Mess Hall -everyone welcome-

Posted Sept. 29, 2022, 12:30 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexander Slayer (Engineering Officer) (Christopher Logan)

Posted by Ensign Nala Winters (Science Officer) in Mess Hall -everyone welcome-

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexander Slayer (Engineering Officer) in Mess Hall -everyone welcome-
As he was going to the mess hall, he realized he forgot his book. Although, he doesn’t need it. He just got his food and sat down in a chair. As he noticed that there was someone sitting by themselves, he decided to join them. He then asked, “May I sit here with you? I noticed you were alone and could use a friend.” he said after he asked his question.

Lt. Slayer.

Nala was focused on her data pad and did not notice the LT at first. After a minute she blinked and looked up. ” Oh we’re you talking to me? I’m sorry I was so focused I did not hear you” She said sheepeshly.

” Of course, your welcome to join me ” She said with a smile that showed of her sharp teeth. She may have been born catian but she acted like a human.
Ensign Nala

It’s alright Ensign and thank you.” As he sat down across from her.

Lt. Slayer

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