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Posted Aug. 9, 2022, 12:36 p.m. by Ensign Hawkeye Logan (Security Officer) (Christopher Logan)

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Posted by Ensign Hawkeye Logan (Security Officer) in Seeing the CNS -TAG CNS-

Posted by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) in Seeing the CNS -TAG CNS-
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As the ensign little bridge from seeing the captain, he went to the turbolift an said “Deck 5” little did he know that’s where the counselor was. He went the counselors door and rang the chime and stood there awaiting to come in.

Ensign Logan

Sheleah was just coming back form her quarters after grabbing a quick lunch and saw Logan at her door.

“Good afternoon. How are you this fine day?” she asked cheerily.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“It’s going alright. And yourself counselor.” As he smiled. Looking at the counselor.

Ensign Logan

“It’s going alright for me too. Please step in and we’ll get this under way.” she said shifting positions and allowing Rex toslide from her left shoulder.

“You don’t mind cats do you?”

She had begun taking him nearly everywhere. The Saracen was one of the most accommodating and had a very pro pet culture she discovered.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“I love cats actually. I had one myself. But he had died.” He said.

Ensign Logan

Sheleah was genuinely sorry to hear that. She put great stock in people’s companions.

Rex bounded into her office and immediately jumped onto Sheleah’s desk. Stretching the length of it so she would have to move him before getting to work on anything.

“Oh my. You’re so silly. Now move.” she said before turning back to Logan.

“I’m sorry to hear that. I have a feeling that if you should decide to have another companion animal, all you have to do is voice that desire in a whisper and you’ll have baskets of creatures at your door.”

Sheleah slipped into the chair behind her desk and picked up the suddenly feisty ocelot.

“So, Other than that why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself.”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“Well counselor there’s really nothing to say honstly.” He replied.

Ensign Logan

Sheleah figured there was always something with every person she met. It just took somebody else to see that there was.

“Okay so, tell me aobut where you grew up and your family.” she said.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“Family? My family died when I was in the academy. So I have no family. Where I grew up is San Francisco. Where Headquarters is.” He said.

Ensign Logan

Sheleah wondered if there was a lot to unpack or if Logan was just very abrupt.

“San Fran is beautiful now. I’ve seen some of the historical records and I know that wasn’t always the case. How did you like growing up there?”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“Heh. I loved it honestly. It’s the best place I could ever live in.” He said.

Ensign Logan.

Sheleah nodded and smiled.

“So you didn’t join the academy for the travel. What drew you to Star Fleet?”

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“I joined starfleet to be with friends. Star Fleet grew to me cause I love to fly but I want to put my life on be line.” He mentioned.

Ensign Logan

Sheleah noted risk taking behavior. That could be a good quality when tempered properly.

“And just what does putting your life on the line mean to you?” she asked.

  • Sheleah, CNS/DO

“What it means that I would take anything for someone who is in risk of death or something like that.” He said.

Ensign Logan

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