Holodeck 2: Little Lost Rex (tag: Jenn)

Posted Sept. 25, 2022, 2:13 a.m. by Lieutenant Sheleah Ruby (Diplomatic Officer / CNS) (Catt Bennett)

This was the first time Sheleah had ventured into one of the Saracen’s holodecks. They were standard but the programs people created told a lot about this ship’s crew. She wasn’t here on a counseling assignment though. today was all about her and Rex having a little environmental R&R. She had wanted some moderate hiking and lots of forest with the promise of a picnic at the end. After programming that, and several other parameters, she and rex stepped into a wonderfully sunlit morning in a small clearing with several trails leading away.

Some looked to be quite easy and others a bit more rocky.

Kneeling down she unfastened Rex’s harness and leash putting them away in a small pack.

“Alright my boy, let’s take a walk.” she said and turned towards one of the intermediate trails.

For his part, Rex always liked these types of outings. Today he had decided that he was a big boy and could leave momma to her own devices for a while and so darted off in the opposite direction.

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