. They were used to working, a lot. They were also used to having a lot of other animals to play with. Brenna soothed them with a touch of her empathy. “I know, there is so much new here and you are eager to see it. We’ll get to it.” She spent the next half hour letting them play and rough house.

“Okay, okay, Fekri…enough.” She hugged the dog, ruffled his ears and then pushed him off her lap. “Alright dinner,” Brenna waved toward the replicator as she rolled to standing. All three dogs immediately found a spot and sat. She’d already programmed the replicator files in, and in short order she had three sets of food and water bowls on the floor. She left them to their food and walked into the bed room, “Ugh, you boys are shedding again. You know what that means.” The dogs of course didn’t say anything, but Fenris, tongue lolling glanced at the other two with what looked like doggie laughter.

Atoded, CoS

Richard sat on his couch and lifted his Padd from the table. He had a desire to meet up with Brenna and catch up with her. He figured a simple call would suffice to at least make plans before he just went over without warning. He did not want to make her feel awkward and he did not want to look desperate for a relationship. The truth was that he loved her no matter what and wanted to spend time with her once again now that they were both on the Saracen together. He scrolled through his screen and then signaled Brenna.

  • Marsh, CTO

Brenna stepped out of her bathroom, wrapped in pastel fuscia satin robe, brush in hand, as she worked to get the knots out of her freshly washed hair. Her console beeped and she walked over to glance at it. An internal ship call? Why didn’t they use the comm badge system? Then she saw who it was from. She couldn’t help the smile on her face. But her feelings were conflicted with duty, and concern, and fear, and confusion. Why was he here, why did he give up his XO position to come here? And most of all if Richard was the man she knew him to be, and she wasn’t wrong, was he at risk being here?

She hit the button to turn on the console, “Mouse Heart!” Brenna grinned, “You certainly took your time. I thought you’d be hiding in my quarters with Betazoid chocolates again.”

Atoded, CoS

Richard chuckled at her calling him ‘Mouse Heart’ a little nickname she had donned on him years ago. He then nodded his head once, “You know that I have come bearing gifts for you and the fur kids.” He showed her a concealed bag along with flowers from Betazoid, “May I come by your quarters now? We can catch up on things. I am sure that you have plenty of questions.”

  • Marsh, CTO

Fenris was whining and turning circles. He’d taken Richard’s absence the hardest. Brenna did have questions. One she didn’t want to ask because she wanted to believe that she knew Richard well enough to know the answers. To believe that he was in no way, willing or unknowingly, connected to that other part of her life. But she did miss him, and she’d shoved it down deeply, where she could take it out and allow her self to feel it only when she wanted to. “Of course you can come by. Have you eaten?”

She grinned at him through the console. “Be here in 5.” and she disconnected. She looked around, “I suppose I should try to unpack?” Fenris just whined where was his person? He heard him where did he go? Fekri huffed bored at Fenris’ antics from his bed and Geri was pacing back and forth worked up over the sound of Richard’s voice for a while different reason.

Atoded, CoS

Richard cleaned up nicely as he was well shaven, wore a nice pair of black jeans, and a long sleeve collared button down blue shirt to match his eyes. He did a double take of himself in the mirror prior to hitting the corridor in route to Brenna’s quarters. He had almost forgotten the gifts, but remembered just in the nick of time. He carried the flowers and chocolates from Betazed with him. He was all but certain that Brenna would be pleased. Richard was prepared for her fur children as well with cookies prepared in his pockets in order to bribe them for immediate acceptance back into their lives. Upon his arrival, he politely pressed the chime on her door.

  • Marsh, CTO

Brenna probably should have changed, but it had been a long day, hard work, and a lot of PT. She was as off duty as she could be as CoS, so she was staying in her robe. Her only concession was to slip on a pair of ballet style house slippers. She had known Richard a long time, and he’d seen her a lot less modest than a floor length satin robe. Brenna as conflicted with how she felt. She was happy to see Richard, but she was also wary and worried. She set out two glasses, one each of their favorite drinks on the low coffee table and then curled up on the couch, where Geri quickly jumped up to lay across her lap.

She was sitting on the couch, Geri still in her lap and at the sound of the chime she leaned over to press the control to open the door. “Come in.” Several things happened. Fenris laid down at her feet, watching Richard, and whining pitifully. Freki padded over, and laid down with his hed over Fenris and rumbled softly, trying to soothe his liter mate. Geri growled softly, got up and disappeared behind a chair where his bed was. Brenna shook her head and a knowing smirk tugged the corner of her mouth. She leaned down from where she was curled on the couch and pet Fenris several times. Her boys’ reaction to his arrival didn’t surprise her one bit. Fenris had always been taken with Richard, even choosing Richard over her, and he had been heart broken when Richard left him behind. Freki was, if a dog could say to have higher reasoning, choosing to defer his opinion till lat.r Geri couldn’t stand Richard, and didn’t trust him.

Brenna waited for the door to close and her gaze turned serious from across the room. “Richard what in the name of the four gods are you doing here? You’re supposed to be taking a rank promotion to full Cmdr and serving as first officer to Lopez on the Andromeda.”

Atoded, CoS


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