When Spooks Meet (TAG Colter)

Posted Aug. 9, 2022, 11:51 p.m. by Commander Daniel "DaVinci" Colter (Executive Officer/CIO) (Terry Sullivan)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Brenna Neenna Atoded (Chief of Security) in When Spooks Meet (TAG Colter)

Posted by Commander Daniel “DaVinci” Colter (Executive Officer/CIO) in When Spooks Meet (TAG Colter)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Brenna Neenna Atoded (Chief of Security) in When Spooks Meet (TAG Colter)
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As Brenna listed the names, the CIO cross-referenced them against his list. With a sigh of relief, none of the names matched. He was also pleased not to see Atoded’s name listed anywhere.

“About 6 years ago, before I came aboard the Saracen as her chief of intel, I was assigned by Intel to be a part of an investigative, and if needed, extermination team. There were five teams total and we were each given a list of names. There were rumors of moles and double agents scattered throughout Starfleet. They had infiltrated ships, outposts, research facilities, hell, even Starfleet HQ itself.. Each team performed their own investigation of the possible perpetrators. We had them under constant surveillance- watching who they interacted with, monitored ALL communication, checked into their families and background.”

“If nothing showed up in our investigation, the name was removed from the list and we’d move on to the next name. If we discovered they were traitors, the suspect was eliminated. This op was completely off the books and everything death was meticulously planned as an accident. Questions didn’t get asked.”

After a while, the assignment began to take a toll on some members of my team. They weren’t analyzing the data completely. If something suspicious showed up . . . guilty, whether they were or not. I began to fear that some members of my own team had been compromised and they were going to be gunning for me soon. So I went off the grid. I ended up getting a step ahead off all the hit teams and helping some of those that were on the lists, to disappear.”

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Colter (XO/CIO)

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Brenna listened, she could easily surmise the details he was leaving out. His task wasn’t all that different than hers had been. It was even possible that even though their teams didn’t work together they were working in parallel. Brenna leaned back with a stiff nod at his last statement. “Such extreme assignments can take a tole on the people assigned to them. Some lose their nerve, others become paranoid, and some enjoy the power.” She shook her head, it was more spoken mental musings than to inform him, he obviously already knew this.

“That’s exactly what I think began to happen.”

What he had done was dangerous, off grid, working against his own and other teams to save those that were innocent. Especially if members of his team had been turned. “You understand my…apprehension.” She didn’t want to believe that someone from her ‘team’ had been turned, but it was that or someone had been very careless.

Atoded, CoS

“I was fortunate enough that I could trust my handler, and he trusted me to do what I had to. I owe him a huge debt for allowing me to keep saving those people and avoid the blow back from those that got carried away. It took 5 years for the dust to finally settle and I was finally able to come back in from the cold, but, by that time a lot of innocents lives had been taken. We did ferret out some moles, but it doesn’t make up for those that didn’t deserve it. That’s guilt I’m always going to carry with me, unfortunately.”

Atoded could only nod. There were some things that could never be atoned for, and other things that you atoned for that weren’t your responsibility. It appeared that this was one of the later for Cmdr Colter. “You can’t hold yourself responsible for the depravities of others. As long as you did what you could then it’s not your guilt.”
She smiled but it didn’t reach her eyes. “That’s what they tell us anyway. The reality doesn’t go along with it.”

“I’m not privy to what happened to those that went overboard. I’m hoping most of them are safe in a Federation prison. I don’t think that’s the case for all of them, though. Some are bound to have gotten away and back to the factions that turned them. I just hope they’re still not out there waiting for the right time to strike at me or the people, ship, and crew I care about. Especially Hannah. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost her again.”“

Colter (XO/CIO)

Hannah? Atoded ran through the list of crew, she didn’t have a ‘photographic’ memory, but you learned to read and retain information. Hannah…Hannah…There was a doctor Hannah Asimina. “Dr. Asimina?” Brenna felt suddenly very tired. She couldn’t tell Richard what she’d been up to all these years, and he never asked. He knew the rules, and she knew if things hit the fan, Richard could take care of himself. “Have you talked to her? Does she know what to do if someone shows up or they find out about her?” Brenna made a mental note to check the woman’s fire arms qualifications and hand to hand ratings.

Atoded, CoS

“Dr. Asimina? Hannah? To be honest, I hadn’t given it much thought until you presented me with the list. We have discussed my time away, but never in great detail. She just knows I got pulled away on a covert ops mission and continued getting those until I ended up here on the Saracen as ger Chief of Intel. If I told her exactly what I had been doing those 5 years. . . . I’ll just say it’s better that she doesn’t know the details. I’m not real proud of some of the things I did then. I just have to kee my eyes open to anything that could possibly be a threat to her.”

Colter (XO/CIO)

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